02.06.2011 03:22 PM

CTV Question Period: Back with the old gang!

Warren, newly back on CTV and with a greenish hue, gesticulates wildly, after being likened to Wilfrid Laurier and Sir John A. by Tim.
(Clip in CTV News Video box.)


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Another thing right in the political world…some people quickly come to their senses. Others risk defeat by taking much longer.

    Anywho, to quote Colonel Blake. But to the point at hand: In principle, I’m a strong supporter of perimeter defence. But this issue cuts both ways if not handled properly. A framework agreement is one thing. What comes out of the two working groups is likely to be quite another. This needs to be handled with finesse, like the practice of a high art form. Done right, it can make a government. Bungled, it can replay the FTA debate — but in reverse.

    So far, I find the good cop-bad cop routine rather tiresome. Canadians do not take to political intimidation lightly. Alleged threats of visa requirements will hardly endear this process to our national psyche. In short, much fun and games ahead! An issue likely to crown a king, without any reliable certainty as to who ultimately will get the high honour of wearing the crown.

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    Bill says:

    Poor Powers….still clinging to the beer label remark.

    Too bad grown ups aren’t on the scene.

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      MCBellecourt says:

      Powers is, quite frankly, obnoxious. I’d have to have the patience of Job to be in the same studio as that man, listening to his blather, and these days, I’m fresh out of patience. I switch channels whenever he comes on.

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    Bugzy says:

    Typical CTV CON partisan and their partisan guests spinning and using out of context remarks as their answers. Cannon is nothing but a sick joke. Even children would find him as credible as the Man on the TV commercial of some insurance firm.

    The sad part is that they have the dumbed down followers swallowing all that crap from the Noted Crap party of Canada who is doing nothing but placing wedge issues and feeding the weak a bunch of lies, broken promises and not much of else except using their dirt ad campaign and telling Canadians that they do not want an election probably because they have no chance of winning a majority let alone another minority.

    Typical Dictatorial Harper politics. One has to either be stone deaf or narrow minded to believe his past 5 years of nothing polices and wasted time by prorogues, holidays wasted time in Parliament which bills that had passed down because of his last prorogue because he was not man enough to face Canadians in an election he knew he might not win. Loading the senate with Cons when he campaigned on elected senators, There are so many promises that he campaigned on and blew and yet his sheeple keep believing him. This man is a burden to Canada and its people and that all about says it all.

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      Tim from Alberta says:

      My goodness….arn’t we an avid reader and regurgitator of the Toronto Star.

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        Philip says:

        I’m going to give this one to Bugzy. After 5 years of absolutely forgettable politics in Canada, Harper has nothing left in the tank except a reduced minority. Attack ads…… so 2000 and late. Canadians have seen this whole movie before and quite frankly I am sure nobody is impressed any longer by it. So go ahead clutch your minority tight to your chest as it seems to be all you have left.

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    new says:

    If the number is correct 600,000 drug possesion charge and convicted in small use of drug

    is the only we can call them dumbes criminal who able to cuaght by police
    the real one who are orginzed smart crime is not arrested we can say we have more than 1 million out of 33 million on druge possesion or more that is not too bad number it is like percentage

    I heard Obama also said he used drug when he was child so because he was not caught as possession drug it does not mean that he did broke the law and he should be president of USA to run law for other people or may canunder certain rules

    if we allow all drug or rapper singer bring drug for sale thier song to Canada we can say Canadian who use drug only are victim got abused with big drug dealer from middle east and mexico and USA and south America to Canada and if Canada put border may less drug enter in Canada for god sake

    now if muslim born in Canada got commit crime like Khadar no problems he is in hand of American to beat him up

    again if is Iraninan from Doug country also no problmes we hand it to Iran to beat them up using drug to exccuted her

    what is border line

    we have house call it Canada and ever body has rules in his house

    method people grow in Canada is not similar like US or Middle east
    then they cannnot punish with same stick
    some country include US can do capital punishment over this

    if some one did crime and like to pass border to USA
    rather than US do security check Canada can put those people to come and do private permision to go or not go pass border
    not let US to beat those criminal if that offense is serious and can endanger some other person in danger
    then if the person is danger to leave Canada and has probation office
    they can check mark that this criminal has not right to leave country for certain years even drug charge get droped or reduced

    let law inside Canada punish people not give stick to hand American under their border security to punish Canadian

    at the end of day can we can not allow because Harper is not lawyer and Obama is lawyer that Obama become seller and buyer lawyer and this is not work because this is conflict allow seller of good of USA who is president of USA made decision for Canada while we try to sell good in Canada to made decison for us but can seat and talk busienss in balance for sure but not obama made final deciosn for fate of Canadian at end of story not work then what is point to be Canaidan citizen and American citizen then let vote for one PM for USA and Canada to do one job for both countries

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      Warren says:


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      smelter rat says:

      Get some help. Seriously.

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        Jan says:

        Canadian rat or American rat

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          smelter rat says:

          I recognize no borders 🙂

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      Rick T. says:

      This guy needs serious help.

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    Jan says:

    Yes, you did.

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      Namesake says:

      If there’s one thing Gord Talk knows, it’s how to Chatter.

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