03.16.2011 06:36 AM

Wellington Street Post

I’ve been super busy, so I haven’t had time to draw your attention to the newest kids on the block, The Wellington Street Post. ┬áIt’s an innovative concept, but I have to say that the web site’s design is way too busy and needs some serious simplification.

But bid the WSP welcome!


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    Neil says:

    It’s clearly trying to be a Canadian hybrid of Politico and Huffpo, but it looks like The Drudge Report. I like the concept but it hurts my eyes. They need a bigger budget for web design/developers.

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    Nick Brown says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    We have been listening to our reader’s reactions and are currently working on some design upgrades that will address these issues.

    Nick Brown, Community Manager

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    JStanton says:

    …well, it’s an interesting idea. We will see whether it is useful.

    Essentially aggregated opinion-based content sortable by bias. This way I never have to feel the nausea induced by vitriolic and smug conservative Sun flacks, or the sociopathic ramblings of Harperite sycophants and cultists, because apparently, unlike other aggregators, the WSP allows me to filter them out. I guess there’s value there.

    But, if they allow too much filtering, I might just cocoon myself with a comforting mirror of my own opinions, and never get exposed to that rarity – another bias that just might make some sense.

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    The Doctor says:

    I agree, the web design needs some work. “Too busy” is exactly the problem. It needs better organization and emphasis.

    I do give them credit for one thing — labelling the biases of various commentators (though, interestingly, not Rick Mercer’s obvious partisan leanings — he is a charter member of rabble.ca, after all . . . :)). If only everyone on the net were so honest and forthright about their true political leanings . . .

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