04.10.2011 09:56 AM

The Hudak-Hillier PC “death wish”

When Chris Blizzard says the Ontario PCs are in deep trouble, they are.

They are falling apart. And it’s going to get a lot worse.


  1. Tim says:

    Warren, one related thing I have noticed is just how much of whiner Hudak and his gal pal Lisa Macleod are. In fact Hudak by now has to rank up with Stockwell Day in 2000 in terms of excessive whining. They complain about everything and everyone being unfair yet in the case of the Sterling nomination when they have an opportunity to do something they flinch. Hudak and his minions seem to complain constantly how the unions are “unfair”, the media is “unfair”, the Working Families Coalition is “unfair”, the teachers are “unfair”, the nurses are “unfair” etc. Hudak has no ability to take a punch.

  2. Greg says:

    “Fair” will be legislatively redefined if Hudak wins.
    We do not need Harris Lite.

  3. Mike London says:

    I hope this won’t hurt Rocco Rossi’s chances in E-L. 🙂

    • Mike says:

      He coulda fooled me. Maybe what we need is a kinda “flight simulator” to use as a test bed for political candidates — you know what I mean? Feed in some life experience stuff, some historical quotes, some behavioural indicators — then voila: a test drive to see if she/he is the real thing.

  4. r says:

    kathy sheidle five feet of fury is bitch and her husband is son of bitch
    anybody who support financially to these two are jack… asss

    look f***kkkkking head jason kenney try to put in
    freedom of relgion
    of first amendment to talk all bullshit about muslim again




    f&&&&king Kathy Sheidle and Kate McMillan and all suporters

    nobody should support Conservative racist ass or vote for them

  5. wassup says:

    As a resident of Kanata, I live in the only urban part of the riding. Kanata is a major high tech town, full of new immigrants who are welcomed into the diverse community. Churches like Kanata United Church were among the first in Canada to approve equal-marriage policies.

    Turns out our “little” urban part is now 75% of the riding population and even True Blue voters like me are appalled with this MacLaren Luddite. He won the nomination because the few thousand rural residents of the riding showed up “en-mass” at the nominating meeting.

    Most of us from Kanata were too busy working and just didn’t attend. If “Who-Dat” doesn’t overturn this nomination, he will lose “Kanata”-Carleton-Mississippi Mills in October. If people like me will end up voting for McGunity.

    • Mike says:

      Don’t know a lot about the region, sadly, but everyone I’ve met there has been real down-to-earth. Most of the people I encountered “back in the day” from places close to you, like Kemptville were small “c” conservative duck hunters who crossed the river to Quebec for game. A lot of them had anglicized Quebecois names. Anyway, back then, I thought it a kind of anchor – rural folk preserving their rural traditions. Urbanity could be viewed as an invasion by those landowners who might have a strong motivation to preserve their way of life. Let me go too far and suggest that the Quebec separatist phenomenon might simply be a rebellion against those same forces. I, personally, am torn. I condemn the simplistic scapegoating evident in this conflict, yet I empathize with the sense of loss the older folks surely experience. Too bad that it mutates from regret to rabid anger. If you have another perspective, sharing it would help me clarify this path I’m on.

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