03.09.2011 11:27 AM

Lenten observance begineth

Today is Ash Wednesday. As such, and as in years previous, I’m swearing off the booze for the next forty days.

I’d also give up politics, too, but I think the federal stuff is going to be rather addictive for the next few weeks.


  1. I had pancakes yesterday and am now swearing them off for forty days.

    I look forward to see which war room has it’s first major gaffe of poopy puffin proportions.

    • Cath says:

      Pancakes are my comfort food. Had the best of the buttermilk variety made from scratch yesterday too.

      I’m pretty sure that if we look back to, oh, I dunno, last month you’d have enough puffin gaffes from Mr. Ignatieff without the necessity of a campaign. Ignatieff unplugged is usually good for a few of those. Great legacy.

      I’m pulling for a Bob Rae coup.

  2. billg says:

    Are you likeable enought to quit for that long? 🙂

  3. Winston Higgs says:

    Although I am not beholden to the “thou shalt give up the following” rule, I have riffed through my rolodex of sins and contemplated at length on what, if any, would be worthy of kicking to the curb for a month and a half. Surprisingly, not listening to George Jones actually prevents or supresses about six of my indulgences. Thankfully, this was a thought experiment only and I have no intention of deleting “No Show” from my MP3.

  4. Iris Mclean says:

    I’m giving turnips for forty days. I’m glad I don’t like them because if I did, I’d eat them, and they taste like shit.

  5. Kevin Powell says:

    Remember that the Lenten fast excludes Sundays.

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