04.01.2011 06:08 AM

April Fools!

The Ontario PCs are being taken over by a far-right extremist group that is populated by white supremacists and gun lunatics!

Oh, wait. Um.


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    Dr.J says:

    You can demonize them all you want to sir, but when the left does the “tea party” or the”GW Bush” or the “republican” or as a jew my personal all time favourite the “nazi/hitler” talking points you are in major concern mode. This time I think the public just do not believe Dalton and his BS anymore….it will be an Ontario minority which way I will not predict yet….but it will be a minority one way or another. If it is a Liberal minority Dalton will be done as leader.

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    JStanton says:

    Heh, heh, that worked real well for the P.C.’s at the federal level, didn’t it?

    An entire Canadian political tradition gone, in the blink of an eye, leading to the spirit of Canadian democracy being abused for so many years by the far-right extremists, that Parliament finally had to take historic and extraordinary measures to protect our institutions.

    Mr. Hudak is clearly desperate for momentum, and he thinks he can harness the OLA. No a chance. If he gives them an inch, they will own him. Look what happened to Mr. McKay.


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