05.13.2011 06:52 AM

Face to Face: I won’t lie down

We went to see Face to Face at the Phoenix after last night’s SFH show – and, my God, it was incredible.  The place was packed (overpacked, in fact).  Must have been well over a thousand punks in a space that could barely accomodate that.  And they were just amazing – and the Toronto crowd was just crazy.  “You guys are animals,” said Trever Keith, as dozens of punks stage dived (and more).

It was one of the best shows we’ve seen in ages.  Looked a lot like this vid, but crazier.


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    Mike says:

    I was there…Face to Face rocked it! Tuesday for Laugh Now…Laugh Later!

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    Patrick Hamilton says:

    Never was a fun of punk particularly, but I admire musicians who can play their own instruments, sing with out the use of autotune, and have stage presence without the need for background dancers shaking their booties gratuitously over the stage, or a plethora of muti-coloured lasers…..kaff, Bieber, kaff….

    Just one question Mr. Kinsella, when did you hit the mosh pit?….

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