05.18.2011 06:24 AM

McGuinty and Israel

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, who spoke last week at the Wolfond Centre for Jewish Life as part of a political speaker series aimed at young Jewish professionals, said that part of his plan to build a stronger Ontario is to work with Israel.

McGuinty presented his plan for jobs and growth, health care, education, electricity and tax reform to about 100 people at the event organized by UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.

No doubt catering to his mostly Jewish audience, McGuinty  began by acknowledging Ontario’s Jewish population of more than 200,000 as a community that is committed to “shared success.”



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    Mandos says:

    Oh? And how does he plan to make sure that the proceeds from his expanded trade won’t go into illegal settlement construction? Did he visit any of the special West Bank roads on which Palestinians cannot drive? I see that he did not visit Hebron.

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      The other George says:

      Mandos, I am in complete agreement.

      Actually, if McGuinty wanted to do something useful, he should go to the Turkish community and tell them he will seek prosecution for those that committed international crimes on the Mavi Mara.

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