03.29.2011 07:34 PM

Oh look, Yukon’s Premier likes me!

However, Fentie dismissed the attacks from the Liberal benches and suggested that was all the Opposition party had to offer.

During the spring sitting, Fentie chided the Liberals on this count for “running on empty”, and after the spring sitting concluded – the last sitting before Yukoners go to the polls – he said there was not much to dispraise.

“They don’t have a lot they can criticize the government for when it comes to the economy, and to the infrastructure investments,” said Fentie. “So they avert to doing something that is right out of the Warren Kinsella style of politics and that is character assassination.”

Have I mentioned that Dennis Fentie did time for trafficking in heroin? No?

Never mind.



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    Ron says:

    25 years ago?
    whatever happened to giving a person a second chance?
    what skeletons lurk in all our closests and to what degree?

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    MikeM says:

    Now THAT is a nasty past.

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    Winston Higgs says:

    —background music “Stuck in the Middle with You”—

    Dennis: Hey Warren, is that a sledgehammer in your hand?
    Warren: Hey Dennis, you’re not a bleeder, are you?


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    Justforfun says:

    Aha! So there is someone else who remembers you as a young Lee Atwater. Although your last line would do John Baird proud. We cannot forget from where it is we come from.
    I know, I know… piss off!

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    Greg says:

    Some of the best music has been written under the influence of heroin.

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    yukon legislature hansard says:

    From Hansard, March 9, 2011:

    Some Hon. Member:?? (Inaudible)

    Mr. Mitchell:?? Excuse me. Does the Premier have something to say? Because it?s hard to hear when he?s speaking across the aisle. But if he would speak louder, I could repeat what he says into the record.

    Some Hon. Member:?? (Inaudible)

    Mr. Mitchell:?? The Premier is asking for forgiveness and we will pardon him. He?s actually saying, ?Pardon me.? If the Premier wants a pardon, that?s fine. If he asks for pardons and it?s in our power to give him a pardon, I will pardon the Premier. If that?s within my power, I offer the Premier a pardon. I don?t know how good it will be.

    Some Hon. Member:?? (Inaudible)

    Mr. Mitchell:?? The Member for Vuntut Gwitchin said he would have to reapply, but ?

    Speaker?s statement

    Speaker:??Order please. A couple of things: first, honourable members, I would ask that you not speak to each other off-microphone. The member who is speaking does have the floor. So, in general, let?s respect that.

    Secondly, I have talked to honourable members about interpreting other members? motions, emotions, et cetera. We?ve just had an instance earlier today. So, honourable members, keep that in mind. You?re here to speak to the issue and to the motion, not to be wandering into areas of personal attacks against other members or imputing motives against other members.

    Keeping that in consideration, the Leader of the Official Opposition still has the floor, please.

    Mr. Mitchell:?? Thank you for that, Mr. Speaker, and pardon me.

    Speaker:?? Order please. We don?t need any comments. We just need the honourable member to carry on debate.

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    nic coivert says:

    Fentie has really moved up, he’s gone from pushing drugs to pushing armaments. A logical progression.

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    eattv says:

    The heroin line had me giggling and talking to the screen “Aah, you’re such a prick. I love it!” I thought I should share that with you. Thanks for the laugh.

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