04.04.2011 11:34 AM

Harper and Ignatieff wrong, McGuinty and Charest right

Oh, and according to the Hill Times this morning, Tim Hudak’s Big Tobacco lobbyist/campaign manager is in the Harper war room.

Sure will be interesting, the Ontario campaign.


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    Michael Behiels says:

    WOW! Mr. McGuinty got off his duff and sent a real zinger across the bow of Harper’s government on the energy issue. Canada desperately needs a national power grid and Ottawa has to play a role in setting it up.

    What really should happen on this issue? I know this thorny issue all too well since I have studied the political economy of the federation and I have come to the conclusion that the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and its hard working people were badly screwed by a weak-kneed Pearson government back in the 1960s.

    PM Pearson, fearful of the rise of secession movement in Quebec and especially of its leader Rene Levesque, refused to use Ottawa’s constitutional powers to force Quebec to allow Newfoundland to market its Upper Churchill Falls power in Ontario and the US via Quebec’s hydroelectric grid. Instead, Quebec gained control over the distribution of all the power for a mere pittance per kilowatt hour and is still selling it all in the US for a very handsome markup. Newfoundlanders’ resources allow Quebecers to have a higher standard of living than they have!!! Go figure.

    If Harper had any balls he would read the riot act to Charest and insist that Quebec open up its power grid so that Newfoundland’s power, Upper and Lower Churchill falls can be marketed anywhere in North America. No need then for a very expensive underway power line from Newfoundland to mainland Canada.

    Yes, it is logical for McGuinty and Charest to insist that all provinces be treated equally on the matter of resource development. As I said, a national power grid is long overdue. Ottawa needs to use its constitutional powers to make it happen, and happen very fast.

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    allegra fortissima says:

    $33 billion for new nuclear reactors… ?


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    fritz says:

    I may be wrong here but a loan guarantee doesn’t cost the federal government anything as long as Newfoundland pays back the loan. If McGuinty wants a loan guarantee for his energy project then I’m sure the federal government will be happy to look at that. If he wants actual cash from the feds that’s a different matter. You can’t use the equalization argument either as Newfoundland is now a have province and Ontario isn’t.
    Being from the eastern part of the country I am all in favor of putting the Churchill Falls power lines through Newfoundland and the Maritimes. If the Newfoundland government tried to work out a deal with Quebec now they would be turfed out of office at the first opportunity.
    Charest is doing what we would expect from a Quebec premier. I sorry to say this Warren but you and McGuinty are just wrong here and looks to me like he is grandstanding. Ignatieff and (my hand is trembling) Harper are right on this one.

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