04.07.2011 11:29 AM

Oh, look! Steve and Timmy have the same friend!

How interesting. His name is Snover Dhillon, and he’s been in a spot of trouble with the law – Bruce Carson-type trouble.

Here’s a nice picture of him, a couple other guys, and Timmy.  Oddly, this photo disappeared from Conservative Party web sites in the past 24 hours.  Must have been an administrative error.  Happily, however, an upset Ontario PC member sent me a copy they’d kept.

I know Timmy would want to have a keepsake of the moment, so here it is.  Clip and save, Timmy!  You could start a crime-fighting scrapbook!


  1. timmy says:

    The gentleman next to Timmy is the new Tim Hudak Candidate in Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale and best friend of Mr Dhillon, Sanjeev Maingi. The candidate purged his facebook of photos of himself, Ontario PC Party president Ken Zeise, and Mr Dhillon.

  2. Andrew says:

    The gaffs keep coming. Liberal candidate in Wild Rose, Albert put his foot in his mouth.

    • The Doctor says:

      That’s often the problem with mud-slinging: unless your side is pure as the driven snow, everybody ends up looking dirty.

  3. Paul R Martin says:

    Politics attracts strange people to all parties. I understand that Liberal Party candidates included a white supremacist, a former judge who made disgraceful remarks about sexual assault victims, and a convicted drunk driver. If you live in a glass house, it is inadvisable to throw stones.

  4. Robert Viera says:

    I expect my MP, Patrick Brown, will be scrambling once again to pretend he hardly knew Mr. Dhillon, like he did in 2009 when charges against Sarfraz Warraich hit the front page. Incidentally, I have a photo of Mr. Hudak addressing a group of the Barrie PC riding association members including Mr. Brown and Mr. Warraich.

  5. Terry Armstrong says:

    this reminds one of the stones thrown at barrak obama because he had a picture taken with bill ayres
    guilt by association based upon the fact of the existance of a picture
    you could probably find some pictures of dalton standing beside some people he probably hardly knows who have criminal records. Does that make him bad or guilty?

  6. Ron says:

    me thinks warren is hard at work for the Premier

  7. TDotRome says:

    WHAAAAATTT?!? Patrick Brown is co-chair of the Canada-India Parliamentary Association???

    I used to know this guy, years ago, through friends. I got nothing but the cold shoulder from him repeatedly……..and I’m the friendliest brown guy you’ll ever meet!!

    Colour me confused.

    • Patrick Hamilton says:

      Patrick Brown was a jerk during his tenure as President of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Youth, and your comment leads me to believe hes still a jerk…….

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