02.11.2011 08:06 AM

Timmy Hudak’s “very bad week”

“Now that he’s quit politics, in his new role as Newstalk1010 commentator, [John Tory] no longer needs to parse his words along political lines.

He has made the point that sometimes tax reforms such as the GST, introduced by former prime minister Brian Mulroney are unpopular, but necessary.

Still, this was a very public face-to-face encounter with his former Liberal adversary. And this has been a very bad week for PC Leader Tim Hudak. who often let his fig leaf drop to reveal his naked ambition when Tory was PC leader.

McGuinty has his game face on.”

But, as my colleague Chris would be the first to point out, a week is a lifetime in politics. We Ontario Liberals take our PC opponents very seriously – they are formidable adversaries (Rocco Rossi notwithstanding).

Still, not a bad week. We intend to work hard to ensure that Hudak has a few more bad weeks.


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    Dave says:

    I get a bit peeved when I see how far people have to stretch to bash hydro rates.

    The example in the article was for a second property that was not used over the winter. Why on earth wouldn’t the owners get the electricity disconnected for four or five months? I’m sure they could have used a flashlight when they went to check up on the place.

    The bulk of the bill was the $70 delivery charge. I don’t think that just over two bucks a day is too much to pay for electricity that has (over my lifetime so far) had 99.99999 percent uptime.

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      Iris Mclean says:

      Whenever the power is disconnected from a building there is a charge for that. Before the building can be reconnected, there has to be a complete inspection and all wiring has to be brought up to current code and re inspected. The code changes just about every year. Then there is a fee for reconnection and another one to renew the account.
      It costs big bucks to try to save a few bucks when dealing with Hydro One.

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        Dave says:

        Inspection is only required if the service is disconnected for longer than six months.

        I have not found a fee structure online for disconnect/reconnect.

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    Cath says:

    I do believe that McGuinty’s got another person to worry about here. She’s been hitting her stride these days in a way that Hudak isn’t. My bet is that the NDP take back their historically held ridings in Hamilton, Windsor and Toronto making this articles take bang-on.

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    CQ says:

    The good/bad week of Ontario politics just shifted again:
    Ont. abandons offshore wind power plans, Fri. afternoon Feb 11thb Tanya Talaga Toronto Star.

    The real problem (IMO) with wind turbines is the eyesore of the seen as blinking red light each tower has. If changed to a soothing amber colour, like old highway lights, or a blue colour, pilots flying excessively low and/or birds will still see them at night. That and the sound-refusal emission issue that is never addressed by their proponents.

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      JenS says:

      I’m not sure this signifies a shift. I don’t think this has that much traction. Honestly, I’m not sure people give a warm damn about HOW power is produced. I think they only care about the price. I think people talk a big game about wanting green power, but I really don’t think they’re willing to pay for it.

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        Cath says:

        The London Free Press headline on the front page today reads that McGuinty’s only putting a “Freeze” on the turbines…..not giving the idea up for good. BIG DIFFERENCE.

        Same paper last week featured a special report saying that wind turbines kill more birds than do the oil sands….which, was also the topic of discussion in a University wildlife conservation class yesterday.

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