04.09.2011 09:17 AM


Bit of ee cummings, there. Spring has sprung in TeeDot.

I’ll do KCCCC later. Me and son have some basketball and road hockey to play.

Get outside!


  1. dave says:

    Yr kids can wait.

  2. Sean says:

    Chicken! As soon as I hit “submit comment”, Bruce Carson parked in my driveway, driving a Brinks truck.

  3. Hear, Hear! Today we should all vote Existentialist and get outside, guilt-free. The polls & pols can wait.

  4. MontrealElite says:

    Larry Smith, nowhere man!

    En effet, M. Scarpaleggia recueille 46% des intentions de vote après une répartition proportionnelle des 13% d’indécis, soit 20 points de pourcentage d’avance sur M. Smith (26%).

    «À l’évidence, la candidature de M. Smith n’a pas eu d’impact. Les gens n’ont pas porté attention à sa candidature. Comme en 2008, les conservateurs votent conservateur et les libéraux votent libéral, peu importe le candidat», a dit M. Rivest.


  5. Malcolm Barry says:

    Enjoy the weekend and we will await the change in the numbers near the end of the week and many suspect they will rise for the Liberals and Mr. Ignatieff. I can visualize the tory press releases attempting to spin and explain why Mr. Harper was not at his best and unable to explain his Government Actions during his last term in Office.

    • The Doctor says:

      I notice you didn’t mention that fella named Jack Layton. IMHO, THAT is the real story of the campaign so far: the swan dive in NDP support, the fact that the NDP are not making any penetration in the news cycle, etc. And that in turn is why the LPC numbers are looking as decent as they are. The NDP has not figured out how to repel Ignatieff & Co.’s rather obvious attempt to eat the NDP’s lunch. This was predicted some time ago by Liberal strategists — their game plan was to polarize this into a 2-way race in the minds of voters, and it looks like it’s working swimmingly. The polls suggest that CPC support is actually holding steady, so the LPC isn’t stealing CPC votes, it’s stealing NDP and Green votes big-time.

  6. Canadian Kate says:

    I’ve cleaned out the car, my husband got the bikes out and ready to ride, we biked 2.75 miles, walked 2 miles and set up the church for tomorrow’s big event. Plus there are two loads of laundry on the line.

    I’ve made the most of the great weather today.

    You owe me a KCCCC now or else I’ll start whining about another broken Liberal promise.

  7. que sera sera says:

    Sure, Warren, take a day off and see what happens!!!

    “Ignatieff at odds with party over Tories’ religious freedom proposals”

  8. wannabeapiper says:

    On my way to the lakehouse/cottage/cabin/shack to see if the ice is off the Lake and get the ship ready for launching.

  9. MCBellecourt says:

    We had some great weather out my way last week, but we’re due for winter’s last gasp tonight and tomorrow, and it’s a bit chilly today, so…I think I’m going to either work on some tunes or restyle a piece of clothing or two (I do a lot of sewing). Maybe both.

    I’ve actually got some time on my hands! 🙂

    My ‘puter needs some maintenance work, too.

  10. Paul R Martin says:

    A great day to goof off. Does anyone out there know why Layton decided to participate in an election? It looks like he will be the big loser.

    • The Doctor says:

      Yup. That decision to bring down the govt is looking like a smart one by the Liberals and a dumb one by Layton, politically speaking — unless, of course, Layton gets the consolation prize of holding the balance of power — which is a nice consolation prize.

  11. Craig Chamberlain says:

    The alternative was to support Harper and lose his base for caving.

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