04.23.2011 09:17 AM

KCCCC Day 29: Videos, not words

  • This one’s gonna be short. It’s Saturday, I have to ferry my boys to and from hockey tryouts (yes, the GTHL, like Elections Canada and its advance polls, actually scheduled tryouts on the holiest weekend of the year for Christians and Jews).  So I’m putting up some videos instead of writing a bunch of stuff.
  • But first…first, let me say thanks to the 200-almost folks who commented on yesterday’s soul-baring post, and the equally-big number who emailed me.  I’m honoured by the kind words, the support, and I don’t have much more to tell you at this point.  Just that I’ve decided I want to be part of the LPC’s rebuilding as a candidate – and that I’ll need help (psychiatric and otheriwse).
  • Now, to the vids. First one is from David Akin’s show last night, wherein a couple of us attempt to explain Wacko Jacko’s huge popularity in Quebec and what (if anything) it means for the rest of Canada.  The second video relates to a story, and assorted Tweets, that were pinging around yesterday – and how some were saying Stephen Harper is a rank hypocrite on the coalition question.  I posted the video quite a while ago, as did others, so I guess some folks missed it.  Here it is again.  And, finally, the Libs are getting in on the bash Wacko Jacko fun.

Warren winces whilst visually demonstrating Wacko Jacko’s uplifting polls.

Stephen Harper: hook him up to a lie detector, and he’d knock the power out from here to Mexico.



  1. Robert McClelland says:

    Are you seriously going to run in the next election or just messing with our heads?

    • Warren says:

      Gotta get a nomination somewhere first. That’s a long way away, particularly if Harper gets what he wants.

      • Thomas says:

        Why not Calgary Southwest? Rob Anders could use some a**kicking.

        • Warren says:

          I’d love that. I despise that jerk.

          • Tiger says:

            Calgary West, you gents mean.

            Calgary Southwest will be represented in the next parliament once more by Stephen Harper.

            (But I’m sure that both of you think that he could use one as well. :p)

          • Ted (not the other one) says:

            That’s Calgary West, and the very reason for my earlier offer of support (guaranteed). That, and because I think Mr. Kinsella is a great guy.

          • HonestB says:

            I would so love to see someone like you take on Anders. He was my MP for awhile.

        • Stuart says:

          Run anywhere in Calgary and I’d be willing to support your run with time and money.

          The mentality here that elects the same pricks over and over again that makes them think they can phone it in and still pull off 50% of the vote needs to be broken. The only party leader who has even bothered to campaign here has been May, and one of those leaders supposedly holds a seat here.

          It’s demoralizing and leads to people like me wondering if there’s really any point showing up May 2nd. That’s hardly the democratic lesson I want my children to learn.

      • Patrick Hamilton says:

        My riding is a swing riding, always has been….with the right organization(check), the right candidate(check) a good national campaign, and add to that a sitting Con MP who isnt particularly effective, this riding could go Liberal.
        Close to Vancouver, but a more rural lifestyle and cheaper real-estate…..;), an added bonus, the fundies are across the river…….

  2. Paul R Martin says:

    Speaking of advance polls, mine was very bad. There was a long lineup. The DRO was inexperienced and was spending a lot of time checking identification. One senior told me that she brought her passport because she does not drive. She was still given a hard time. In every election, some partisans go overboard. Some idiot in the St. Paul’s riding was vandalizing properties that had Liberal signs. Here in Brampton, two Liberal volunteers have been charged with removing Conservative signs. This nonsense has to stop.

    • Paul R Martin says:

      As a follow up to my earlier comment, I wonder what would happen if all election signs were banned. I doubt that they have much influence on the outcome of a campaign. They do lead to temptation, as some individuals give into the temptation to destroy them, and signs can lead to tension between neighbours.

      • JenS says:

        I’m no fan of election signs, but if I were going to keep any, it would be the ones on private property. They’re the only ones that mean anything anyway.

  3. MontrealElite says:

    Pouring here in Montreal…and here comes Jack, raining on everyone’s parade.

  4. Iris Mclean says:

    Oh Man! I wish you’d run in Leeds-Grenville.
    You could kick your old pal, Gord (The Party Animal) Brown’s ass!

  5. Mike London says:

    I’m not certain that this is a good ad. By saying he has a “weak team,” and “inexperienced candidates,” is true. However, it could feed into Mr. Layton’s arguements that the Liberals always feel entitled to power and are arrogant. I guess we’ll see.

  6. fritz says:

    That LPC anti-NDP ad has to be one of the worse ads I’ve ever seen. WK’s kids could have done an ad with higher production values.
    The Tory ad isn’t much better but it at least had production values in line with their anti-Ignatieff spots. I can’t see either ad working at this late date. As WK said in interview ‘it took 36 months for the Tories to trash Ignatieff’s reputation’ and now they want to trash Layton’s, whose personal popularity is sky high at the moment; in just a few days. It could all backfire and just make things worse for the Tories and Liberals.

  7. dave says:

    It seems so unfair, the gang of three, Liberals, Bloc, and Conservatives, all attacking the NDP.

    However, it does clarify for Canadian voters the only choice they have in this election:

    Either an NDP majority and stable government,
    or the chaos and continued Liberal/Bloc/Conservative bickering, and their foisting on the hardworking Canadian taxpayers of needless elections.

  8. George says:

    The coalition continues to 2011 from 2008?this was 2008 taped conference call

    ?The ?Coalition for Canada,? I love the idea ? (but it) could be a deal-breaker for the Bloc,? Layton is heard saying to laughter.

    ??The Coalition for Canada and Quebec??? he adds, to more laughter.

    ?Nothing could be better for our country than to have the 50 (BQ) members out of 75 who?ve been elected in Quebec actually helping to make Canada a better place. We just approach it on that basis and say, ?We?re willing to make that happen. Here are the things we?re going to be investing in and transforming together.?

    ?If they?re willing to work with us, we?re willing to accept that offer.?

    In a discussion over concerns that the Bloquistes will be ?offside? on issues, Layton said that?s already been taken into account and strategies have been developed to avoid policy conflict.

    ?I actually believe they?re the least of our problems,? he said.

    ?This whole thing wouldn?t have happened if the moves hadn?t been made with the Bloc to lock them in early because you couldn?t put three people together in three hours.

    ?The first part was done a long time ago. I won?t go into details.?

    ?Chances are there are a bunch of Liberals in the other ridings on whom we want pressure placed,? he?s heard saying.

    • robw says:

      Golden…is there a source? The palnned a long time ago..great
      “Nothing could be better for our country than to have the 50 (BQ) members out of 75 who?ve been elected in Quebec ” priceless

  9. George says:

    Agree that the Liberal ad is really bad. The LPOC actually makes the distinction between the experience of Layton vs. the inexperienced Ignatieff – who hasn’t ANY experience in politics before he was lured back with a coronation.

  10. Miles Lunn says:

    The NDP surge has largely been in Quebec and I don’t think the NDP seat count in English Canada will change that much. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose a few seats in English Canada. Ontario and British Columbia have both had NDP provincial governments and Nova Scotia does right now, so I think people in those provinces will be a lot more reluctant to embrace the NDP than in Quebec. Also in many elections, Quebec has bucked the national trend too. In 1988, the Mulroney PCs gained seats in Quebec despite losing them elsewhere; in 1993 much of the country swung over to the Liberals, while in Quebec it was mostly the Bloc Quebecois; in 1997 the Liberals gained in Quebec despite losing elsewhere in fact had they not gained seats in Quebec they would have been held to a minority; in 2004 the Liberal hit was far greater in Quebec than elsehwere in Canada. In fact the Liberals gained seats in Atlantic Canada and Western Canada while their losses in Ontario were mostly due to the united right and ridings that always went PC provincially and had gone Tory federally in pretty much every election prior to 1993; while in 2006 the Tory gains in English Canada weren’t that big, but massive vote wise in Quebec (of the 1.5 million votes they picked up, over half were from Quebec); and in 2008 the Liberals gained seats in Quebec and The Tories lost seats while English Canada went in the opposite direction. So my point is the NDP surge in Quebec isn’t necessarily going to translate in the rest of Canada. In addition most of their gains will come at the expense of the Bloc Quebecois, not the Liberals or Tories.

    • fritz says:

      “Ontario and British Columbia have both had NDP provincial governments and Nova Scotia does right now, so I think people in those provinces will be a lot more reluctant to embrace the NDP than in Quebec.”

      So have Manitoba & Saskatchewan. Just because you don’t like the NDP doesn’t mean they aren’t popular with voters. The NDP are surging in the Atlantic region as well as Quebec and could well pick up three or four seats that weren’t on the horizon last week.

  11. JaneN says:

    Looks like the Liberals are back on the rise, taking the fight finally to the NDP and still hitting Harper at the same time. I expect tomorrow’s Nanos will show the NDP falling and the Liberals rising and the “Iggy is the comeback kid” narrative will begin and carry on to the finish line.

    Harper looks dejected, I think the Ignatieff can still easily be Prime Minister when this election is over. I predict we’ll get over 30% of the vote, the NDP under 20% and Harper no more than 35%. Maybe we’ll end up with more seats than Harper if the Liberal momentum carries. Either way enough for a Liberal minority. Mock me now, NDP hopefuls but you won’t be laughing the next few days as the NDP numbers drop like a rock.

    Warren I hope you will still be running as a candidate even if Ignatieff and the 4S (as you call them) remain.

    You will right?

    The party could use you in that important role and I think will be poised for further seats gains in the next election after getting government this time.

    • intrep says:

      “……….if the Liberal momentum carries.” Jane that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in days. If the Liberal momentum carries, we’ll be digging a hole!! LOL!!

    • Curt says:

      Did you just wake up from a 2 month sleep? The liberals have dropped signficantly in the polls.

  12. JaneN says:

    Laugh now, just wait for tomorrow’s Nanos that will be the first sign. Bank on a CPC and NDP drop and Liberal drop. Similar numbers will follow from there. The momentum goes from there.
    Attack ads work, people will think twice about voting NDP, meanwhile Harper’s scandals are piling up more by the day and you only need to look at his demeanour to know his senses his career is over after this election.

  13. JaneN says:

    Sorry meant CPC and NDP drop and Liberal RISE in tomorrow’s Nanos. I should note that tomorrow’s Easter special broadcast around the country will provide a big boost to the LPC numbers too. I think the gap will be narrowed to 5 or 6 points betwween the CPC and LPC by mid week and may further narrow to just a few points or possibly a tie from there. That’s what happened in the last election too until Dion’s CTV fiasco just 5 days before E-day. Iggy will have no such gaffes so the momentum will be maintained.

    • Paul says:


      How many people do you know that won’t vote liberal and don’t like iggy? Can you ask them why without judging them and insinuating they are stupid for their views?

      I’ve been involved in several campaigns and the problem with people from every stripe is they only hang around people who agree with them and think everyone else is brainless. A case of drinking your own bathwater.

      If you would listen to why people vote conservative and why people like Jack, understand the motivations, you would have the key to winning their support. Right now you are only joining in all the wishful thinking.

      It is Jack’s time and I just hope he doesn’t win like Bob Rae did and screw up the country. People like me would vote Con to stop the NDP. Think about that…

  14. MississaugaLibPeter says:

    The Liberals have not dented the Conservatives because they have not really gone after ther Conservative core vote. That was the case until this week.

    The core Conservatives are expecting changes in abortion and gay rights once Harper gets his majority, it is the quiet elephant in the room. Bringing this up galvanizes this core group and will bring them out to vote on election day. What doesn’t is when Harper goes on national television and says that their hopes will not be
    fulfilled. He leaves his core group confused – is that really where he stands, or is really lying (which many feel is offensive). Look at Nanos 1 day after Harper’s abortion comments.

    THIS FINAL WEEK, Liberals need to keep getting Harper to make more comments that will confuse his core support. A video showing his comments and that of his MPs would kill his core supporters because they would feel betrayed just before they enter the ballot box (confused and feeling betrayed is what they should feel).

    I has stated many times before that new immigrants have for the most part are not progressive. That is why the Conservatives have been able to appeal to new immigrants so easily. Second generation immigrants on the other hand, are a lot more progressive than their parents.

    • MississaugaLibPeter says:

      I have stated many times before that new immigrants are for the most part not progressive …

    • Curt says:

      Miis Pete,
      What do you mean by the word “progressive”?

      • MississaugaLibPeter says:

        Progressive as in no difficulty with same-sex marriages and the woman’s right to choose. In contrast to traditional views.

        • Bruce from Etobicoke says:

          Maybe it’s because you live just across the Etobicoke Creek from me, but I agree 100% MississaugaLibPeter. I don’t see how this cannot turn out to be a bigger deal for Harper than people are thinking.

          For 5 years people who wake every morning burning to eliminate a woman’s right to choose (forced birthers) and who dream of forcing second class rights on same sex couples, and possibly even the few that want to go after common law couples too because they think they shouldn’t have the same benefits unless they’ve been married in a church, have been working towards a Harper majority government. Every time Harper said he had no intention of reopening abortion or same sex marriage he ALWAYS added “at this time”. I assumed it was a dog whistle to the base that the time could be coming – soon. Just get me the majority gang….

          For Harper to say publicly abortion is of the table completely must have taken the wind out of a lot of sails. There have to be Harper supporters asking if they’ll still be able to discriminate against Gays or whether that’s out too?

          Unless he has people running around the country reminding the base “C’mon. Remember when we promised that we wouldn’t tax income trusts?” Otherwise, why wouldn’t those people get pissed off and stay home May 2nd?

          • J.G. Love says:

            Easy for it not to be a big deal when such a large amount of you neighbors are sheeple

          • Michael Reintjes says:

            You people are both hilarious and delusional. I don’t know ANY Conservatives that want that shit including me….to much Koolaid will rot your teeth and quite possibly your brains…

          • J.G. Love says:

            I only wish I didn’t know Conservatives who were rabid when the issues deal with abortion &/or same sex issues. Either we have insular contacts or there is a big difference regionally.

          • Bruce from Etobicoke says:

            Well isn’t that odd? I remembered someone here telling me I was delusional because I posted the preposterous notion that the anti-abortion crowd might take offense and stay home if Harper took abortion off the table before the election (Unless he lied about it of course. See: income trusts, above).

            Well who could have possibly forecasted that one of the high chiefs of anti-abortion and that same sex couples deserve second class rights to us practicing heteros might just chime in before the election?


            J.G. – Cons should avoid calling other people “sheeple” We think.

            Michael R. – enjoy your Kool-Aid. Just because you don’t know them personally doesn’t mean the don’t exist….

        • Curt says:

          See this is what I don’t understand, you can’t define the word progressive. What is “traditional”? Are you talking about 100 years ago. How about 50, 25 or even 10 years ago? You and a lot of people use a word that means advancing to something better, going ahead , going from one to the next, as in shifting positions. This word can be used by anybody on the political spectrum. Immigrants coming to Canada and voting for any party are “progressive”. It is not a word that should be used to discribe one political party in comparison to another.

          • Curt says:

            This is just a pet peeve that I have when I see this used in the press.
            I hope you are not offended.

  15. ben burd says:

    What a depressing thread – all the Libs wishing from the grave, Iggy ain’t gonna cut it boys and girls. The sentiment is easy – people vote for the gov that does them the least damage and if they have tried them all they they pick someone new and glitzy. I know it busts WK’s balls but that is Jack this time.

    • Pete says:

      What a desperate post from an arrogant tory.

      Harper’s majority is nowhere near happening and he will probably lose seats.

      HELLO LEGAL COALITION…..just ask harper about that;he said it wa possible back in 1997

      • ben burd says:

        Wow my writing style must have really taken off – if I’m attacked as a tory!

        • Paul R Martin says:

          Obviously then, you must be a Liberal. I remember in the Trudeau years, we Conservatives used to complain about arrogant Liberals. I suspect that Warren was referring to that breed of Liberal when he commented about Rosedale Liberals. To me, the whole Liberal campaign was a well oiled machine that only appealed to a narrow sort of elitist segment of the population. As a broad generalization, I would say that Layton’s campaign was populist rather than elitist.
          (Go Habs go!)

  16. James Curran says:

    Ive watche the Dipper ad a few times now…and can’t watch it anymore. It sucks. It’s rank. How the f@ck do you tell someone they’re inexperienced and then follow it with 26 years of experience? WTF? Get that crap off the air.

    • reformatory says:

      huh- buddy did you see the same ad? The ad specifically states that the NDP CANDIDATES are inexperienced. It did not say Jack was inexperienced. Everyone knows that Jack has been around the block and made one too many deals in back alleys. The inexperience tag is aimed at the candidates- which is true and hard hitting. I LIKE IT.

      I for one- would most preferably want the Liberals who have experienced past cabinet ministers to walk into controlling Canada’s gov’t after the Harper dark years than a band of wannabes in the Layton crew. Layton’s crew has never ever been in gov’t. Inexperiened.. I’d say so and then some.


      • MississaugaLibPeter says:

        Unfortunately, many, many folks would prefer the inexperienced yet-hacks than the career politicians / trained seals. The ad also reinforces the idea that the leader most liked this election has experience. Most people vote for the leader, not their party representative. Nobody really expects the inexperienced folks to actually be ministers!

        The NDP could run the same ad: our leader has 26 years experience and we will bring fresh new MPs to Ottawa.

        I agree the Liberal ad sucks. It tries to make so many points it contradicts itself and in my opinion may actually help the NDP by turning off the NDP folks who have considered strategic voting. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

      • ben burd says:

        So what has Stevie ever had a real job?

      • Stuart says:

        The ad sucks. Following its logic we should never vote for a candidate who isn’t the incumbent? Where does that leave Liberal candidates who are “inexperienced”?

        And following that slide up with one that points out their leader has “26 years career politician”? *facepalm*

    • Cam says:

      Liberals should be going positive, period. Emphasize the platform. Stop the silly attack ads.

  17. reformatory says:

    The thing that I can’t stand about elections is the stupidity of all the Polls that get released. Rather than having a sensible dialogue about ideas.. we end up with parties and politicians reacting to POLLS. Can someone please ban polls during election time. It totally distracts from what the parties and the public should be doing. The only poll that matters is May 2nd. When the writ gets dropped. all polling should be banned until the election is over— FULL STOP.

    WE TALK ABOUT DEMOCRACY.. and then we water it all down with this nonsense. Don’t even get be started on the bias of the media and the angles that supposed professional journalists do to us as well

    What a SHAM!

    All one can do is hope that one is intelligent enough to see through all the smoke and mirrors.

  18. Namesake says:

    Another one for the Harpocrites of the Week file, brought to you by the party of playing by the rules, accountability, and Standing Up For the Victims:

    The saga of the Vancouver South candidate Wai Young — and the PM who stuck up for her implausible deniability today http://urlm.in/hoxr — who:

    – let a charitable institution (a school) break Revenue Canada rules re: being non-partisan on her behalf by hosting a rally in which the Principal endorsed her to their “very ethnic” community, and is apparently also running a get-out-the-vote phone bank out of the school; http://urlm.in/hoxp

    – is thereby being endorsed by the infamous Ripudaman Singh Malik, the founder of that Khalsa School, and of the Canadian cell of the Babbar Khalsa movement, and who is widely regarded as having bankrolled the Air India bombings, and harbored some of its perpetrators and their families AT that school for years;*

    – and yet the candidate claims to be completely unaware of Malik’s connection to the school or the Air India bombing, despite, um, having lived in South Van. for over 40 years,**

    and this being in the news for the past 20, culminating in the country’s largest criminal trial, ever, which ended in 2005, and a subsequent lawsuit which has been dragging on since, which, um, names her rival candidate (the MP and former Premier Dosanjh).

    * http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/airindia/key_characters.html#malik


    ** http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=27482802229




    And faced with Terry ‘Sam Donaldson’ M’s inconvenient q’s on the matter, the PM’s goons cuts his mic and the conbot audience yells and does a standing O to drown out his shouting the follow-up q.


    • Rae-Lynn says:

      It’s about the best you can expect from Conservatives. Party funded supression of dissent. Nice.
      On another note keep an eye on the numbers showing up at advance polls. Big turn outs here in Ontario, I’m not sure about the rest of the country. One thing I do know, big turn outs means the Conservative vote suppression tactics aren’t working. This is going to an interesting election.

  19. allegra fortissima says:

    Il ya a seulement trois – le bouledogue manque et ca est bon!


    Aboyez ensemble contre La Droite!

  20. MississaugaLibPeter says:

    Just got my Liberal invite to watch the Ignatieff TV show. It tells me to forward it to my family and friends.

    Stupid folks. It is Easter Sunday and tomorrow afternoon I and many others will be at church followed by a family gathering. I am not going to watch some TV show – all stores are closed tomorrow not so we can watch the Ignatieff TV show!

    The backlash begins. I will NOT forward the email as requested, but will be asking to be taken off their mailing list immediately.

    • scot says:

      Who needs fair weather friends

      • Namesake says:

        now, now, scot & windsurfer — hold those attacks in check.

        Peter didn’t say he would not cease to VOTE Lib. over this — just that he took offense to the timing of it and wants to be taken off the mailing list.

        It’s a legitimate complaint for those with certain religious views, which the Party does, after all, profess to be tolerant of, so it probably should have been more mindful of that and tried to make its advertorial buy for TODAY if they wanted people to see it before the big family dinners on Easter Sunday. D’oh!

        But to Peter, with respect: could you still consider TAPING / PVR’ing said broadcast, and requesting your relatives to do the same, to watch on Monday or thereafter?

        And to the LPC War Room: Hey Dummies! See the above, and issue a follow-up apologizing for the timing, and explaining why your could only afford or get the time to broadcast on Sunday (if so), and ask people to record it if they find it inappropriate to watch on the actual Holy day.

        • reformatory says:

          No need to tape the LPC broadcast folks– it will replayed and available over and over again both on YOUTUBE, the Liberal party website, and I’m sure all the media outlets will have links to it in all their positive stories about the broadcast. Can’t wait to see it.

          I am off to church in the morning and while we have Easter lunch– there won’t be much else on– so my family and all the relatives will be free to digest our meals and view and talk about the broadcast. Talk about brilliant timing! Someone’s gonna get appointed to the Senate after this successful idea (LOL)

      • MississaugaPeter says:

        No friend of the present Liberal hierarchy.

        I am just not as excited by the Liberal war room as WK or some others here. I and many others, were under the illusion that the TV broadcast was going to be in the evening.

        I am involved with a few campaigns and I am not impressed with Party Central – they just sent flyers to one of the campaigns 10 days after promised. It’s pathetic when their lack of organization is jeopardizing the campaigns of good MPs.

        • reformatory says:

          @Mississauga Peter
          Why would you be under any illusion of the broadcast being in the evening. A tech. savy dude like you would surely make their way the the liberal website and BANG– Posted right on it is all the DETAILS about the viewing times. Besides it’s fully available on YOUTUBE anytime one wants it.

          STOP the petty games FOOL

  21. Windsurfer says:

    With the sincerest of respect, do not allow the aperture closure device to countenance your anterior appendage upon your egress.

    As a Saturday humour interlude, P.T. Barnum once charged people to go out a door.

    The sign said “This way to the egress” but the folks thought they were going to see egrets and ended up in a alley-way.

    Take it for what it’s worth.

    BTW, I will be watching the Ignatieff Sunday Toronto Global schpiel, to make my own mind up. Pantheistically speaking, that is.

  22. MattMcD says:

    You’d be a fantastic provincial candidate to have in Vancouver-Point Grey, with enough star power to take on the beloved Premier. Only problem would be finding you a party to join here. NDP is well… the NDP, Liberals are Tories with a different coat of paint. Actual Tories are in the wilderness, and the Greens… well they’re there, so they say.

  23. Mike London says:

    I wish the Liberals and NDP would get back to hacking away at the Tories. Today Steven Harper said monitoring religious freedom around the world will be part of Canadian foreign policy. That is a crazy idea concocted by a political party dominated by religious freaks. People need to talk about it more.

    • Namesake says:

      MI already expressed support for it.

      But it sure puts the lie to their post-facto claims about the KAIROS de-funding being a matter of nor meeting their priorities of only providing direct services and poverty relief instead of combining that with things like monitoring and advocating against human rights abuses.

  24. Mike_02 says:

    Nice song, great message:


  25. Iris Mclean says:

    As much as a Harper majority makes my blood run cold, I like the idea of the NDP as the Official Opposition. As Layton said in the English debate, Ignatieff has been Harper’s best friend for the last two and a half years.

  26. reformatory says:

    Gord… when harper gets a minority- I fully expect you to announce and to push for his retirement!

  27. reformatory says:

    Why would you be under any illusion of the broadcast being in the evening. A tech. savy dude like you would surely make their way the the liberal website and BANG– Posted right on it is all the DETAILS about the viewing times. Besides it’s fully available on YOUTUBE anytime one wants it.

    STOP the petty games FOOL

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