03.31.2011 09:00 AM

Chris Blizzard in the Sun: Timmy Hudak is losing it

“Hudak’s also had problems keeping communications staff. If he’s not careful, that will cost him at the polls. The Liberals are master spinners and strategists. They make the Tories look as if they’re running an election for president of a high school student council.

So far Hudak is doing well in the polls. That’s not because voters like who he is. They like him because he isn’t Dalton McGuinty.

He needs to give voters a reason to vote for him — not against the Liberals.

He needs to show some royal jelly. And he needs to show it now.”

Because it was past deadline, Chris didn’t even get to mention the latest Ontario PC disaster – the so-called law-and-order guys having their star candidate in Pickering hauled off by the cops on fraud charges.

Tim Hudak and his Hillier Hillbillies: they’re tough on crime. But not for themselves.


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    Davd_M says:

    Wow. I can’t remember the last time I read a Ms. Blizzard column that was critical of the PC’s.

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    Cat says:

    I agree with Blizzard.

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    Lipman says:

    Ms. Blizzard is probably anticipating the giant snowstorm that will fall on Tim Hudak’s Mike Harris-inspired party in the fall when people realize that they have no plan but just retrograde policies that most Ontarians will want to run from. It is laughable that this guy was the candidate.

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