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And what was Jason Kenney’s wife’s name, again?

Oh, that’s right. Never mind.

55 Responses to “And what was Jason Kenney’s wife’s name, again?”

  1. John B says:

    Why don’t the media just come out and say it already. Jason Kenney is a homosexual. He ought to stop hiding it. Would give him a lot more respect among the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Canadians to just come out already. I’ve never understood why this is some deep “dark secret” than no one dare talk about openly.

    • Namesake says:

      because that disclosure would undermine his tireless efforts of giving coded & whispered messages to the “very ethnic” communities that the CPC will protect & uphold their family values while the gay-marriage lovin’ Libs will corrupt their youth.

      • Kevin says:

        It is absolutely delicious to see Jason Kenney spreading the ethnic-strategy gospel of “vote your values”, knowing what that phrase is CPC dog-whistle code for.

        • sharon says:

          Yes, he is very gay and lives his lifestyle – BUT he is deeply religious and repressed and is therefore , against other gays/lesbians
          he is also as “slipperly as a fish”
          he has done harper’s agenda on immidgration , now onto justice Watch out

    • Beth says:

      My brother never married yet he has 5 gorgeous kids; 10 grandkids.
      So…does “unmarried” mean “gay to you ?

      And who cares?

      Is the Minister taking care of his portfolio is the question.

      • ronnieblue says:

        Your brother has kids? Kenney does not even have a girl friend. Never has and he’s in his 40′s. You must have been born yesterday. And the gays who have responded on this site know one of their own.

        It does matter because he is part of a Government that goes out of their way to put down gays and lesbians. His personal life is his business but it becomes public fodder when he is actively discrimminates against them and hides behinds his own sexuality. The number of politicians ( especially Republicans in the U.S.), or preachers who vehemently condemn gays themselves is astounding. His portfolio includes constituents who are gay and he should be representng all of them.

        • W. Moran says:

          Crap – there are people who don’t marry. That does not mean they are gay. Furthermore, this ‘gaydar’ thing you refer to could just be a way of embarrassing Kenney by the gay groups. And just how do you know all this stuff about kenney’s personal life? I’ve met him – he most certainly did not strike me as gay, but then, how would I know? I don’t judge people on that basis and I”m usually the last to figure it out – because I could care less, until they make it my business by being obnoxious about their sexuality.
          Furthermore, there are, I believe, more gays and other minorities in the Conservative caucus than any of the other parties. Your bs comments about the Conservatives being exclusionary and discriminatory is as phony as you are.
          And this is Kinsella’s sight, so Kenney is the enemy.

  2. If Kenney is a homosexual who doesn’t want to make this public, that’s his business.

    What is truly disgusting from the Kenney quote is the message that Canadians are too stupid to remember a name that is not purely anglo-saxon. – I remember Stephen Taylor writing that the Dions would not appeal to the average Canadian because she was too educated.

    These conservatives believe Canadians are stupid. Maybe they feel that way, in which case I think they need a Camille Laurin to shake them a bit.

  3. Phil says:

    Asking a closeted homosexual to come *out* is akin to bullying, in fact, it straight up is. Do we ask supposed heteroes who they have sex with?

    • Namesake says:

      Again, if it were just a matter of his own personal life, and had nothing to do with his professional activities, I’d tend to agree it’s no one’s business but his own;

      but because he HAS engaged in professional activities related to this topic, I kind of think he’s MADE it our business, and the business of those he’s been leading to believe otherwise, if he really is an active homosexual but has been actively working against their interests.

      Because he’s actively opposed and tried to repeal the laws permitting gay marriage in Canada.

      And as I mentioned, a very important component of the ethnic outreach program he’s been spearheading for over five years, now, is built around that coded “family values” theme.

      The Globe comes close to spelling out what that amounts to, here, re: that new media buy strategy disclosed in the fundraising letter two weeks ago:

      “A sample ad provided with the package is directed at Indo-Canadians and conveys an image of the Conservatives as understanding their struggles and sharing their family values, such as “belief in hard work.” The Conservatives have gained support in some corners of the Indo-Canadian community because of their opposition to same-sex marriage.”


      And as part and parcel of that, it was he who personally and repeatedly intervened to remove the explicit mention of Canada tolerating gay marriages from the last overhaul of the Citizenship Guide, in 2009 (which is what led to that dust-up with JT last week, when they were prevailed upon to put it back in for the subsequent edition).

      See, e.g.,

      “New Citizenship Handbook Twists ‘the Canadian Story’: A close read reveals shrewd propaganda designed to expand Harper’s immigrant base.”


      (that article also notes that in 2005, “Kenney told a session with Toronto-area Punjabi journalists that gays had every right to marry – as long as it wasn’t someone of the same sex” —

      and I’ll he’s been saying something similar almost every night since, off-mic, at the non-stop stream of ethnic functions he’s been attending on behalf of the CPC.

      • Kinda “if you knew what I know” creepy crawly comment there Namesake.

      • Gord Tulk says:

        So are you saying being opposed to gay marriage is something absolutely no gay individual would have as a position? That plainly is not true.

        What his political positions are on gay marriage does not make it our business.

      • The Other Jim says:

        @Namesake – I must take issue with a piece of your response:

        “if he really is an active homosexual but has been actively working against their interests”

        With respect, who are you (or anyone else for that matter) to decide what is “in their interests” and basically declare a (possible) member of that group to be an Uncle Tom/Judas/Whatever because they don’t share your opinion of “what’s best for them”? Why should a gay man have less of a right to hold a dissenting opinion, or be flat out wrong, than you or I?

        I’ve seen similar logic applied to women and members of visible minorities. It makes me cringe every time I see it used to silence someone’s argument.

        I absolutely support gay marriage. I have yet to hear any convincing argument as to why two men or two women shouldn’t be permitted to marry. I assume that most homosexuals would hold the same opinion as I (and presumably you) do. That said, there are certainly some homosexuals who are fairly ambivalent towards the issue, and others still who are outright hostile towards participating in what they perceive as a bogus heterosexual institution. They aren’t any “less gay” for feeling that way.

        You have no right to demand or expect him to “think” a certain way based on who he happens to sleep with.

    • JStanton says:

      yeah, Mr. Kenney is sensitive to bullies, because he’s gay, so can’t stand up for himself. And we do ask “heteros” who they had sex with – then we go and hit on those babes to see if we can score too.

  4. Tomas says:

    Just because Kenney isn’t married doesn’t mean he’s a homosexual. Harper’s chief of staff isn’t married either.

  5. JStanton says:

    What the hell… are you telling us that JASON KENNEY IS GAY???

    So let me see if I have this right: Both of Mr. Harper’s top guys – Mr. Kenney and Mr. Baird – are homosexual, as is his parliamentary secretary, Pierre Poilievre. On top of which Mr. Harper’s wife is reported to have left him.

    And this is the party that trumpets their superiority due to supposed “old-fashioned conservative family values”?


  6. MississaugaLibPeter says:

    The sad part is, and sexual orientation doesn’t matter, is how delusional Kenney must be in thinking that he is doing “good”.

    The decent folks have jumped off the Harper ship. Kenney, if he wasn’t so blinded by his lust for power – at least one significant deadly sin – should take a pilgrimage and get his bearings back.

    History is not going to be good to Harper and those who blindly followed his lead after his true character was revealed. Many joined Harper in the euphoria of making Canada better. Blindness keeps them there. Anyone with a moral compass and who has witnessed Harper’s leadership firsthand must be struggling.

  7. JenS says:

    What plumber (even in Peterborough) only makes $40K??? Out of touch much, Minister?

    • Kevin says:

      My brother-in-law’s brother-in-law’s brother-in-law gave up law to go into plumbing, at nearly 50. No slouch he.

  8. DL says:

    I wonder if Jason Kenney has a giant portrait of his idol J. Edgar Hoover in his bedroom that he genuflects in front of before going to bed every night?

  9. Phil says:

    These replies have morphed Godwin’s law in a queer way, dontcha think? ;)

  10. JH says:

    I doubt very much if the average citizen who happens to read the kind of garbage being spewed is going to be impressed either by the supporters of the CPC or the LPC. Sad.

  11. Loraine Lamontagne says:

    I woke up thinking of an article published in the Citizen on Pierre Pettigrew and his Paris apartment. The Citizen had sent a reporter to Paris to spy on him; you know, everyone thought he might be gay and they were looking for dirt. They published the article, stating the street name of the apartment, and the name of the restaurant below it.

    I also recall another article, again in the Citizen if memory serves, on Dingwall’s daughter. The paper had assigned a journalist to follow her around town to see, just in case, there might be something not right. They found nothing but they harassed her and published an article.

    I used to think these were shoddy practices; I think I might have been the only person to feel that way. So I’ll agree that I was wrong. Journalists should spy on Kenney and on Mrs. Harper and her children.

    • Namesake says:

      Since reasoning evidently isn’t your strongest suit, let me spell it out for you:

      some of these other more intrusive cases you raise involve going beyond the candidate to invade the privacy of their family, which IS wrong.

      Kenney’s case, in contrast, involves a notable ABSENCE of family. Despite his concerted (and likely taxpayer funded) effort to build his career and the party’s electoral fortunes on the name of Family Values — and to the exclusion of certain types of families (viz., families headed by gay partners).

      So, if he IS gay — and I have no real information on that one way or another — that has all the hallmarks of hypocrisy, manipulation, and self-loathing: a dangerous combination, especially in such an influential member of the party with a well-known propensity for bullying, maligning, banning, and likely defunding his own perceived enemies.

      • The Other Jim says:

        A gay man is not, by default, a hypocrite or self-loathing simply because he does not support the political objectives of the broader gay community.

        If Kenney was lobbying to make gay sex illegal, and then going home to make love to his boyfriend, he would be a hypocrite.

        If Kenney was decrying gays as sub-human, immoral, or otherwise bad, and was gay himself, that would certainly qualify as self-loathing.

        Kenney does not support gay marriage. As a (possibly) gay man, he is not required to do so. Some people believe that marriage can only be a union between a man and a woman joined together for the purposes of rearing children with the blessing of God. I happen to think that they are wrong, but this was a mainstream Canadian view as recently as the early Chretien years.

        It is not hypocritical for an (alleged) gay male to be against gay marriage. It does seem a tad hypocritical, though, for someone with socially liberal beliefs to demand that someone’s political opinions be dictated by who he sleeps with.

        You and I both believe that Kenney is wrong about gay marriage and probably on most of the day’s significant issues. Why can’t you just leave it at that?

      • Loraine Lamontagne says:

        The facts remain that these invasions of privacy by the press occured. And I think they are more likely to occur when Liberals are the subject. Because they are Liberals, they are perceived as persons who should not object being ‘outed’ as homosexuality is acceptable to Liberals.

        I wish I could find an impolite to respond to you in kind, but I’ll leave this stuff to you.

  12. Dennis Mills says:

    Jason Kenny is one of the finest people to serve in the Parliament of Canada. We can have deep disagreements on policy but his committment to Canada is solid.

    • Philip says:

      “One of the finest”? Are you on some kind of medication? Sexual orientation aside, Kenny is one of the more slimey Conservative pigs at the taxpayer trough.

    • smelter rat says:

      He is only committed to himself and his dear leader. And maybe the tar sands.

  13. Anne Peterson says:

    If the conservatives can attack Ignatieff and twist the facts about his family then it’s open season. How handy to be able to say it’s OK to do these slimy things but you liberals should be above such stuff so don’t attack us.

    • The Other Jim says:

      You seriously believe that outing gay politicians is the same as challenging someone’s spin on their family background?


      • scot says:

        Where to start with your utter bullsh!t? A gay politician who disparages gay aspirations and the family history of an honourable man deserves what he gets. I must say, I have no use for most conservatives but you and some of your ilk on this blog really piss me off!

        • The Other Jim says:

          Your rant might be fine if I were a Conservative supporter. For the most part, my political beliefs are much closer to Namesake’s than to Gord Tulk’s but, hey, if such orthodoxy gets you through the day well, good for you, I guess.

          Your comment that (allegedly) gay politicians who disagree with you “deserves what they get”, though? Wow.

          • The Other Jim says:

            For the record, I find the attacks on Ignatieff’s family history to be rather “below the belt” and, based on what I read in the “Sick” comments thread, inaccurate as well. It is sadly par for the course for the Harper government, and another reason to wish that the Liberals would get their acts together in time to replace this mediocre government. At the end of the day, though, arguing over whether someone’s ancestors were “rich” or not is fairly trivial. Outing a closeted gay man, however, is not.

            Hundreds of gay men are the victims of hate-motivated violence every year. I don’t think many people get the crap kicked out of them because they might have had a rich grandfather. But, in your world, a gay man’s political beliefs are apparently the real measure of his sexuality.

          • scot says:

            Ok, fine, if you are not a conservative supporter, that’s great. But we are not talking your everyday gay person here. We are talking about a self loather who disparages the hopes and dreams of other gays and does it for political advantage. If you don’t see the difference then you are no better than he is.

          • The Other Jim says:

            @scot – What is an “everyday gay person” and why is Kenney, if gay, obligated to be one? Aren’t gays just as entitled to be idiots, buffoons, or just plain wrong as straights are? Why do you (or Namesake, or anyone else) get to decide which beliefs are “okay” for a gay man to hold? Who are you to speak for the “hopes and dreams” of tens and thousands of people? Disagreeing with orthodox opinions on specific policies does not make a gay person hypocritical or self-loathing, it just makes them unorthodox.

            “Coming out” is a deeply personal decision for members of the LGBT community and often fraught with peril. It can result in the loss of family and friendships, discrimination in the workplace, and even violence. Whispers about a person’s sexuality are still used as a way to undermine or attack people (just read some of the recent Small Dean Animal comments about Justin Trudeau). Outing someone in order to exact revenge, teach them a lesson, expose their “hypocrisy”, or whatever only serves to prop-up the foul idea that there is something wrong with being gay in the first place.

            It would be great if we lived in a country where one’s sexual preferences were as mundane as a person’s taste in ice cream. Despite tremendous progress over the past 40 years (often through the bravery of prominent Canadians who have themselves come out publicly), we aren’t there yet.

            Jason Kenney might be gay. If so, he’s made the decision (like many gay men) not to come out. That’s his choice, not yours.

  14. Mike says:

    Y’all are missing the point of WK’s post — I have it on authority that Kenney’s dream girl is… wait for it… Grizelda.

  15. hugger says:

    When the Faux Conservatives invite you to a pig wrestle, you know that you are hurting them and they have no real defense.

    I would suggest choosing someone other than Ignatieff to roll around in the mud with them, and for Ignatieff to be dismissive of their Republican tactics by telling Canadians this is all Harper has and it’s another of his attempts to debase our Nation and lower the tone of public debate to Jerry Springer World.

    Then go back to hammering on economics, lies and affiliations with people like Finley, Carson, Flanagan etc. That has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone’s Grandpa or Grandma. It is the present and very recent past.

  16. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Well the truth finally will out(no pun intended)….Maybe thats why Jason threw the GLBT community a bone with the new immigrants guide…As an out and proud gay man, I applaud your actions Mr. Kinsella…..the Reformers(I refuse to call them Conservatives anymore) reap what they sow. Good luck Mr. Kenney(and Mr. Baird) with your leadership aspirations now…..LOL

  17. Reality Bites says:

    To say that Jason Kenney is merely against marriage (it’s MARRIAGE, dammit, not “gay marriage”) is severely understating the case.

    Like most Conservative MPs he is on the record as opposing ALL rights for gays and lesbians. There is not a single piece of pro-equality legislation he hasn’t gleefully opposed. Adding sexual orientation to the Human Rights Act – opposed. The modernisation of benefits act – opposed.

    So yes, if he is gay he is a complete traitor to his own people.

    And if he’s not gay, he’s merely bigoted slime.

    I can certainly understand why so many straight people think he’s gay. Speaking for MY people, we sure don’t want him either! If he’s in the closet, let him rot there.

  18. Mary says:

    Yikes…. I for one think Jason Kenney isn’t doing enough with his changes to the Immigration Act. The reason we are in this mess is that the door to Canada was wide open from the 70s. Prior to that, there was some plan or structure as to who was selected to enter Canada.
    “The issue, at least as far as Canada is concerned, is not numbers but quality. Under the Old Immigration Act only applicants who met minimum standards of education, health, character and, above all, assimilability, were admitted, ensuring that they would make a net contribution and enrich both the Canadian society and gene pool. As a result very few resorted to welfare or required medical services. Today, the screening process no longer exists and the vast majority are self-selected, clogging up and pre-empting the intake process to the point that healthy, better-qualified, eminently-assimilable potential immigrants, including Britons, in many cases are not even given the application forms.”
    I don’t want to have to support the Vincent Li or Safia types that commit heinous crimes and must spend 20 years in prison. With proper screening, they would not have been allowed in. Citizenship is granted far too quickly. What’s wrong with proving that you are willing to assimilate and become good citizens BEFORE you get citizenship?? What’s wrong with deporting those who are convicted of serious crimes???? hmmmm??

  19. Helio-centric says:

    I have it from a pretty reliable source that he chases men in his spare time in ottawa (i.e. some he chased) I was very shocked by this particular move…that self hate must….hmmmmm….never mind.

  20. Ray Novak: Steve Harper’s Closet Confidant

    He used to live above Steve Harper’s garage. Now he may be the second most powerful man in Ottawa.

    “Ray is effectively the Prime Minister’s closest confidant,” enthuses one government official. “Not only as a member of his staff, but as a personal and intimate member of the Prime Minister’s life.”


    For nearly four years while Harper was opposition leader, Novak, then with the title of executive assistant, lived in a small loft above the detached garage at Stornoway—the opposition leader’s official residence—eating meals with the family and growing close to Harper’s two young children.

    This is the detail that has come to define an aide who, by some tellings, knows Harper better than all but the Prime Minister’s wife and mother. “Ray was with him more than anybody else for years and years and years,” says Brodie, who served as Harper’s chief of staff for three years. “They were literally hardly ever apart.”

    In addition to living with the Harper family at Stornoway, he oversaw Harper’s tour operations, coordinated with his security detail and served as the Prime Minister’s envoy to the families of the Air India bombing. “Ray will get it done,” says a former member of the PMO. “And he will do so with total discretion.”

    When Harper returned to federal politics in 2001 to pursue the Alliance leadership, he tabbed Novak as his assistant.

    As principal secretary, Novak travels with the Prime Minister abroad…

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