04.07.2011 11:14 AM

Raising taxes, and Hell

Perhaps he can deny he ever said it, and then someone at CBC will be obliged to swear an affidavit making clear that he did, in fact, say it.

Here’s a little experiment: fast – anyone know the name of the Conservative Party president?  Anyone remember ever hearing from him/her, about anything? Anyone?

You can’t, can you?



  1. The poster formerly known as James says:

    Summary for those of behind a firewall, please?

  2. V. Malaise says:

    Everyone I know doesn’t seem to give a hoot about this upcoming election

  3. Andrew says:

    Unless you an “insider” or political party member, most people won’t know who is the party president. Most people don’t know who their elected representative is for city, provincial or federal.

  4. Patrick Hamilton says:


    The preceding message brought to you by the President of the Conservative Party of Canada…..

  5. Dennis King says:

    His name is John Walsh….do I win something!?

  6. Patrick Hamilton says:

    I can say that the former President of the Conservative Party of Canada, Don Plett, a Reformer, was rewarded with a Senate appointment……Remember the Reformers call for a “Triple E” Senate?…funny how these Reformers change their tunes when $ are involved…….Remember gold plated pensions?……Hypocrites, every single one of them……

    • Mike London says:

      “I was for an elected senate prior to appointing my own senators.” – Stephen Harper.

    • Jan says:

      Funny, I haven’t heard him mention it lately…

      • que sera sera says:

        “i can’t for the life of me recall what kind of party gathering or where.”

        Pretty much sums up Harper’s entire campaign.

        Only becomes memorable if the cops bounce a few university kids or veterans.

        Or if a couple of bilingual dancing yellow chickens dare to ask a 6th or *gasp* 7th question.

        Good luck with that missing plank from Harper’s puerile platform of platitudes.

  7. Warren says:

    My point, Gord, is that elected people should be heard from.

    Party presidents, not so much.

    • Ron says:

      Gord does have a point.
      And I do believe if this was reversed and Wk was in the war room…well you get the point

      • Name-sake says:

        And I think you conbot knee-jerks are missing the point: WK’s not criticizing the other war room, he’s criticizing App for opening his Yapp and giving them the ammo. Party Presidents belong in the back rooms, not on the “Firing Line,” esp. if they’re Appt to shoot themselves in the foot.

    • Namesake says:

      The CPC wins on all three, alright:

      Coalitions – both for them, when it suits their interests to topple the Martin gov’t which he claimed can’t & shouldn’t be trusted, but deadset against it now that it’s his gov’t which is demonstrably untrustworthy

      Taxes – they raised income rates when they got in, and broke their promise not to tax income trusts,

      Spending & big gov’t – they’ve spent & have grown gov’t more than any Cndn gov’t to date, and have no credible plan to STOP or to dig itself out of the largest deficit ever.

  8. jack says:

    Either way, the guy should not have said this. I don’t know the President or most of the MP’s either but youwould think the President would choose words carefully. I’m sure he is referring to the corporate income taxes but, of course, taht is now out of context.

    Unfortunately, this stuff seems to stick to Iggy while little sticks to Steve. Crimianls, contempt, misinforming about a minimum 50% overrun on jets, no talk about handing operating costs of new jails on to provinces (speaking of which, why aren’t Premiers advising that they will have to raise taxes to handle the increase in prisons?).

    harper has intimidated the premiers, mayors and the media especially. I think until these groups grow some, Iggy is on an uphill climb.

    • Dr.J says:

      You forgot that Harper also kicks puppies and wipes his butt with the flag talking points,perhaps next time sir

    • Wayne says:

      I’ll raise your Crimianls (sic), contempt, misinforming

      Bigots (Andre Forbes)
      Sexist Pigs (John Reilly)
      Criminals (well, you know **cough** adscam **cough**)

      Better now?

  9. Dr.J says:

    This is just nothing more than tape editing for political gain…. Liberal MP Mark Holland and his team did the exact same thing just yesterday.

    • Name-sake says:

      But it’s not true about the Ajax CPC candidate being taken out of context, tho: he was there to talk about poverty in an all-candidates debate on the topic, and that’s why he was asked about it, which was what made his remarks that there is no ‘real’ poverty in Canada so tone-deaf:


      • The Doctor says:

        I don’t really see much political mileage in going after Chris Alexander on this. As others have mentioned, Alexander has gobs of experience working in the third world, on poverty and development issues. If it were some CPC guy like the old Myron Thompson making the comment, i.e., someone whom you could easily brand a redneck and/or know-nothing and/or neocon ideologue, I could see how the LPC could really score on something like this. I just don’t see though how the “insensitive to the poor” charge is really going to stick to Chris Alexander when people take a look at him. Holland and Co. can try if they want, but I’d be surprised if it really helps the LPC cause in Ajax-Pickering.

  10. Craig Chamberlain says:

    How about some creative election polling from our pollsters for a change — Start with “Which party leader do you most expect to burn an important bridge during this election?”

  11. Middleclassfamily says:

    This picture needs a caption ASAP.


    • Craig Chamberlain says:

      “Note to Campaign HQ: Unfriend little Susie Barkelsworth IMMEDIATELY!”

    • Craig Chamberlain says:

      Just to take us to 50+ comments…

      “Little Susie B. moments after campaign organizers ask her to leave, having discovered a photo of Ignatieff on her neighbour’s second cousin’s ex’s FaceBook account. That, and the overly pink(O) My Little Pony discovered in her car seat.”

  12. Sithe r john eh says:

    dont know the pres name, but do know that liberal party appears to be attracting white supremists and anti chick candidates! Thats a team i’d like to c in ottawa

  13. James Curran says:

    Do you want me to eplain to these fine folks why this guy should just shut his pie hole?

  14. jack says:

    Speaking of polling…I am being called every night. If their data is relaibale and their samples random that should not be happening.

    Plus, they don’t call cell phones. If they do, then they risk calliong people with cell phones and land lines twice for the same question. many people I know do not have land lines any more. How can their sample be representative if they are missing millions of potential sample points. they have to assume that all those people would answer in the same percenatge but is that true?

    Anyone know how they justify old sampling techniques when combined with the new reality of the digital and cell phone age?

    • Name-sake says:

      Ekos does include cell phones, which is one reason why I think they’re better than the rest now.

      I don’t know if they have a screening q — have you already been polled by us this week on this — but, now that you mention it, hope that they do.

      Your being called every night could be due to: 1) if you’re on the list to be called in a particular run, they’ll KEEP calling until you answer or refuse… anywhere between 4 & 12 tries, depending on the company (more, if it’s a mandatory StatCan survey!); 2) there are LOTS & LOTS of pollsters now, and by luck of the draw, you’re being called by all of ’em!

      • smelter rat says:

        Uh huh. And just how do they obtain those cellphone numbers?

        • Namesake says:

          They’re randomly generated, same as with conventional random-sampling CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) landline polls, which means they get a lot of “not in service” & fax no’s (for the landlines), too.

          Graves has a table in his March 29 discussion paper showing how many duds that yields on a typical survey: at least a quarter of their calls are invalid numbers, & that’s just for the landlines; they made 60,000 calls to get under 2,000 completions.

  15. “Raise your hand if you have your back ground check with you.”

  16. Jay-TO says:

    2. A vote for the LPC = Higher taxes.

    I still don’t get this. My income tax went up immediately after Harper got elected. Now my take home is again less due to increased payroll taxes like EI. GST doesn’t even register as savings since making under 60,000, I tend to buy just necessities. I have no need for speed boats, ski doos, extra cars, summer cottages, $500 hotel stays, Spas. On those you’d see savings.

    Hmmm. Who exactly are getting all the breaks under Harper? It won’t be couples who income split. The ones I know who need it actually just bring in 50000 between them so its eligible. Sounds like another tax break for the over $100,000 crowd yet again. Hope they enjoy it, its got a cost. Its another step toward civil unrest.

  17. John says:

    A BC’er requested that Alfie Apps stay off TV in May..

    Alfie looks like he is channeling Jack Nicholson in “A few Good men” — ” Your damn right I raised taxes”
    Interesting to see if he is on any more TV. I suspect an over sized Ego is Alfie’s problem.
    Ignatieff is doing great — shut up Alf Apps.

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