03.03.2011 07:35 AM

The No Plan Man

The Tim Hudak PCs said they’d have their platform out by next month, or even sooner.  That’s what they said.

See that guy at the end of the video?  That’s Chad Rogers.  He’s one of their campaign big wigs.  In that secret meeting of PCs, he effectively said that the Hudak-Hillier PCs now won’t be showing us their plan, after all.  What does that mean?  It means they’ve broken their word before the campaign even gets started.

Will folks care?  Well, here’s one take, just from this morning.

As the rhetoric heats up in advance of this October’s provincial election, Tory leader Tim Hudak has offered little to nothing in terms of an plan to lead Ontario.

Sure, there’s been musings about bringing back buck a beer, but that’s hardly the type of policy that will win the Conservatives an election.

Hudak promises a full-scale platform will be announced this April after the provincial Conservatives hold a convention in Niagara Falls.

Up to this point, the only thing Hudak has offered is criticism of almost every government initiative.

Be it the HST, or energy policy, media members receive a daily barrage of Hudak-jabs via email.

In school, we were all taught that a good essay starts with a premise and finishes with a conclusion.

However, the PC leader’s ongoing analysis of government policy omits the key principle of good debate.

His premise is simple, no matter the issue – it’s bad, bad, bad.

Ok, so, how would you make it better? I guess we’ll have to wait for Hudak to write the conclusion to his essay for Ontario.

At least with Mike Harris and John Tory, you knew where they stood.

With the No Plan Man, you don’t.

And you won’t.


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    J. Rogers says:

    Warren – Hudak’s terrible. Let’s all agree. But I’m super disappointed to see that Sarah Thomson is being handed the nomination for the Libs, particularly after her seeming queer-baiting comments to which you alerted folks a while back. Victory is great and all but at what price? Hope the Libs win the election and hope Sarah falms, I mean flames, out mightily.

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    MontrealElite says:

    Funny how the CPC crowd yelp that the LPC have no platform while giving Hudak a pass.

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      Marc L says:

      Funny how the LPC crowd yelp that Hudak has no platform while giving Ignatieff a pass. See they’re all the same.

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    bocanut says:

    At least with Mike Harris and John Tory, you knew where they stood.

    With the No Plan Man or Premier Dad, you don’t.

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    Jonathan says:

    Will folks care?

    Probably not… but they probably won’t care about Hudak, at all.

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    Ron Johnson says:

    this has to be about the “How do we handle that fool/mayor in Toronto” position. I can’t wait to hear that strategy….

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    JenS says:

    Oh, my goodness – it’s almost like he’s said something he WILL do: http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3003885

    But, I have to wonder (a) what he’ll replace the LHINs with (after all, his gov’t under Mike Harris proposed an almost identical structure, just with a different name) and ( b) how he’s going to pay for the complete 407 extension, which Premier McGuinty, unfortunately, over-promised and under-delivered on, due to economic realities. I listened to Ministry officials as recently as 2009, promising completion of the full project by 2013, and cringed a bit, because it just isn’t seem do-able.

    That’s always the rub when Hudk actually makes a promise – there’s never any factual info o back up HOW he’s going to do it.

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    Harith says:

    From my local paper:

    Hudak promises to build Hwy. 407 extension
    By QMI Agency
    Posted 1 hour ago

    PETERBOROUGH, Ont. — Ontario Opposition Leader Tim Hudak fired up a group of Conservative supporters Thursday morning before heading to city hall promising to extend the 407 to Hwy. 35/115 in one “solid project” if he was premier.

    “Peterborough’s economic prosperity should not be phased-in,” Hudak said on the steps of city hall while he stood beside Mayor Daryl Bennett. “We can’t wait for 20 years for Dalton McGuinty to keep his promises. We cannot stop this important highway at Simcoe St. in Oshawa.”

    In 2007, both the provincial and federal governments announced the highway extension would be complete by 2013.

    That plan was changed when Peterborough MPP Jeff Leal revealed in June the 407 extension would be broken into two phases with the entire project expected to be complete in 2017. The extension of Hwy. 407 to Oshawa, which is not even halfway to Hwy. 35/115, would be done by 2015.

    Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne has repeatedly said the Liberal government is committed to extending the 407 to the Hwy. 35/115, but the province hasn’t given a projected completion date for the eastern section of the extension.

    “The Ontario PC party sees that extension as a priority. It is the right thing to do,” Hudak said early Thursday morning at a Conservative breakfast meeting in the city 140 km northeast of Toronto which attracted about 125 supporters.

    “If the (Liberals) don’t do it, an Ontario PC government will extend that highway all the way to the 35/115 in one solid project,” he said.

    Hudak also spoke about the financial challenges faced by Ontario families as a result of HST and increases in energy rates.

    “Families are getting hit every time they turn around,” he said. “The Ontario PC party will deliver needed relief for these families to give them a chance to catch up.”

    Hudak didn’t say his party would scrap the HST or specifically lower energy costs, but he said the Conservatives are currently engaging taxpayers to find out what relief would best benefit them.

    “I want to here from average families about what will actually help them catch-up, get a breather,” he said.

    Hudak saved his toughest attack for the province’s Local Health Integrated Networks, the bureaucratic bodies now responsible for allocating health care dollars, saying he would scrap them and put the money into frontline health care work.

    “They have taken $215 million out of frontline health care to build a bloated bureaucracy,” Hudak said. “They are a waste of money and that’s why as premier I will close the doors on those LHINs and put every penny into health care for Ontario families.”

    UGH. Highway extensions, buck a beer, flips and flops. No thank you.

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    Why aren’t the PCs following a Nenshi-style campaign based on organization and ideas?

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      Philip says:

      Well, for starters it would require them to actually have an organization and ideas. Constant contradictions are not ideas. Just saying.

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    tpb says:

    Agree. Strange no comments on Travers passing. Relatively young too. Sorry for his family

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