03.18.2011 06:15 AM

The Truth About Timmy

Not up to the job.

Right here.

You know, I never disliked any of his predecessors the way I dislike this guy. I really, really don’t like him.


  1. Mike says:

    Why do so many people misspell St. Catharines? Is it the dandelions?

    • JenS says:

      In my head, it’s spelled St. CathArines, complete with the cap on the centre ‘A’. It’s the only way I remember, despite having lived there for five years.

      Re the really, really disliking the guy: for me, it’s a combination of factors. On a personal level, it’s because I see him attempting to appeal to families just like mine (40-year-old husband and wife, two young kids), yet I know that he’d gut many of the things that mean the most to families just like mine. It’s because I see him trying to distance himself from Mike Harris, but I know he’s part of that giant cluster}^<* that we've spent the last many years trying to crawl out of in Onatario. And also, he just comes off as smarmy, and that's got to be my least favorite quality in a person.

  2. Harith says:

    Is he going to go to court over that, too. He should then go to court over the sources, too. Haha!

  3. james Smith says:

    YIKES! If you don’t like him more than Ernie Eves predecessor THAT is something. I mean that guy broke Ontario for at least a generation if not two.

    • Iris Mclean says:

      Oh come on James. Everyone knows that he was a great humanitarian who worked tirelessly giving the down-trodden a hand up.
      Also, his efforts to improve our food and water safety cannot be underestimated.

    • Paul says:

      Actually Harris did a lot of good in Ontario but of course the left will never give him credit because in their mind “good” can only be equated with “quantity of government cheese”.

      As a real-world example, I moved out of my parents’ house on my own to Toronto not long after the landlord/tenant reforms. It was amazing to see how many crumbling apartment balconies were being completely re-done because the landlords were not locked into charging 1980s rents, and could actually afford to upgrade (or in many cases simply maintain) their buildings.

      The place I moved into had this work being done while I was living there. It was quite terrifying to see how much old concrete had to be chiseled away and replaced and nice to see the rickety, rusting balcony railings replaced with brand new, modern tinted glass ones.

      • Tim says:

        I would hope many on the right would also acknowledge that eliminating the tax on business inputs by harmonizing the PST and GST has the benefit of making if far easier for businesses to invest in new equipment ala the aforementioned Harris landlord/tenant reforms.

  4. Dude Love says:

    Person needs a good copy editor if they want any “internet” credibility. The various amateur mistakes diminish the messaging.

  5. Big Old Goofy Man says:

    “You know, I never disliked any of his predecessors the way I dislike this guy. I really, really don?t like him.”

    I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

  6. Brad says:

    The proposal for tax break for people who put their kids in private schools always annoyed me. What annoyed me even more were people I know who complained to me about having to pay private school tuition and public school taxes. I don’t have kids, I pay school taxes, am I a supposed to feel sorry for them? It’s like giving a tax break to people who buy Porsches because they feel they can’t drive a Hyundai.

  7. moose says:

    As John Ralston Saul said:Parents who send their chidren to private schools are being
    profoundly irresponsible (as public schools play a most important role in the integration
    of students from all over the world etc.)

  8. James Levant says:

    PC’s: 44%
    OLP: 35%
    NDP: 16%

    McGuinty is done.

    • Leon Brule says:

      I’m not so sure. There is still a lot of time left. If the Ontario Liberals can learn the lesson from the failed Smitherman mayoral campaign, they can turn it around. If they don’t learn the lesson, they are going down and the purging of hubris from the Ontario Liberal party will begin.

    • Tim says:

      I don’t think it is an open and shut case. McGuinty is still in a stronger position than Eves was in 1993. I would say the key things for Liberals are to avoid trying to be too desperate to win again as Eves was. Don’t do anything that is unwise from a policy perspective just to buy votes. Think about not just 2011 but also 2015. By 2015 everyone will view sales tax harmonization is the right decision just as everyone including John Nunziata thinks Mulroney instituting the GST was right move in hindsight. The key thing is don’t let your party get completely decimated ala the Progressive Conservatives and Kim Campbell where it becomes it impossible to come back.

      I don’t think Hudak’s platform is actually any stronger than Eves back in 1993 the thing Hudak has going for himself more than anything is just anti incumbant. At the end of the day the PC’s have a definite shot at winning but it will be a nail biter not a ten point blowout.

  9. Iris Mclean says:

    That picture makes Tim.Hutton look like a Mafia enforcer.

  10. Iris Mclean says:

    Sorry. I meant Hudak.
    I get those names mixed up.

  11. reformatory says:

    eeww bad example. I get your point but I would be careful in stating private ed is similar to a Porche and public ed. is similar to a Hyundai. Anyone in the “know” realizes that public education is the real deal, with real standards. Private education is bought education with bought grades and a spoon-fed curriculum. Regadless though.. I hear ya and do agee….. no tax breaks for private school folks. They should think of it as an honourable donation … LoL

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