05.01.2011 08:09 PM

Intel, not so intelligent

“Chretien-era Liberal insider and Toronto political consultant Warren Kinsella (whose mockery of then-Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day in the 2000 federal election was partly credited for a Liberal victory) will reportedly return to run the Liberal War Room in the next election.”


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    AndrewOpala says:


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    Thomas says:

    Alfred Apps, why did he leak the leaky-Layton story? One of the mysteries of Election 2011.

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      Paul R Martin says:

      After reading the Toronto Star story about the leak, I have to assume that it was probably a Liberal who leaked the story.

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        Namesake says:

        Oh, that’s what some people want people to think, alright, but I don’t see it as the most likely scenario, at all.

        Here’s MY question on this.

        This is primarily a Toronto story, no? (TO city councillor; he and his councillor wife had both been on the TO police board and/or had something to do with their funding; this incident took place in TO).

        And as the story (esp. the video v.) and our host’s testimony make clear, this story has been kicking around for years. Cops talk, to each other, about stuff like this, at their watering holes, and reporters talk, to cops, off the record, about stuff like this. Esp. tabloid type reporters, looking for dirt.

        And who’s run a tabloid in TO since November 1, 1971? And a cable-TV station since 2005?

        Gee, none other than Sun Media.

        So, my q. is? Why would they need ANY official party (all 3 others of whom are likely suspects from the most-to-lose pt. of view, BTW) to “leak” it to them, allegedly just last week?

        Why wouldn’t they have heard of this, oh, I don’t know, 15 years ago?! Didn’t they have a crime beat reporter then? Did he ever leave his desk?

        Or at the very least, why wouldn’t they have been one of the ones this undocumented story was ‘shopped’ to three years ago (under Dion’s tenure as LOO, BTW: it was just before the 2008 election: http://twitter.com/#!/jonkay/status/64679615037313024 )?

        So it’s entirely possible, as someone suggested in another thread here a few days ago, that:

        – Sun either kept it in their back pocket for a rainy day (which seeing a ‘socialist’ so close the the PM’s office may qualify as, in their books; or seeing their new network’s launch badly in need of better ratings); or,

        – someone with some institutional memory within their organization remembered the story they’d passed on (as too much work to actually, you know, follow up on, instead of just publishing someone else’s brown envelope release) decided it WAS worth it now, and called up their reporter themselves; or,

        – someone within the City’s vast law enforcement community thought, “I can’t believe they haven’t run this story, yet, which everyone’s known about for 15 years” and called up their crime reporter, who, said, “Um, gee, I’m new hear… that’s news to me. Great! Let me look into it….”

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    fritz says:

    WK: Are you planning to give us your seat prediction for tomorrow?

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    FiscalTim says:

    Chretien is the most over-rated political figure in Canadian history. Facing Mulroney’s record and later a divided right is like winning the lottery.

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      Domenico says:

      Chretien was the most underrated political figure in Canadian history. Back to back to back majorities folks. And Cons are always running against a divided left.

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    coki says:

    Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value

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