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Steve Jobs

I am excited about the newest iPad – particularly the fact that FaceTime will work on it, and also the fact that OS 4.3 will render your Apple device a hotspot – but I was happiest to see that he was well enough to attend and talk about the first and best tablet. Β He’s an amazing innovator, and I’m glad he’s still fighting the good fight.


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    allegra fortissima says:

    Another Schiller full of Sturm und Drang – no doubt πŸ™‚

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    Emily says:

    Middle Aged Yuppie everywhere will be celebrating this over priced, under featured piece of junk, no doubt. But claiming that it’s the “first” tablet is simply an outright lie. The iPad is just an iPhone for old people who can’t see so good.

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      JenS says:

      As an old person who can’t “see so good”, I’m most grateful for my iPad. Bump up the type to, like 24, and I don’t even have to try to remember where I left my damned reading glasses.

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      Emily says:

      You did, by declaring the iPad “the first and best tablet”, when the very article you linked to states “Tablet computers existed long before the iPad”. It’s sheer ignorance of Apple fanboys that really bothers me. Next you’ll be talking about how laptops didn’t exist until the Air (another real piece of garbage) came around.

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      MississaugaLibPeter says:

      Question: Anyone else feel that the glare from the iPad may be affecting their sight?

      Ten years ago, I was one of the first to get a cell phone. After a few years, the moment the phone was up to my ear I started to get headaches. It still is a problem when I have even the low radiating cell phones today. I am not going to claim that they cause brain cancer, but I will claim in my case I do get a headache within 1 minute now.

      Back to the question. I have had 2 iPads at home since they came out in Buffalo last year. Must use them a good 3+ hours/day ever since. Recently, I feel my eyesight deteriorating. Print really is too small now on my laptop. It could be also because I am getting older (mid 40’s). However, I remember us being warned as small children not to sit too close to the T.V. That glare from the iPad is pretty close to my face.

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        Jamie Rothwell says:

        MississaugaLibPeter, I’ve been working with computers pretty much 12 hours a day for over a decade and I know what you mean about Eyestrain. Often with monitors and small screens the problem is that you don’t blink as much when you are watching the screen. Years ago, I had a manager that insisted on 1 min eyebreaks every 10 mins where you look away from the monitor to give your eyes a break. The other warning sign to watch out for is if colours seem exceptionally vibrant then you’re overdue for a break. Your rod and cone cells are a bit overstrained.

        I find that the eyebreaks actually improved my output and I know longer have the “relaxed” eye sensation that often comes with eye strain. Im not sure how scientific it is but it’s been a pretty effective exercise for my eyes. Im 38 and my eyesight has been holding strong. It wont stop eye problems but probably take a bit of the strain off.

        Other things you can do is adjust the contrast, gamma and refresh rate. All of these can have an effect on reducing eyestrain.

        Most importantly though, don’t forget to blink.

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          MississaugaLibPeter says:

          Sounds like you had a thoughtful manager. Thanks for the insight.

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    Andrew says:

    There are much better, faster and more upgradable tablets on the market. As someone who develops for the Mac Platform, people need to realize that most of Apple’s products are just shiny, pretty things that distract users from the products short-comings.

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      Emily says:

      No, no, and no! Steve Jobs invented the personal computer (singlehandedly, don’t you know) and by stating anything other than Steve Jobs is God, you are declaring your outright hatred for cancer survivors. I’ve seen the benchmarks that show a 2.8GHz Intel Core i5 proccessor runs 5x faster in an Apple computer. Cancer lover!

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      MississaugaLibPeter says:

      I call bullshit on “better”.

      I was at C.E.S. in Vegas in January (at least 75 different tablets), and the Canton Fair in Guangzhou in October (at least 100 different tablets). Everyone is trying to imitate the iPad. Nothing out there is better than the iPad2.

      The sad part was visiting the Blackberry set up at C.E.S. and them trying to upsell beta versions of their much inferior, upcoming tablet. It was also sad to realize how pathetically poor Canada was represented there.

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    Curtis in Calgary says:

    “But claiming that it?s the ?first? tablet is simply an outright lie.”

    No one has ever claimed that iPad was the first tablet. It was and is the first tablet to gain market acceptance. Big difference. Microsoft and it’s partners had been trying to peddle a tablet for 10 years prior to the launch of iPad no no avail. Apple’s iOS, designed from the outset as a touch-based OS made all the difference in the world. Others are now trying to play catchup. Some will gain a portion of the market while most will fail.

    “? this over priced, under featured piece of junk ?”
    Funny that virtually all of the pretenders to the tablet throne are either more expensive in absolute dollars or undersized in order to compete on price.

    All I hope is that when the “Middle Aged Yuppie(s) everywhere” shop for iPad 2, they at least visit one of the many independent and local dealers from coast to coast rather than flocking to the tee-shirt clad kiddies at the Apple Store or the cavernous Best Buy. Can you tell I’m a local and independent dealer? Support small business. It’s good for you and our economy. πŸ™‚

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