02.03.2011 02:34 AM

Rossi campaign poster: clip and save


  1. jon evan says:

    Interesting take by Matt Gurney with some valid points here:


    Also, Rossi himself explains without signs of “desperation”:


    These are valid points in that the LPC is not the party it used to be (understatement).
    Many defections to the LPC from other parties were welcomed as something natural.
    Could this be the beginning of other defections like yourself Warren who left Mr. Ignatieff for obvious reasons?

    • Warren says:

      I resigned the LPC war room because I didn’t like how my friends had been treated, and because of the state of the party. But I’m still a Liberal, big time. I believe in Liberalism.

      Rossi believes in one thing – himself.

        • PETE says:

          Cath, are you a prude or do you just look “Tory” in sexy lingerie

        • Namesake says:

          Well, I’m not surprised that ‘Giggles’ wrote an article to embarrass him with it, or that you’d pick up on it (given how scandalized you were by his last show of normal, red-blooded passion).

          But if memory serves, it was probably also “flipping embarrassing” for the PM to be called out by a Dominatrix (and, of course, Jane) for ‘not being a man’ when he was ‘hiding behind the courts’ on the bawdy house laws instead of dealing with it in Parliament

          But most normal people who don’t have Victorian-era (the Queenly, not the new Secret one) sensibilities will actually let the odd display of humour from both men pass pretty quickly, or even appreciate them a little more for it.

          • Cath says:

            At least we don’t have to now wonder whether Ignatieff’s a boxer or brief guy – we’ll let your imaginations run wild – it might get the LPOC votes but all it might do is turn some on:-)

            Nice to read that Jane T.’ keep track of things like this because it matters to everyday Canadians.

          • Namesake says:

            “There is a yellow one that won’t accept the black one
            That won’t accept the red one, that won’t accept the white one
            Different strokes for different folks
            And so on and so on and Scooby dooby doo-bee
            Oh, sha sha

            ‘Cause I am everyday people”

            Sylvester ‘Sly’ Stewart

        • allegra fortissima says:

          So naught what CPC should show or C would wear


      • PETE says:



        In actual fact liberalsim is respect for individual rights and not just those of party friends.

        • Namesake says:

          This is why spellcheck should be turned off: typos can be very revealing. (“liberalsim”)

          We haven’t heard much about “The Sims,” lately, but you might’ve hit on something there, with Rossi. (A simulated, virtual Liberal, who needed outside users’ intervention to keep them on the right track.)


        • Raymond says:

          Really, Pete?
          If you respect my individual rights, then don’t insist that I fill out a long-form census or register my personal property.
          Compared to the nosey, social-engineering, nanny-state LPC, Harper looks like a true libertarian.

        • Namesake says:

          um, so how come Harper’s still insisting that the head of every single Canadian household still has to fill out the short form census which includes lots of nosy-parker questions on the identities of everyone in the household, including their sex, age & DOB, and familial or marital relation (incl. common-law) to one another?

          Or forcing the farmers who get the agricultural census to have to spend a whole day or get an accountant to fill out their hundreds of questions form?

          And forcing those poor random saps unlucky enough to be caught in the monthly Labour Force Survey to endure a whole slew of questions on not only their employment status but their household finances and a whole range of other matters, for about six months at a stretch?

          Is all that incompatible with believing in human rights, too?

        • Namesake says:

          and that’s Gord meaning to be arch-flippant.

      • allegra fortissima says:

        “Liberalism is the answer for which modernity is the question.” ~ Alan Wolfe

        Use the brain, it ain’t forbidden, Gord

      • Ted H. says:

        What is “conservatism”?

      • michael hale says:

        Liberalism is the belief that it is a moral imperative to invest in services and supports for the poor with the money available to government through strong fiscal guidance and pro-business development. It differs from the NDP in that there are limits on social investment related to the ability to pay and different from Cons in that the fiscal/business imperative is always tempered by the moral obligation to create a federal safety net for others.

        It is a host of other things, but I’ve always felt that this balance is the best way to differentiate Liberals from ideological parties to the right and left.

  2. R White says:

    Warren: Is it possible for you to get some legal action against this Rossi guy ? Maybe you can sue him for betrayal or irreconcilable differences or something like that.

  3. W.B. says:

    I think our view of liberalism has evolved into a uniquely Canadian version deriving from Laurier, Pearson and Trudeau. It centres on individual freedom, free enterprise, human rights, national unity, a significant social safety net made necessary by the demands of modern life, and a government role in promoting the christian desire to relieve human suffering.
    So there!

    • W.B. says:

      A liberal accepts restriction on individual freedom. We are not libertarians. You are coming to a corner in your Esplanade; a guy with an old wreck of a pickup about 10 years old is coming the other way. Really why should you have to stop for a red light and let this nobody go through ahead of you?

  4. james Smith says:

    I think this is a clever idea. Run as a Tory in the 416, sap away lots of dough from other Tories in the GTA in another unsuccessful election bid & ensure the incumbent MPP raises oodles of cash in the meantime. Genius.

  5. so.what says:

    I do not know too much about Mr. Rossi except hear his name
    His action was weird he more business man than politic party man
    It is hard to trust business man in faithful to party as they are going
    Where ever more profit smell out of it and this is normal act from all business people
    As conservative try to buy out vote from rich by saying we like you we cut your tax not liberal

    Or May all was plan to cut liberal and bring conservative vote up this way
    I do not think he was double agent to help liberal loose and gain to conservative
    With intention or pass thier secret and method of their voting to conservative!

    But if he did criminal illegal competition to buy out by other party if they proof that
    He may go to trouble and all election of Mr. Ford can repeat all over again I guess
    This quick change is intention hurt
    It is like Mr. Dion come and announces he join conservative party
    Because he lost liberal PM election next month after his failure
    Or we see tomorrow Mr. Mubarak of Egypt right hand wear new dress of radical Muslim
    Not the nice suit coat and saying Allah Akbar and join opposition or vice versa
    Legally he cannot join conservative it smell conspiracy against political party to
    My knowledge or who know he may buy up here to do this way
    This is hard to change GTA liberal to conservative bulling unless they do trick voting
    By buy out the other leader here this s not coalition to me
    Or simple rich business man
    Like conservative for their tax cut from rich
    Who bluffing he Rossi said he involve liberal when he was 11 years old
    And he choose liberal because power in GTA was liberal party only
    Now he just see switch link more toward right Tories conservative
    He like other business men choose early wind way toward for keeps his
    Internet dialling home for vote for him to vote for other person
    Who knows he may use his party only to reduce his tax dedication
    Too from his business
    No problems we can do new vote for new mayor do we have money in budget!

  6. Is it just me,or is the picture of Mr. Rossi supposed to make one think of the dictator,Mussolini?
    If so,I would suggest that it is in extremely bad taste.

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