02.14.2011 07:47 AM

Timmy Hudak media round-up

A few gems missed from his Weekus Horriblus:

  • Toronto Star: “The more reporters pressed him, the more Hudak tensed up and shut down. He countered with feeble recitations of a new Tory website where voters can offer feedback (on a health tax he has already declared off limits). When a leader looks like a deer frozen in the camera lights, it’s time to shift to damage control mode. Hudak’s aides called off the news conference and he retreated to his office in mid-question.”
  • Globe and Mail: “…in the early stages of 2011, the Liberals have showed signs of getting their act together. Part of that has involved finding ways to shift the focus to Mr. Hudak. While the election is largely shaping up as a referendum on Mr. McGuinty, he’ll still need to be judged against an alternative, so the Liberals are trying to define Mr. Hudak before he defines himself.  To that end, they’re setting traps. And in the past few days, he walked straight into one.”
  • Winnipeg Free Press: “When I was in grade school I remember a girl running for the head of the student council with a campaign that included handing out a gummy bear to every kid who got to vote. Not a bad strategy when you’re 11 and your campaign platform can include little more than promising to hold more spirit days and bake sales. Ontario Conservative Leader Tim Hudak isn’t running for elementary school president, but he seems to be trying a similar tactic.”

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