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BNN, April 6: About those ads

Me, my friend Rod Love and Bill Tieleman, on political ads.  Second segment is here.

“And see that green light behind me? It’s green! That means the Green Party is trying to influence your viewers subliminally!”


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    MattMcD says:

    I’m more concerned about the Conservatives subtle placement of the no turning left, or even leaning left.

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    Roger says:

    ….it clearly states that there is only one way to go, Warren…..right……

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    Mike London says:

    Those Greens are crafty!

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    Patrick Hamilton says:

    Looking verydapper, Mr. Kinsella!…..

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    Lance says:

    You look like you’re hosting a new program thre, WK. Is that foreshadowing for a career in broadcasting? 😉

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    MH says:

    Vote Green and elect Harper.

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    well says:

    This is experince ad election for Harper he knows it all tactics and tricks that is not his first election did it before election but what he is doing that is last straw for Harper
    Ignitiff is firest election attemp if not win may be last one too but has more year in politic than Harper as he older than him too
    Harper abuse his power to do anything basically anything to win even if illegal they do not care they are already contemp order
    present activies of harper and ignitief is made difference not only past background harper hated liberal and quebec by his heart seriously

    Mr. TIE..man
    has better nicer tie stand in middle not in right or left side
    not puffy eyes spleep not too late may be small plastic surgery removal skin may be boytex needle
    nicer hair cut obsss no hair but nicer color not too white or not too dark
    green color is good in design and ads

    Conservative abuse power spent lots of money in attack ads before election against Ignatief

    time frame of one month is not enough for people to think detail need at least two to three month for vote review candidate

    can those get advantage of fund raising more or may look just entertainment pay attention first then say the point next

    conservative ads are more personal not politic or say important difference of all party views bullying more or less

    liberal ads are more nice kind but lack of attraction and motivation lack of charcter people like charcter who wake them up liberal view
    make people sleepy people belive this is too nice not need people to pay attention and not need public to do anything if liberal come
    they are not bad buy they will take care of issue but that is sometimes hide important issue

    ads needs to go by ages group difffernces aduidence and attract each group age and gender and minority and majority
    divide people and put each group one ads that those group like to hear it

    trust is key to all political party they can get more vote and motivation for people vote more this year

    what they are offering is more important and keep differnces made people to choose best one

    conservative has more power more money and more people fund to help them in this election for so many times

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    well says:

    tv ads is good but need to link with blogs to pick those nice camera and live talk it mean tv and blog made it completed to point the important talk and Radio FM-99.1 is pick good point in politic talk too

    facebook is more younger audience only old fashion not like it

    need to talk all important differnces like aboriginal future in Canada
    or young viewer or family or single or rich or poor all they has differnt needs
    like you have so many kids in differnt ages and talent and need to know what you do or say to each age groups to give them attract them first to yourself then they listen to you second

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    PoliticalPundit says:

    All of this discussions confirms for me that the Liberal Party people, who Warren is praising of late, failed miserably once again to respond aggressively to the Reformatory character assassination ads of Ignatieff in 2009 and now in the lead up to the election call in 2011. In doing so, the Liberal Party people but Ignatieff and the Party behind the eight ball before the writ was dropped.

    While Harper’s Machiavellian move toward a majority has been stalled for the moment, you can be sure that the Reformatory War Room, with the full approval of Harper, will immediately carpet bomb Ignatieff with even more sinister, pitbull, fearmongering style attack ads following the debates. They will make some Canadians stomach’s turn.

    Alas the vast majority of very angry Caucasian Christian Nationalists (men and women) who perceive Harper as their Messiah — who will save them from all the troubles of a terribly troubled world — will be delighted. Harper is their strongman politician who has promised to remake Canada in ways that reflect their social conservative and fiscal conservative values. Harper never had a hidden agenda. He was very forthright about what his agenda. Unfortunately, most people in the media did not want to believe him, did not feel Canadians would ever put into power, or, indeed, many journalists quietly, until he got into office, supported his agenda.

    The Sun Chain (Fox News North – and Beck is looking for a new job!!) has already started the character assassination of Ignatieff’s wife. She is a dreaded foreigner, she can’t support her husband because she can’t vote. Watch the malicious journalists at Sun News spin their story line on this matter for every ounce of flesh and watch the rest of the media and many Canadians swallow it whole!

    I still find it very strange but not overly surprising that many Canadians of non-British, non-Francophone background have been lured into believing that the Reformatory Party will welcome them without extracting a promise that they give up their culture and language in return for their willingness to conform to the Reformatories rather exclusionary vision of Canada and Canadian society.

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      Patrick Hamilton says:

      Well said, Political Pundit!…I rue the day I had anything to do with the Reform goons……

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    Greg says:

    Could you explain why this matters?
    Just curious.

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    Greg says:

    Not all wrong.

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