03.10.2011 10:59 AM

Big Tobacco lobbyist unburdens himself of a few opinions

To wit: the media are lazy, a pro-families group are liars, and the PCs will release their policies “when we feel like it.” Quote unquote.

And what, pray tell, does Timmy Hudak think about what his Big Tobacco/Big Pharmacies lobbyist has to say? Well, he says he’s “a leader,” and he thanks him for his commitment to the PC cause. Yep.

How much do you want to bet we won’t be hearing again from the Big Tobacco lobbyist for the rest of 2011? Anyone?


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    Dave says:

    ?Quite frankly, I don?t need the premier of the province telling my mum to get up at midnight to do her laundry … we will unplug Dalton McGuinty?s mandatory smart meters,? Hudak said, to applause.

    So much hyperbole. If hydro bills are going to be such a huge election issue, when will Hudak show us a detailed, costed plan to reduce rates?

    I don’t think it’s outrageous to ask for this, and I am glad that we have hardworking journalists working on behalf of the people of Ontario to get these answers.

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    Tim O'Malley says:

    In the photo of Spiro at the mic, I see the Ontario PC logo pasted to the left of fedCons logo…with fedCon blue background, too.

    Hadn’t seen that before…any other provincial PC/fedCon ‘alignment’ posters out there?

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