04.12.2011 06:49 PM

“You stiffed Parliament, Mr. Harper”

Kicked his ass, there. Harper still isn’t sweating, however.

“This isn’t bickering. This is democracy.” Iggy kicks ass, there, again. As close a defining moment as we’ll get tonight, I suspect.

Layton looks idiotic with this “Ottawa is broken” meme. Harper regains composure. Uses his FM radio news reader voice. Go back to sleeeeep, Canada….


  1. Ron says:

    wk best part I saw of Iggy was when he and jack spoke
    he really let his passion show through
    he needs to do that more

  2. Ron says:

    hand on hip
    not a good pose for Michael
    makes him look stand offish

  3. Ginger says:

    Really liked Iggy’s response about the coalition (despite my being for it) with his respect and willingness to work and respect the other parties and leaders. Really thought that was a great response and I’m not a big fan usually.

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