03.02.2011 03:00 PM

Hudak-Hillier web cover up

BCL, one of the best online sleuths around, has the deets here:

“This sounds a little dubious to me. How could William Ross Solutions possibly be responsible for where the links in Jack MacLaren’s emails go, especially since MacLaren’s official email account is through these guys(NorthWind Wireless)? Presumably, any “routing” of links would be done at the author’s end, by the author, no? And, as a corollary, if the links went through Hillier’s website, this would be via Randy’s say-so, or not. Perhaps some kind of deal was struck between Hillier and MacLaren. Perhaps MacLaren was acting on his own. In either case, its difficult to see how Hiller’s website designer should get stuck with the blame.”

I love it when Murphy gets a-huntin’ for far-right loons: he never fails to hit his target.

Bottom line: the Hudak-Hillier Hillbillies are lying. ¬†They knew they were breaking the rules, and now they’re trying to cover it up.

This one ain’t over by a long shot, I’d say.

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