02.23.2011 03:16 PM

The three-ring circus that is the Ontario PCs

Seeking the Tory colours is Jack MacLaren, just-departed president of the Ontario Landowners Association, a property-rights group that can agitate with the best of them.

He means business, with a campaign that started a full year ago and membership sales in the hundreds, and he is part of what is shaping up as a perfect storm for Sterling -his supposed allies are turning against him.

The rift erupted into public view in December, when the MP from the neighbouring riding, Scott Reid, a fellow Conservative, wrote a stinging letter to a Toronto newspaper.

He said Sterling was so “neglectful” of riding issues that the federal member’s staff had to intervene to take up the slack. The MP also went on to praise sitting MPP Randy Hillier, the philosophical father of the OLA who now shared a riding and offices with him.

Loyalty was now out the window; this was out-andout war.

Only a fool could fail to see what was happening. MacLaren and Hillier are friends and soulmates from way back -their children even married, their ridings are neighbours -with Reid thrown in a sideline agitator. It was Tories eating Tories.

The nomination meeting should be held at the end of March. It promises to be a circus.


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    Cow says:

    The meeting isn’t until March — so we get at least another month of this sort of thing? This is political Christmas. 😀 😀

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      Warren says:

      Don’t worry – Rocco Rossi will fix it for them. Rocco can fix anything. He told us so.

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