04.20.2011 10:38 PM

Sun News, April 20: Lilley jumps the shark

My first Sun News thing that I’ve seen, and it was a doozy.

I admonish Brian for making stuff up about the Liberal platform. He looks suitably chastened.


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    Michael Watkins says:

    No doubt there is value derived from jumping into the lion’s den as you do, but eeeww… do you have to shower afterwards? #icky.

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    Maybe you could go down to Queen Street and buy him a second-hand leather jacket, just so he’s one with the Fonz.

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    kitt says:

    Nobody but Reformatoreis can stand to watch this crapola. Looks like you may not have a job there for long…

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    R says:

    Best method of interview and best judgment to public and best answer come

    that both parties write the questions and answer before they appear on tv
    then just come and pick short form of it

    like civil court you put motion and some one answer motion and judge may read brief of both
    then when they come for talk both are more prepare for it
    on tv if they ask you question you do not or not prepare right answer then wast time and this is not interview to find
    some answer really just take some time on air with not solution to it.

    not clear interview

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    Patrick Hamilton says:

    Methinks the Sun TV byline was a tad premature…..http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/978054–pro-life-backers-shaped-tory-decision-to-defund-planned-parenthood

    Id like to take this opportunity(with Mr. Kinsella’s blessing of course) to thank MP Brad Trost for almost singlehandedly ensuring Mr. Harper and his ilk dont achieve their much sought after majority.

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    Tceh says:

    Hahahahahaha Is Lilley real? What a clown. I didn’t realize SunTV was a comedy network.

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    R says:

    The question is

    Obama studied in Harvard university
    Ignatieff was professor of Harvard unviersity
    that US army said they go and ask Harvard university about war and human right link

    Ignatieff left harvard and continue work in Human right in Univeristy of Toronto

    is this normal in harsh time people ask smart people to give them some solution

    is the date on table of scientist or human right and is what army said to professor was full true question to get full true answer

    even judge can made mistake if data before him or her is not complete and based data given he or she can made judgment

    if data is not correct then judgment and direction is incorrect

    now over 50 years pass if Russia and US intellegent are understand how to deal with Muslim people in different culture
    well and understand their cultuer they never went to go that long war time
    therefore this is not only ignatieff so many peopel made mistake during war
    not because Sadam was best person because still so many civilan are dying in Iraq with or wihtout old rejim
    because corruption and damge in mental in finacial and other thing is huge take a magic soltion

    how to resolve middel east is study of short and long term solution
    in short term people need food and minimum basic and security and safty in long term need ethic and judgment and back to normal base

    damage Sadam brought to Iraq is huge and not going to wipe within a day or two.

    is war is blind in general
    is war is solution to any problems
    is war alwasy target civilan first

    question of war and how to manage change is issue

    long story about Iraq still is issue of security there
    when peopel able to communicate with words not by guns force
    able to reduce their hate toward each other and has conscicous to care about other human right
    that time we do not need any war to get right of normal for living

    in regular judge room one over one goes on trial
    on war who pick to die for freedom is unfair method of justice is in general
    when you bomb some one who do you pick to kill nobody knows blindly kill each other why?
    let bother few to free the rest taht is not always solution never was be
    therefore soon war must be stopped as solution to change politic and get freedom of right to begin with

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    Namesake says:

    Lilley’s beyond the pale. I was appalled at how he manufactured the “Tamil “refugees” are going on vacations” stories this summer, and his continuing vendetta against the CBC. (Where’d Peter’s chair get to… huh, huh?)

    On this Iraq story, one other journo, Glen McGregor, also took him to task yesterday for how sloppy, lazy, and misleading his ‘scoop’ was;

    for one thing, a whole bunch of humanitarian org’s were also involved with the Carr Center in “planning the war,” as far as that goes (i.e., by brainstorming on how to minimize civilian casualties) — many, many months before the invasion actually happened, as the blogger Kyle Hutton points out* — including:

    Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights, Refugees International and Medecins sans frontier.


    * http://blunt-objects.blogspot.com/2011/04/brian-lilley-is-giant-idiot.html

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    Judging from the latest Ekos poll, and one due out tomorrow from Crop that will confirm the numbers, I’d suggest the Liberals are in very serious trouble.

    I certainly wouldn’t have predicted this!

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    MCBellecourt says:

    You’ve probably already seen this, Mr. K., but Lilley’s story has been debunked under no uncertain terms by the Ottawa Citizen’s 2011 Federal Election Notebook. For all readers, here is the link.


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    MontrealElite says:

    Here’s your photo for today. Has a good caption already but oh the possibilities!


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    fritz says:

    Robin Sears has pointed out, on a number of occasions, that the Tory war roomers are good day to day tacticians but incredibly bad campaign strategists.

    For example expelling people from campaign events may insure you get no unintended questions or heckling at the events, a good tactic for that event; but it plays right into the hands of those that say Harper is controlling and anti-democratic; a very bad strategy.

    The discussion above is a very good example of this philosophy. Discussing Ignatieff’s minimal support for the Iraq war, a good short term tactic, only makes people remember how pro Iraq war the Tories & Harper were at the time; a very bad overall strategy.

    As well discussing the Vancouver needle exchange program will only remind voters that a renowned medical journal has just called that program a huge success and the the Harper Tories have attempted to end the program since it’s inception. This is good fodder for their right wing base and SunTV but wins them few votes from the undecideds and centrists Liberals. It’s a poor strategy

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    Sithe r john eh says:

    CROP POLL NDP in Quebec the new liberals…dalton’s next

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    Cat says:

    Looks like today is going to be ALL ABOUT JACK. Leading in Quebec. Ignatieff’s boys have been fighting the front war when the true battle has crept up on him from behind. Good on Jack. He’s run a good campaign thus far.

    So Warren any thoughts on the half-hour “Rise-Up Iggy Easter Sunday” Special?? Good strategy or blowing what money the party has left and crossing their fingers?

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    Cat says:

    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/adam-radwanski/how-ignatieff-fell-into-a-tory-trap/article1993951/ – I kind of agree with radwanski

    re: your spot on Byline was very good. Lilley was baiting buy you weren’t biting. Let us know if he follows through on providing you with those links?

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    bruce the painter says:

    It’s strange isn’t it that they are whining about Iggy’s influence in the good ol’ US of A. Harper would have creamed his jeans if a US General drooped HIS name during a press conference. Also I was going to ask if Bryan Lilley went to journalism school anywhere, but after watching that interview I’m wondering if he even went to high school. What a clown. The best line is where he condescendingly says “I’ll post the links and let YOU figure it out” Classic! Why hasnt this genius been recruited by CNN yet?

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    Lance says:

    This is going to sound passing strange, but that is a pretty dapper suit you have there, lol.

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    Kevin says:

    Sorry, Warren. Got to the part about strapping crying babies into carseats, and had to stop watching that lunatic.

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    nic coivert says:

    What a load! Diaper change.

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    Tucco says:

    Warren, good for you standing up to this moron. Lilley is an embarrassment. Nice to know we have our very own Glen Beck at Sun News.

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    Jan says:

    To the Con devottees everything is a sign othe impending Con majority.

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    Michael Watkins says:

    I still can’t believe David Akin willingly is partner to the sorry spectacle at Sun News.

    What incriminating photos must they have of him?

    Lilley is a caricature… if you close your eyes and just listen, often during yesterday’s segment with Warren Lilley sounded like a male counter part to 22 Minutes’ Cathy Jones doing a Nancy Grace parody — only Lilley isn’t funny.

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    pomo says:

    So again I am asking…What about the no abortion/no equal marriage/ death penalty stuff.

    I know I know..it will never happen. I don’t care anymore whether you think it will happen or not. I have heard the answer to that question already.

    What will CONSERVATIVES do, how will they feel, if it DOES happen. Please don’t tell me that the rest of us will simply kick them to the curb and undo it all. That’s an answer to a different question. I know what the rest of us will do. I want to know how conservatives in general will feel about these kinds of changes.

    Here is why I want to know:


    And yet, I keep hearing that the CPoC doesn’t want to do anything with abortion or equal marriage or the death penalty because these things have been discussed and put to bed.

    Clearly Soudas is deflecting, denying the position of Trost is held by the CPoC. That’s predictable. Don’t tell me it means much given the Montreal Port authority fiasco.

    Despite these denials, Trost, a conservative incumbent, is saying pretty clearly that an anti-abortion group successfully influenced a government plan to deny funding to planned parenthood. He holds this up as an accomplishment of social conservatism and connects that directly to the conservative government. This is an organization internationally known for providing sexual and reproductive health services world wide. So this tells me that while the conservatives may not have explicitly made plans to limit or outright deny access to abortion in this country in the event of a majority, there are policy decisions being made to undermine that access either here or elsewhere as a result of socially conservative values. During a minority government. Reminds me of Kairos.

    So, again: My question is, how will conservatives who believe that their party will not take steps against: access to abortion/ equal marriage/ re-instituting the death penalty feel about a Harper majority that makes policy decisions that promote at least one of these very things. Let’s say two since we also know they were polling about the death penalty not too long ago…

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    Darren K says:

    Why Warren would you lend your good name and reputation to something like this interview with Bryan Lilly. Who is this hack? Until watching this false news story, I’ve never heard of him. All he seems to be capable of is CREATING false news. That’s my one and only time I will give SUN TV any credibility by watching them.

    Find another station. You can’t seriously work with these hacks.

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    FiscalTim says:

    Warren is the Juan Williams/Alan Colmes of Sun TV.

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    R says:


    Only one person tell the truth about economics fixing in Canada

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