04.16.2011 10:42 PM

Adam, Monte, and some Liberal jerk

Coming soon to Sun TV!



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    Dude Love says:

    They just ruined the whole thing by including Adam Giambrone. Hope Sun TV is not actually paying him.

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    pomojen says:

    Love that you three are framed with cheese on the site.

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    MontrealElite says:

    Stephen Harper – The Canadian Public Don’t Care I Broke The Law


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    Bitter says:

    No offence directed at WK, but Sun TV is making a lot of personnel choices that seem designed to turn me off. I don’t think it should be censored or kept off the air, though. Just that the current lineup and advertised formats seem certain to produce a mostly unbroken stream of predictable, insulting and unwatchable opinion-centred TV, when what’s needed is more real, hard news.

    It’s not Sun News Network, it’s Sun Pundit Network ™.

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    Jan says:

    Is this only going to be run in Ontario? There is no sign of it on Shaw here in B.C.

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    hugger says:

    Liberal??? Jerk??? Sorry no time to comment. Busy holding up the Sky.



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    R says:

    They need to pur more time and more people and more ads in each area below based on population and number of vote they can get it in proportion as below

    Canada has 34,422,000 population

    Ontario with population of 13,210,667

    Qubec with population of 7,970,672

    the Prairie provinces or simply the Prairies comprise the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
    about 6 million

    polulation of 3,724,832 for Alberta
    polulation of 1,049,701 for Saskatchewan
    population of 1,232,654 for Manitoba

    population of Brish Colmbia is 4,510,858


    Atlantic provinces was total population 2,346,286

    6) rest of Canada like Ypkan and Northwest terrotories
    is total of population of 383,517.



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    R says:

    reduce abortion can be good to say but ban it despite women health or child health is not okay
    all back to why women plan to abortion and why not prevent to becom pregnant is issue here and education link to it

    health care is can be public in day time up to 6 pm and if doctor wish can turn at night shit to private place
    private bring more money and can challenge who wish to see less patient and moer time for expert doctor not good for family doctor can be have private and public mix in some area or some zone in different shit of walking clinic for public 24 hr like hospital so on

    canada lost their mediatin rules and follow criminal poliitican and support them blindly and that is not way canada handle their steps

    capital punishment peopel who believe war is solution for fight devile are believe capital punishment but be carefull if you kill someo ne must be ready and buy too much jet flier to protect and defend yourself as harper not wish Muslim murder back to canda but murdre nonmuslim can stay in jail all is link with racisim and hate toward gun use and all back what is solution so far people who use it has nothig or more than more violnace in their palce and not solution capital punishment used for country who has too many population and not have time to fix and goverment has not money to fix criminal back to normal then used capital punishment to get rid of them like US and china or so one
    canada do not need capital punishemnt since not have too mcuh population and able to help criminal find their life or prevntion program

    harper did so many thing he afriad of his own security like to scare people with more jail and kind of security and police like him more and listne to him say i payyou more if you let me stay and allow more spy work for him

    control gun is important as link with tough on crime these two are made Harper under question if he tough on crime why not wish to ban the gun because they spread gun and made them seperate and fight then they will show they crme fighter while they are not they are crime producer
    bullying fight in farms fighers

    gay issue is not wining for liberal to talk too supportitive to gay issue because majroity of people in Canada are relgion people and not real supporter of gay pride to show their sexy body and proud they are and rest they are not or allow politican walk with them saying we like to increase gay in canda this is goes to question

    do you support gay to not allow some one to bother with them
    or do you agree that kind of sex life is okay and should increase and even teach in school or get banned
    or get under control

    do you like to find better solution to this is background search
    how to save gay to back to normal life is education
    mri in thier brain to see if they have similarity among those people or meidcation can be use for them to help them with
    attendance care person present to use medication to change thier brain to back to normal again
    need study in gay and see what caused them to become gay and how safe to be stay in that life styl an dhow they influcne other and can be botheer with rest and how to help save their life back again so many durg can help them bi polar medicatin can made them or have better sex education and big arugment over this issue not simply help them

    this is like mater of jewish people help them or try to save them some one do not botgher with them but not agree with them and they deny jesus is not propeht but instead can educate them to made them increase toward right path and understanding to make them isolated and stay like old fashion way isntead may diolage with jewish and let them to understand their relgion has something missing deny jesus or so on
    open their eyes more and educate them and link them with people better not let them fight with msulim for so long that is not solution for problems

    find problems solving with dialoge with people

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    TDotRome says:

    Good luck to all of you guys. All three of you are better commentators than anybody I’ve seen in it’s first couple of hours.

    Two problems for the network off the bat are: one, the graphics (and music) are horrendous. They are dated and boring. It’s awful and unforgivable. These are modern enough times that the look of a new station shouldn’t be this poor.

    Second, it’s looking kinda white. I’ve watched every preview they put out, and a couple hours after launch. Everybody is a white except for one black reporter, and one brown morning anchor (who nobody will watch because BT has a stranglehold on the timeslot). Even behind the scenes everyone is white, save for one Asian girl (who seems to be an Editorial Assistant……entry-level position). This, too, is a bit of a failing, as it’s easily avoided.

    Nevertheless, good luck to them!

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