04.08.2011 03:14 PM

Layton aims for mixed-metaphor gold medal

…that, or he’s dropping acid and then scrumming:

Quote of the day from the federal election campaign trail (FedElxn-BuzzQuote)
Source: The Canadian Press
Apr 8, 2011 16:10

Quote of the day from the federal election campaign trail Friday:

“They’re bouncing all over the place. They’re like needles on a gas tank that’s just about empty on a bumpy road in an old car.” –  NDP Leader Jack Layton on public-opinion polls.




  1. Bob Smith says:

    What part of this metaphor is mixed?

    • bigcitylib says:

      I agree Warren’s got the semantics wrong. But I disagree with Jack that the polls all tell a different story. They all show the NDP running on empty.

      • DL says:

        Oh really? Ipsos today has the NDP up three points to 19%. Environics has the NDP at 20%, Angus Reid has the NDP at 21%, Forum has the NDP at 20%…the majority of polls show the NDP gaining ground. One outlier shows losses.

    • Jamie Rothwell says:

      My parents had a 72 Impala that did that too when it was low on gas. The roof rack on it used to whistle too so we called it the Wendigo of Bruce County.

  2. Heaney says:

    The metaphor is entirely automotive, though I’m sure he meant to say “guage” instead of “tank”.

  3. Mulletaur says:

    Perhaps Jack is more ill than we know, given the drugs he is clearly taking.

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