05.02.2011 09:17 PM

On Sun News set…

…and I don’t see how the Cons can’t get a majority.


  1. AmandaM says:

    Bloody hell.

    The only solace for me is October, 2011.

  2. wannabeapiper says:

    Man it looks like it and Minna is down about 600 votes right now…………..

  3. Philippe says:

    Merged party would have kicked Harper’s ass all the way to the moon. Sad.

  4. JenS says:

    And if you look at the numbers, the split on the left is just so incredibly obvious.

  5. Michael S says:

    Getting booted by Iggy’s people doesn’t seem so bad now, no?

  6. Philippe says:

    The silver lining is that there’s NO WAY they’re not merging after this vote-split death… they would be stupider than stupid not to (both dippers and Libs).

    • Alfred E. Newman says:

      Why would the dippers be interested?

      • Michael S says:


      • Philippe says:

        Because even their newly elected fringe candidates are smart enough to realize it’s the only way they’ll ever have a shot at beating the Cons. This is going to become a 2-party nation like the US.

      • Alfred E. Newman says:

        If it does happen you’ll be merging on the NDP’s terms … and Layton will be the leader. Libs are better off rebuilding and going it alone.

    • Phil in London says:

      I don’t know when you folks joined the Liberal party but when I was still a member the NDP were a radical left wing party and we occupied the center. Somehow you fools forget your roots. Going to the left is exactly what is killing you. You’ve abandoned the center and the Conservatives have taken it with no challenge. I can’t see why you have any reason to think the Dippers want you now.

  7. David says:

    The fat lady has not sung yet; but I’d say the stage is set for it :/

  8. AmandaM says:

    Patriot Panel? Really. Heh.

  9. Massimo Savino says:

    Oh God.

  10. brock says:

    globaltv predicts con majority

  11. Slothrop says:

    Good job, Liberals. At least this time, the Con-Lib coalition is explicit.

  12. Ron says:

    Quick get the defriblator out
    JStanton, Namesake and Fritz need their hearts started

    Having fun with you guys

    And even I am inpressed with what Jack has done…Wow

    • JStanton says:

      ho ho ho. Even the rednecks I spent the evening with feel trepidation at the results. Although I did just receive a phone call that consisted only of wild laughter.

      gord is going to be even more of an unbearable dick. Just like Mr. Harper.

      What does this say about Liberals though, who voted for Mr. Harper, despite his contempt for and undermining of our institutions?

      Or the LPC, that have been Mr. Harper’s enablers for so many years?

      Well, I’m done with the LPC, and Liberal voters, who prefer a Harper dynasty over a free and progressive social democracy.


      • Bruce Wayne says:

        Gord states his opinion in a respectful manner. Unlike you. It’s always the libs posting replies to his comments that resort to name calling.

  13. J.G. Love says:


  14. jack says:

    Vote split in ontario made the difference for the majority.

  15. Paul R Martin says:

    My condolences to the Liberals who placed a ton of effort in the campaign. Congratulations to Layton. Some very good people have been defeated, but that happens in all elections. The people have spoken and the Party and the candidate that I voted for have won. I am not surprised that Ignatieff is trailing in his riding as I predicted that he would probably be upset. He is a good man but not a good politician. He should have stayed at Harvard.

  16. J.G. Love says:

    Nothing left but to throw up the hands and see what happens in the coming months and years. Hope Harper is a pleasant surprise as to responsible government, but worried as to what the future may bring. Bravo all.

    • Philippe says:

      Your national institutions will never look the same again. It will take a newly merged party many years to undo the damage these guys are about to inflict on this country.

    • JStanton says:

      …. keep your head down, and hide in plain sight. Be carefull what you say in public, and be discreet even in private.

      Hang onto to your money – cash is best. Have a plan in place before the lay-offs start.


  17. alan says:

    I feel the same way. Canada will regret this night.

  18. Canadian Observor says:

    I guess this is the time to offer an extended finger to the Blue Liberals who handed Harper the cudgel he is going to use to bash the rest of us. If Liberals are looking for someone to blame for their misfortune (which affects us all) look into your own ranks.

  19. Steve T says:

    So, now you know how it felt to be a small-c conservative in the 1990s. You know that the only reason there is a majority is because your vote is split.

  20. john says:

    This is a very sad day for Canada. Once again 40% of those who did vote (and who knows what the actual number will be when we look at the total #) will have decided the fate of this country for the next 4 years…I’m scared to think what Canada will look like in 2015….

    • Curt says:

      For 140 years it was good enough and now it isn’t? Get real John.

      • Ian says:

        It was not good enough for the last 140 years. We should look at our history and wonder why we considered this acceptable for as long as we did.

        When people started to question the legitimacy of slavery, slave owners might have replied, “Hey it was good enough for the last … years”

        I’m not saying first-past-the-post is as bad a slavery, that should be obvious! But I’m saying that your argument against reconsidering first-past-the-post, simply because we accepted it for so long, is not a good (and certainly not a progressive) argument.

      • Africon says:

        Don’t be silly John, we are all Canadians and love our country regardless of our political views.
        Every politician of the past has made mistakes and will in the future but all have the best interests of their country at heart.
        I will not vote again for SH if he continues with wasteful spending of our money now that he has a majority.

        The only fate to be really afraid of is becoming another Greece or Portugal.

        • que sera sera says:

          Oh please. Why get principles now? It is onlhy $100 billion. Why pretend it matters? Or are you trying to “impress” someone?

    • nastyboy says:

      Funny. I didn’t hear too much complaining when Cretien won with less than 41% fo the popular vote.

  21. warren t says:

    Thanks to Apps

  22. Pierre D. says:

    The end of Canada, the CBC, women’s and gay rights and public health care.
    Good night Canada, you were a great democracy, RIP 1867-2011.

    • Jim says:

      The end of Canada? come on…
      The end of the CBC? if only…

      • que sera sera says:

        Yes. Y’all bunker into your urban hellholes while the rest of us who depend on the sole radio station avaialble to us, CBC, listen to static as Harper strokes his tiny little woody for MSM & their parent corporations.

  23. Jeremy Bloom says:

    What happened? It looks pretty simple.
    Voters abandon the trailing party and vote for one of the two parties that can form a government. The Liberals forgot that this time around, THEY are the trailing party.
    By spending the last week whipping up the big Red Scare against Jack Layton and the NDP, all Ignatieff did was convince a lot of the Liberal voters who might have jumped ship to the NDP to go to the Tories instead. Well played, Iggy!
    Instead of saying “The real danger is the Conservatives, vote for whichever left party will block them, and we promise to work together for a better Canada,” Ignatieff played the fear card. And now it looks like he’ll lose his own seat, to boot.
    Good riddance. Put him on a helicopter to Afghanistan.

    • JStanton says:

      … sounds about right. In the end, the cost of Mr. Ignatieff’s exploration of retail politics was Canada itself.

      No doubt about it; we’ve all been badly used.


      • que sera sera says:

        Oh please.. Can the blame game, you’re sounding like a Conservative. This bullshit far exceeds Ignatieff’s short term shoulders and short term reach. In fact, in the spirit of Conservatism that is sweeping this land, I suggest this problem is only 6000 years old & if we only pray together & wait for the Rapture, all our problems will be solved. Let us pray.

    • Dude Love says:

      Etobicoke-Lakeshore will hopefully rise up and show Iggy the door.

      • que sera sera says:

        Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

        I am only saddened by the fact that the 6000 personal attack ads launched by Mr. Harper against Mr. Ignatieff were funded by Canadian taxpayers money rather than CPC funds. It is unfortunate that only the last 4000 attack ads actually were funded from CPC coffers.

        Thank you Mr. Harper for educating us about your version of fair play.

        Thank you Mr. Harper for liberating Canada & her Parliament from the unnecessary liability of an Official opposition for the past 175 years. Even though you are a highly skilled contemptuous liar & cheat, what took you so long?

  24. Dave Redekop says:

    Strong government and strong opposition is a needed development. Now the government can focus on governing and the opposition can oppose without the games. I wish the PM well for that abounds to Canada’s good.

  25. lance says:

    Take a bow Gord. You deserve it.

    • que sera sera says:

      Oh no. Please. A bow?!??! Get real. Let’s all line up and kiss his ass. Be true. That is the least we can do. Supplicants at the feet of power. Line up & suck up. It is the Hrper way. We cannot beat them. So at the very least we can join them, and fucking apologize for being late. Line up and practice wearing the colour brown on your nose & lips. And don’t forget to STFU. After all, it is the Harper way. Shhhh…… Don’t disturb the menfolks. Even the ones in the closet. For they are oh-so-busy doing men’s work. Thank your lucky stars someone has spent the past 6000 years looking after all of us. Praise the Lord & pass me a bible. I feel a hymn (or is it a him??) coming on. Or maybe it is just another fucking.

  26. nez1 says:

    Yikes. As an Albertan who has seen clown cons far too up close and personal for most of my life, I am not looking forward to the next four years—or maybe many more after that. Did I mention YIKES?
    Silver linings? Ontario awakens three years from now/Bloc’s decimation?

  27. Campbell says:

    This was lost in Ontario. The elimination of the Bloc was only one of my two hopes, and I’m glad that was fulfilled. But at the cost of the vote split in Ontario giving the Cons these seats? Not sure the Orange wave was worth it. It might just be a long four years.
    Fuck indeed.

  28. Dave in Maple Ridge says:

    Tough night for the Libs, but gracious and eloquent speech by Ignatieff. He certainly was game until the end.

    I sincerely hope the Libs can come back from this one and rebuild the party.

    Congrats to the NDP for a better showing than I expected and for ridding Canada of the BQ.

    Congrats to Harper and the CPC for winning their long coveted majority. Took a page out of Jean Chretien’s play book I think …


  29. Bruce Wayne says:

    Just Leaving.

  30. Bruce Wayne says:

    One cool G coming your way.

  31. Paul R Martin says:

    Life is about to get even tougher for the opposition parties. Very soon, there will be a census, which will be followed by redistribution. The Conservatives could reintroduce the bill which would have added seats in BC, Alberta and Ontario. Areas of the country that voted NDP and Liberal are unlikely to benefit from redistribution. The federal subsidy to political parties will be eliminated. On a positive note, we will see much fewer attack ads during the next 3 years.

  32. TofKW says:

    Well the Grits now know what the PC Tories felt like after 1993.
    My condolences.
    For what its worth, from my POV you were the best team of the 3.

  33. Philippe says:

    The worst thing here is some of these elected dippers are circus clowns that clutter the 1 am radio shows because they have nowhere to go in the morning. They’re celebrating like it’s the new coming of Christ. Harper will eat them for breakfast.

    • que sera sera says:

      Pyrrhic victory. But such a “historical” moment. Did the MSM stop masturbating the Conservatives long enough to comment? I suspect it doesn’t really matter since Harper declared, after 6000 attack ads, that the Official opposition is redundant.

  34. Jason Courtney says:

    Well, the NDP surge is obviously stunning. And the Liberal + BQ collapse … same. But so far, I haven’t yet heard any pundits mention the historic divergence of Harper winning a majority without Quebec. Has this ever happened before?

    If anything, the implications are interesting.

  35. George Webb says:

    It took 70 years but for the first time in my life I’ve lost faith in Canadians. Hopefully Paul Martin will take his money and move to the Caribbean and take the A-holes that decimated the Party of his father, Laurier, St. Laurent, Trudeau, and Chretien with him. Ignatieff should not have to take the entire rap it was his so-called team that was the problem. Whatevers left of them should start sucking up to Jack soon or Bush’s America of the early part of this decade will start to look like Shangri La compared to Canada.

    • JStanton says:

      true that, George. Mr. Ignatieff was not served well, … and his inclinations did not help either.

      We will have to wait and see what will become of us. In the meantime, our trust and support has to go to Mr. Layton.


    • Africon says:

      The separatists are vanquished and you have “lost faith”, count your blessings.
      Do you really think that SH will do anything so foolish or extreme that he risks getting a second term ??

      Jack will also move to the center where the votes are – Tony Blair could explain it to him.

      • Ian says:

        I don’t think the separatists have not been vanquished. They’ve simply closed their embassy (ie the Bloc) in Ottawa.

        The progressive, secular values held by the vast majority of Quebecers have never been so underrepresented in the federal government.

        I think that Quebecers will turn even more forcefully to their provincial government (probably led by PQ) to defend their values. And if we end up being led into a foreign war by a Conservative majority government… ?

        Someone with more wisdom and experience, please tell me I’m wrong 🙁

        • Ian says:

          Sorry, I meant to write “I don’t think the separatists have been vanquished”

        • Africon says:

          “The progressive, secular values held by the vast majority of Quebecois have never been so underrepresented in the federal government.”

          Please explain….are the NDP not both secular and “progressive” albeit with other peoples money ?
          Yes, the PQ will win but I doubt they’d win any new referendum and they too will fade away as did the Bloc.
          I expect to see a Provincial NDP soon appear in Quebec.

          The Libs are already finished on several Provinces and will go the way of the UK Liberals, the progressives in Quebec now have a federalist party to vote for.

          That is my theory and I’m sticking to it.

          • Ian says:

            I said government, not parliament.

            The quip that you make about NDP wasting “other people’s money” suggests that you really don’t /understand/ the values that I’m talking about, and I think that explains why you are so sanguine about the result of this election.

    • que sera sera says:

      You & me both George (“I’ve lost faith in Canadians”). I’m getting while the getting is good. Back to the ancestral homeland. Four years in exile waiting for 2015. I doubt very much that there will be anything left then of the nation formerly known as Canada to come home to now that the rest of my compatriots blessed Harper with a majority.

  36. Patrick Murphy says:

    My suggestion for all leftish or liberal parties: Temporary merger into a Pro Proportional Representation party until we have a serious electoral system in Canada. Then divide into intellectually coherent smaller parties, once we have a system that allows that.

    I think we can blame three parties for the current undemocratic state of affairs. The Cons and the Libs for not introducing electoral reform when in majority. And the NDP for not introducing electoral reform provincially when they had the chance.

    Congrats to the NDP, but until we have a system that accurately represents the will of the electorate, no party should take too much pride (or shame) in their seat count.

    • Ian says:

      I wonder what others’ thoughts are on this. I don’t think the destruction of the Bloc is really much of a step forward for national unity. English Canada has elected a far-right-wing majority government that is overwhelmingly rejected in Quebec.

      Maybe I’m being overly pessimistic about what the NDP can do as Official Opposition. I’d be glad to be contradicted, but I see Quebecers once again finding that their basic social values of secularism and social democracy are not shared by the majority of Canadians.

      But, those values are shared in downtown Vancouver and Toronto. I wonder what all of this means.

      • AmandaM says:

        I couldnt disagree more. 60% of Canadians, Canadians in almost every region, voted for a party committed to secular, social democracy. Our system has acted both for and against that 60% over the years, and will swing in the favor of progressives again in the future.

        I do agree about Quebecers getting the short shrift over the next 4 years, though. Only time will tell the consequences.

        • Ian says:

          I’m not sure my math is correct, but I think that Harper’s share of the vote in the ROC is 47.8%.

          So I guess it’s not quite as bad as I thought. Even in the ROC, the centre-left is a (slim) majority.

          • AmandaM says:

            From http://ipolitics.ca/2011/05/03/should-pollsters-be-questioning-themselves/

            CPC is, nation-wide, still under 40%. The “where” that 40% is only matters in terms of seat count. We all know that popular vote does not always reflect HoC seats – in fact, hardly ever. Mr. Harper only increased his support by a few percent, and I think that is something his team needs to be very cognizant of in the next 4 years. Over 60% of Canadians voted for a progressive candidate and that is something to build on.

          • Ian says:

            I think a lot of Quebecers are going to contradict you. The “where” does matter.

            52% of the ROC voted progressive, in Quebec it was 84%.

            If that other 52% can’t get their act together in 4 years, and Canada continues to be governed by the Likud Republican Conservative Party, even I would be pursuing Quebec sovereignty and I’m a unilingual anglophone.

          • The Other Jim says:

            @Amanda – You misunderstand what Ian was talking about.

            The CPC received 5,204,751 votes in the “ROC”, out of 10,922,150.

            That means the percentage of the popular vote for the CPC outside of Quebec was 47.65%.

          • AmandaM says:

            I understood. I just don’t agree. You can’t simply remove Quebec from the national equation. They make up a significant part of the population of this country.

            Of all the voters in the whole country, all 13 provinces and territories, the PM has just under 40% support. That’s important.

  37. Philip says:

    You were right Gord and I was completely and utterly wrong. Take your bow.

  38. RN200 says:

    Yeah, me neither, I don’t see how the Conservatives get a majority either.


  39. que sera sera says:

    Sorry Gord. I didn’t quite hear you. I am too busy dusting off my bible, and knitting my hair shirt & knee pads. Please don’t beat me. (I’ll try & do better next time.) But I have to dust off the rifles, post my land, start hauling garbage to dump on the back forty. Never mind finding the time to go out and buy a Hummer and fuck long enough to make 60 children to prove your manhood. Election, what election? Who has the right or time to vote. I’m sorry dear, did I make you angry. Please on’t beat me. Don’t scare the children. Please. Your right. And what’s left of me is clearly wrong. Sorry, I’ll turn off CBC & kiss Charles Adler’s ass if you want me to. Ok, we’ll only listen to Sun-Tv because we all know you have to put it where the sun don’t shine. Oh yes, Gord, give it to me. Oh yes. Uh Uh Uh. Feels so good. Yes Yes Gord. Oh Ooooh Oh. Yes Yes Yes. Are you done? Can we say our prayers now & go to sleep. Shhhh. …. you’ll wake the children. Good night Gord. Good night Canada.

  40. Africon says:

    Story of the night is the change in total votes so far –

    CPC + 147,095

    Bloc – 522,360
    GR – 427,818
    Lib – 1,100,209 = 2 million fewer votes than 2008

    NDP + 1,793,710 more votes than in 2008

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