05.17.2011 02:57 PM

Email of the year

Just received, from a well-known Lib who shall remain nameless:

“Anyone notice that al-Qaeda named an interim leader faster than us?”


  1. Mike says:

    Mr. Kinsella I’ve recently started visiting your page. Your posts and the comments to them are interesting and educational. This made me laugh so hard I cried. Thanks!

  2. ChrisInOtt says:

    To be fair, al-Qaeda hasn’t been around for nearly 150 years. It hasn’t collected decades of bureaucratic stagnancy, and isn’t threatened by such a top-heavy barrier in responding rapidly to change.

    • JH says:

      The drastic removal process for their various leaders might be a little hard to take though. At least for the average Canadian stomach.

  3. Off-topic, but:

    While I’m not a Liberal Party supporter, I am a new Warren Kinsella fan. I love reading your material, good sir. Please keep it up!

  4. michael hale says:

    Yeah, but al Qaeda only selects vain, self-destructive ego maniacs for leaders. Oh wait…

  5. Marc says:

    Sadly, there are probably more al-Qaeda supporters these days too…

  6. bigcitylib says:

    Al Qaeda leaders actually have less to worry about, knife-in-the-back-wise.

  7. R says:

    Defintly muslim lost because as soon as May 2, 2011 finished we saw how many guest are welcome freely in this soil to
    talk Islamphobia and
    as we heard Wilder said ban Quran ban Muslim immigrant and ban Muslim school ban all Muslim culture and return all Muslim criminla back home
    and every body clap for this racist nuts from Holland even give them 10 security guard and big hotel to let him talk all BS here

    may be Islamphobia talk also has profit per vote for conservative they won $11 million dollar and anybody can do for that much money anything their boss asked them to say against muslim now


  8. Gillian Channen says:

    Al-Qaeda might consider themselves to have more pressing plans requiring an interim leader than the Liberal Party has.

  9. R says:

    If liberal gain more profit per total of vote as ” ris up … rise up” then still Liberal won big money out of this election as well

    win win for every body but Not for public yet

    Votes for Five Major Parties, 2006 & 2008

    vote 2011 900,000 5,857,867 600,000 3,236,827 4,910,503 15,789,400
    Votes 2008 1,379,991 5,209,069 937,613 3,644,185 2,515,288 13,686,146
    Votes 2006 1,553,201 5,374,071 664,068 4,479,415 2,589,597 14,660,352
    Difference -173,210 -165,002 273,545 -835,230 -74,309 -974,206

    By review above number Liberal did not lost too many of votes from 2008 but also
    NDP gain vots more in high numbers gain twice of vote compare with 2008
    and conservative steal vote from liberal and Bloc and Green in total of 600,000 votes
    but conservative ignore NDP rise up

    from money point of view Igniteff not lost too much of MONEY before he left in two years since 2008 but also he cash this money
    because he knew Harper plan to cut $2/vote soon and he give final shot to gain profit back to liberal
    I am sure iggy left with big money in his suitcase and has easier job in UofT and Liberla need shak up to adopt or not lead dionasor time


  10. student501 says:

    Indeed, Al-Qaeda did find an interim leader faster, however the Al-Qaeda leadership position has “terminal” drawbacks.

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