03.24.2011 06:41 AM

Brie-and-chardonnay Elitists, 1; Red-necked mouth-breathers, 0

“Interest in the Progressive Conservative candidate nomination in Carleton Mississippi-Mills has prompted a change of location for the March 31 event.

The nomination meeting, which sees West Carleton businessman and former Ontario Landowners’ Association president Jack MacLaren challenging veteran Tory MPP Norm Sterling, was set to take place at Scared Heart High School in Stittsville. However, the meeting has been changed to Scotiabank Place, 1000 Palladium Dr., due to the large number of registered voters in Carleton-Mississippi-Mills.”

Uh-huh.  The reason they changed Tory Rosedalians changed the venue, of course, is to try and stymie the freedom-loving knuckle-draggers in the Landowners Association. Shame, Mr. Speaker! Shame!

Will it work?  Stay tuned!


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    Dr.J says:

    Cultural war much? I thought that all people are equal Warren

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      Warren says:

      No, I’m smarter, sexier and better-looking than you and your far-right friends. I also have way more money.

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    Michael Slavitch says:

    Lots of old money in Almonte and Carp. You could sharpen pencils with their anuses after discussing the Landowners, and then remove any burrs with their laser-vision stare.

    The rift between Landowners and professionals makes Town vs. Gown look like road hockey. There is some serious spite there.

    If Jack MacLaren gets in all the Liberals need to do is find someone that local titan Leonard G. Lee can stomach (sadly, the great man is too busy, because he’d be great), and word of mouth would win it. Yes, the Lee Valley Tools guy. He now makes world-class medical instruments as a retirement hobby. He’s that hard-core. Everyone calls him “Mr. Lee”, just because.

    A candidate that would make a fine Bill Davis cabinet member would be just about right. That kind of candidate has no place in the Landowners universe.

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