04.25.2011 10:43 PM

The motherlode

There’s bunker-buster, and then there’s this – majority-buster!


  1. Cow says:

    I will never, ever cease to be amazed at the Tories’ infinite capacity to shoot themselves in the foot every time that majority gets within reach.

    It’s Charlie Brown and the football, played out over and over.

  2. WesternGrit says:

    Wow. Like you said earlier today… “Holy Shit. La merde!”

  3. Cathie from Canada says:

    Couldn’t get it to download — can you describe it?

  4. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Ah yes, all there in black and white for the whole nation to view…….many thanks, Mr. Flanagan……


  5. Thomas says:

    That’s a lot of junk. What with Wills and Kate’s first marriage coming up, will anybody pay any attention to what Harper thinks of poor people, or anybody that is not him.

  6. jack says:

    It’s obvious that harper knew these quotes were coming. today he shifted into full health care protection mode knowing full well his quotes were coming. His tactic is to ne supremely confident and demonstrate that its what he says now that matters.

    Not a bad tactic. Will people see.through it? It does look to me like.his pollsters ate.giving him a positive message but these quotes have him a bit on the defense.

    Harper views on health care are what’s in his many quotes. He just changed his message to what people want.to hear, for now.

  7. Leon Brule says:

    I am of the opinion it will have an opposite effect. The quotes are old and most Canadians are already familar with Harper’s past musings. I think this will be viewed as a desperate attempt by Liberal Party of Canada to smear Harper. It’ll backfire.

    • Ted says:

      How are Harper’s own quotations, compiled by Conservatives, leaked by a Conservative, a “smear”, let alone a “smear” by the Liberals?

  8. MCBellecourt says:

    I’m not sure if my first comment got thru or not, but just in case, thank you for this, Mr. K. Lots of reading *gasp*, bu-u-u-t, most worthwhile.

    Anyway, I thought I’d put this up. Dawna Friesen did an interview with Harper here, and she didn’t softpeddle (love that lady!). Note Harper’s body language. Fidgeting like he just messed himself.

    I don’t know a lot about the Cons’ internal polling, but they must be saying something other than what we plebes are being spoon-fed.

    This might turn out to be one humdinger of a week!

    Enjoy the vid, and best regards–MCB


  9. Tiger says:

    Well, if these don’t have an impact, the campaigns of 2004, 2006, and 2008 have given Harper a coating of Teflon.

  10. Craig Chamberlain says:

    Clearly, Mr. Harper is an very angry man. He should be an angry lobbiest, not Prime Minister.

    And I will ask again if the Tories of Clark et Charest et al are content to be owned by Mr. Harper.

  11. I’ve extracted a bunch of quotes from part three here:


    Some are really quite catchy; most were chosen or edited down to fit the #harperquotes twitter stream. Still, in 140 characters or less I think folks get the picture if they haven’t already.

    Some quotes seem to be missing, too.

    • Patrick Hamilton says:

      Definately the highlights, Mr. Watkins…..or should that be the lowlights?……much of it is disgraceful…….Thanks for posting…….

      Seems Lois J has herself in a pickle in Van South……I adore Lois, but I am engaging in a bit of schadenfreude about now……

      • Lois is solid people for sure. I’m a big fan too, but from quite a distance now as I guess you too can appreciate why.

        Vancouver-South is going to be one interesting race on e-day. The NDP has a very solid candidate running there, someone for the first time in eons has real appeal across cultural communities and is fluently multi-lingual. How things shake out with the NDP’s Wong stealing votes from Young and Dosanjh will make this riding one to watch.

        • Patrick Hamilton says:

          Just curious, when did you leave the party?….I had such great hopes intially…thinking that with all the reforms(no pun intended) our party had made…..that we would simply carry on in the same fashion with the merged party….I helped disband a party that for the most part, had become the most democratic, open, accessible, transparent, modern,(due in no small part to Lois) and tolerant party out there, and I helped flush it down the toilet….How naive I was….and I kick myself for being so gullible….I also miss the cameraderie, the esprit de corps that we had when the whole world it seemed to be against us….I’ll go cry in my beer now….LOL

  12. fritz says:

    I ran that Ekos poll through the fairvote vote calculator (the one the Sun used to predict 200+ seats for Harper based on the Ipsos/Reid poll) and had this result.
    Cons – 130
    Libs – 82
    NDP – 91
    BQ – 3
    Green – 0
    It doesn’t mean anything, but does show there is a lot of volatility out there.

    This article by Elly Albium makes some interesting points re the NDP surge and what it could mean on May 2nd.

  13. Dude Love says:

    It’s a little too late. The quotes are public record and have been available online from various different sources. People are not going to sit down and read these during the week.

    • The Doctor says:

      Nonsense. This is the long-awaited game-changer.

      Just like the previous 50 or so long-awaited game-changers . . . except different . . .

  14. artwilliams says:

    Warren, that’s wishful thinking. There are no new quotes here. The Liberals and the NDP have them. The best ones have already been used. I don’t even recall this making the front page of the Globe and Mail today.

    The real story is the rise of the NDP and the uncharted territory that puts us in. Harper is still likely to win the most seats but who, when the dust settles, is ultimately PM is where the real story lies. Having said that, let’s wait for a few more days of Nanos before jumping to conclusions.

  15. Pedro says:

    No, Gord.
    What is odd however, is that the Liberals have abandoned hope in Southwestern Ontario and Windsor.
    This region has a long tradition of Liberalism that includes Whelan, Gray, MacGuiggan and a great Liberal by the name of Paul Martin Sr.
    Who’da thunk blue Conservatives would out poll Liberals in that region someday.
    Liberals of today I introduce you to a clue.
    Use it.

    • Pedro says:

      I wish to add…
      I grew up in Windsor when the Liberal machine was a behemoth.
      Watching Harper’s campaign event I was struck by the fact that in those days, you couldn’t PAY ten people to attend a Conservative campaign rally.
      Something is going on in Liberaldom and it is not good
      A great seafaring nation has a saying – “The fish rots from the head down.”

  16. Nastyboy says:

    Oh goody…. another “game changer”!!!!!!


  17. wassup says:

    Hate to burst your bubble, but no one cares. I don’t know why, but I know it’s not going to be news this week.

    Every time you Liberanos read one of these quotes at a press conference you are going to remind voters why they kicked the Liberals to the curb. Your party had become a party associated (rightly or wrongly) with sleaze, and the last thing you should be doing is reminding the Timmie Nation of that fact.

    • Patrick Hamilton says:

      Cons take sleaze to a newer and higher level…..I always expected a bit from the Liberals……but your party always claimed they would do things differently, Reformers and all….one thing I learned in my short association with your party is: Scratch a Reformer, and you’ll find a hypocrite every time…..Id love to really see who got all the work in Mr. Clements riding……

  18. msgjp says:

    No one cares? You mean, you don’t care and no matter what the Cons say and do (even if you didn’t agree with it), they will get your vote. As for Timmie Nation I might just have to stop going to Tim Horton’s.

  19. Namesake says:

    Well, no one should expect it to change a Harper cultist’s mind. But here’s who SHOULD read through it:

    – Quebeckers, to see how much hostility he has towards the French language, and recognizing it as a distinct society, and in the various concessions they’ve allegedly received over the years, and thus how duplicitous he is in what he’s said and done to or about them, since. (These parts should be translated, ASAP)

    – the friends and supporters of his former colleagues in the Reform and Alliance Parties, to see how much contempt he expressed for them after he left the fold for a few years.

    – any Liberals, undecided, or soft-CPC supporters who doubted what the Libs have been saying over the past week, that Harper does not believe that the Canada Health Act should be maintained (he clearly wants a multi-tiered system with a variety of user-pay and additional private insurance and for-profit service provider options)

    – Red Tories, to see what he really thinks of them, and how he didn’t think there could truly be a merger (and thus why it really was a takeover), and how it’s not just the Liberal Party he opposes (whom he acknowledges he’s really not that far from on most economic issues), but how he wants to dismantle all the progressive measures they’d introduced via things like Human Rights Commissions and Court Challenges.

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