02.03.2011 04:48 PM

Timmy Hudak: Uncommonly senseless

This is the bottom line: to deliver on his tax cut, he will have to cut health care and education.

He doesn’t want you to know that. ┬áBut that’s what he would have to do.


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    Harith says:

    When I think of Hudak I think of this: http://www.balloonatic.com/images/photos-57.jpg

    He’s a clown and full of hot air.

    You don’t see him raging about the HST anymore do you?

    The PC strategy is to make the taxpayers all angry due to his diatribes about McGuinty taxes this and McGuinty debt that, but he seems to always renege about the things he’s so passionate about killing when he becomes a premier. There is only anger at McGuinty but nothing offered in return about what he would do to solve the issues. Just blame it on the previous guy!

    Do Ontarians have short memories about the Harris days? The “common sense revolution”? Or is everyone looking at those times through rose-tinted glasses?

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    Iris Mclean says:

    Ah yes… the lingering stink sure does linger.

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