03.30.2011 02:57 PM

…and the universe achieves balance

“Just days into the Vaughan federal election campaign, a longtime Liberal Party stalwart and former foe of Conservative MP Julian Fantino has made a stunning about-face and threw his support behind the former top cop, The Citizen has learned.

Former federal Liberal candidate and well-known Vaughan volunteer Tony Genco said in an open letter provided to The Citizen that his change of heart was predicated on the fact that “the Liberal Party I joined over 20 years ago in university has disappeared. The ideas that I tried to represent of balance, diversity and nation-building no longer exist in this version of the Liberal Party. It’s clear the Liberal Party policies do not resonate with the majority of Canadians.”

Holy Rocco Rossi, Batman!  There’s more floor-crossing going on this race than at a square-dancing marathon!

P.S. Way to pick your star candidates, Pat Sorbara!


  1. Michael S says:

    That rabbit was waiting for a much later hat, but the dip-flip scotched it.

  2. Lance says:

    WK, full props for the balanced coverage. Kinda why I kep coming back.

    • Ron says:

      this is balanced?
      I mean I know he’s a Liberal at heart but…

      and I am waiting for payment…in response to Warren’s upcoming response

  3. ktron says:

    “As reasoning for the dramatic shift to the federal Conservatives, Mr. Genco said he has evolved personally. ”

    But I thought conservatives weren’t allowed to believe in evolution . . .

  4. Curtis in Calgary says:

    “The ideas that I tried to represent of balance, diversity and nation building no longer exist in this version of the Liberal Party”

    By implication, this bastardized version of the Conservative Party supports “… balance, diversity and nation building …”? I don’t think so. There’s more to the story than we’re being told.

    ktron – Love the comment.

  5. Ron says:

    Looks like Jack isn’t the only one spitting nails today

    • Warren says:

      Let’s get Ron, everybody!

      • Ron says:

        Personal question to you…
        If a voter living in Ontario hears Dwight Duncan say corporate tax cuts are good and the federal Liberals are condeming them….doesn’t that cut into what Iggy is sayiing
        if you’re a competent back room guy in the Conservative war room don’t you pick that up and run with it

        I think I have been hanging around your blog too long…

    • Namesake says:

      That’s Ron. He fights for the Users.

      And it’s kinda sad, really; he’s all that’s left of Tron after the Master Controller punched his T’s out, and forced him to carry the CPC’s water.

  6. Martin Cooke says:

    ack! Clear evidence of a Liberal-Tory coalition!

  7. Bell says:

    This seems like another story where people who participate in the industry of “politics” care but the average voter doesn’t give a rats ass. But i am not from that area so maybe its a bigger deal there. To me the major story today is Layton promising to keep corporate taxes below the US and offering a tax break to small business. This sounds like something the liberals or Harper conservatives would have put out. To me it is very “centre”. This seems like a strategy of Layton moving into the centre which is interesting because Iggy keeps moving to the left.

    If this keeps up people will start talking about a cons/NDP coalition!

  8. Dude Love says:

    What does Justin Trudeau think now, after his “I support Tony Genco” video.

  9. James Curran says:

    Okay. As much as I’d love to pin this on the OLO, I can’t. In fact, they rightfully blackballed the guy for the nomination. I heard he was a putz on the last campaign. But that’s just hearsay. Sounds like he didn’t even file his papers to contest a nomination in the first place. The fact that this is news today is disturbing because it was already news on Monday.


    Which clearly states Ferri was the only one to file nomination papers.

    During the by-election, I refused to raise a hand for this guy just based on this little fact:


    So the world is not balanced today. There is a clear difference between an active candidate, nominated and with signs up in the middle of a campaign quitting and a putz that was rejected by his own party as a past and potential candidate getting all upset and taking his ball home and crying.

    The days big loser still remains Jack Layton. Not only because he lost a good candidate, but because Michael Ignatieff stole his thunder today with his CPP anouncement.

  10. reformatory says:

    I smell “Rocco Rossi”

    Look these kind of opportunists… found in all political parties have to go. They need to find other work. They are not suitable for honourable public office. Obviously the likes of Tony Genco, Rocco Rossi and a bunch of others in all other parties all pull suck attacks and then their motives get exposed as they switch sides.

    It really does nothing for nobody. It makes the CONS look like cheap whores just trolling for sloppy seconds. It exposes Genko and Rossi for what they are.. selfish, self centred opportunists who only want their way….and if anything it makes the liberals look like a standup group not willing to give in to these aHoles… and not willing to be bought.

    Way to go Iggy.. you are passing the test of leadership by a mile. Do us all a huge favour- rout out the rest of the turncoats. Only people that are truly public servants and only truly want to serve the Canadian public through a great political institution like the LPC need apply.

    The only thing I am sorry about is that the LPC did not see through this guy sooner and prevented him from using their good name to run the last time around. A better candidate would have routed a soft candidate like Fantino.

  11. trollseeker says:

    I heard Genco was not even living in Vaughan, he was just parachuted in for the by-election. This time they wanted a local candidate with more support on the ground with local experience and an already intrenched established following in the community. They found that in Mario Ferri, that’s why Genco was told not to run. I suppose babies cry when they don’t get what they want.

  12. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Not resonating with the Canadian public, Mr. Genco?……so why is Mr. Ignatieff closing the gap between the Libs and Reform, ahem, Cons…..as a former Progressive Conservative(now happy Liberal) I wonder how you can have any “liberal” tendencies at all and hang with these bunch of reactionary Neandertals….

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