04.13.2011 10:09 AM

My take on what’s happening in Toronto



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    MontrealElite says:

    Ford nation backing the big spending Harperites makes sense…….in the Bizarro world.

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    H Holmes says:

    The scary part of that article is that it was written at all.

    Harper’s majority is 7 seats in and around Toronto.

    It looks like they are all in play.
    Not Good. Not Good at all.

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    Bruce from Etobicoke says:

    I live in Etobicoke Centre and I sure hope the Conservatives aren’t counting on picking up Boris’ seat. We were the riding that was “blessed” with the Con candidate last time out that distributed thousands of slanderous flyers about 36 hours before the election, was found guilty in Superior Court over the weekend, and ordered to collect them all before the election. People tend to remember that sort of thing. At least all my neighbours do.

    The big surprise to me was that the Conservatives didn’t run the same guy again – he got within 3000 votes of Boris last time and the Cons seem to show a certain moral flexibility when it comes to campaign candidates and workers – especially when the far more important majority might be at stake…

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    WDM says:

    In many of the close races, both those that the Liberals won or where the Conservatives gained in 2008, the tightness of the race was, on the surface, as result of Liberals not turning up to vote. While the Liberals need to be incredibly diligent against a strong on the ground Tory organization, it would be a mistake for someone to look at the 2008 results as a starting point. There are thousands of Liberal votes that can be gained simply by energizing their base. While the Conservatives may hold what they have with the incumbency advantage, my guess is the best they can do in the 416/905 area is to break even, and even then I’d lean towards the Liberals regaining some seats instead.

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    Bruce from Etobicoke says:

    Me again. I go away for 5 hours, come back, only to find the guy the Cons got to run in Etobicoke Centre this time embroiled in a controversy because his campaign asked for ‘ethnics’ to dress in costume to serve as props in the front row for the big Harper visit on Thursday. Including an Arab group that Kenney defunded for being hateful! What precisely is an ethnic and how do they dress? I sure hope the Arab group accepts the invite.

    Well at least he didn’t slander anybody. Although it is early going in Etobicoke Centre I guess….

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