05.19.2011 08:21 AM

Good catch by the Star

…and I’m confident Deb will fix it, too. She fixed the wagons of the Big Pharmacies, but good.

That said, good reporting by the Star.


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    wassup says:

    The wagons may be circled, but the horse has most certainly left the barn.

    As bad as WhoDat may be, McDaddy’s team has obviously lost complete control of the bureaucracies they created. They really believe public service, not the risky private sector, should be the preferred career path to becoming a multi-millionaire in our society.

    I am amazed everyday by this government. I simply don’t understand.

    I lived in McDady’s Ottawa South Riding for years. As a Franco-Ontarian, he and his family were certainly not rich. They seemed to work hard, his small-town like Law Office was nothing fancy.

    How did he become the guy who drive this province to the fiscal cliff?

    What is it in his character that makes him so want to be liked that he would allow Public Sector Police & Labour Union Bosses to so dominate him that Ontario finds itself in a world where up is down, private sector workers exist to pay their public “servant” masters lavish vacations, perks, and pensions?

    War-Man. I know these guys are paying you. I know it’s your job to support them. I know WhoDat is jack-hole. But for the good of Ontario, take a vacation this fall. Find some hopeless federal party in need of a lift. Learn to golf. It’s long past time to cut off the money, McDaddy is in need of a serious Intervention.

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    oakvillevoter says:

    I would think that the million plus individuals & their families who are paid by the Ontario government will support the Ontario Liberal party in the fall. It is unlikely that a conservative government would be as friendly to labor unions. This base of support should allow McGuinty to win a minority government. Of course, it is possible that civil servants will vote against the Liberals anyway because they want a change.

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