03.14.2011 03:01 PM

Ian Davey

This has nothing to do with the previous post (although it certainly could). It is my buddy Ian Davey’s FB profile pic! It shows how cool he is.

Oh, what the Hell.  I’ve got your attention, anyway, so let me say it: Ian sure didn’t ever let the party slip to 23 PER CENT, did he?

Nope, he didn’t.

Ian Davey, around the time he (and I) were punk fans.


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    bigcitylib says:

    *sigh* Rich punks on coke.

    See, MY tribe dressed like that cuz we couldn’t afford a haircut and the jacket was all we owned. Plus at least one mac jacket.

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      JH says:

      Are you saying no street cred BCL? I agree LOL. We were just poor. Had to make a pticher of beer last 5 guys all night or we were tossed from the bar.

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    MH says:

    Funding sports arenas in Quebec City and across Canada is a major tactical mistake. The blogs are aflame with opposiiton.

    What was Ignatieff thinking?

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    reformatory says:

    Ian is loved as a liberal as much as Peter Donolo. I don’t think Ian at the helm would be any different. Polls are not the end and be all. Donolo is every bit as capable. He did a fine job under Chretien and is doing a fine job serving Ignatieff. Things can change on a dime in politics. The Harper conservatives got lucky in 2006 and by luck and accident they got in power. As long as the liberals stick together, work hard, improve their communication strategy, get back in the game with fundraising…. things will bounce back.

    Before we know it Ian, Peter, and Warren will all be side by side working their magic in the PMO serving the next Liberal PM.

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    Warren says:


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    visionseeker says:

    Wow Warren,

    You really are playing up the disaster scenario. Here?s the idea:

    polls have you at rock bottom because your opponent is spending millions of public money bolstering themselves and more millions of their own founds maligning you on the public airways, you can let it slide or change the channel. Which do you do?

    Well, to change the channel you need to consider whether you can (an election) and how (by turning your opponent into what they?ve tried to paint you as: a bad Canadian).

    Mr. Harper has always been his own worst enemy. The Liberals have simply needed that straw issue to reveal itself and now it has. When the Director of Public Prosecutions announces at the March 18 preliminary hearing in the in-and-out elections scandal that the case must be adjourned to make way for the on-going criminal investigation, well?.

    Should the RCMP have not obliged, no matter. You have countless scandals to keep throwing at the wall like spaghetti, constantly keeping your opponent on the defensive while you throw bones to the electoral hounds.

    Isolate the opponent and triangulate. I?m sure you know the tactic well.

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    james curran says:

    looks like a youn Lou Forigno there.

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