05.16.2011 10:35 PM

Randy Denley

He was a good City Editor.

As a PC candidate, he’s about to be less-than-good. I know him.

Oh, and everything he ever wrote about politics?

Well, now we know why he wrote what he did. It was all BS.


  1. campbell says:

    Hopefully Chiarelli will hold his ground. Ottawa West-Nepean is a devil of a riding however, and federal history shows that they are prone to making poor decisions. I have faith that Denley will show himself to be the gigantic short sighted tool that he is, day in and day out throughout the campaign, and that the Red Team will carry the riding once more. Worrisome all the same.

  2. Mike London says:

    Journalists should never run for a seat in a legislature. They need to wait their turn to be appointed to the Senate.

  3. Craig Chamberlain says:

    “Well, now we know why he wrote what he did. It was all BS.”

    And he’s forever revealed himself. That’s good.

  4. Liz J says:

    Denley can win, Chiarelli is worried. I haven’t heard anything about Denley being a a “short sighted tool” but I guess we’ll get to hear all the dirt and less substance from his opposition.

    Chiarelli didn’t win by a large margin last time, about 1200 votes against a weak, relatively unknown Conservative candidate.

  5. Steve T says:

    So, if someone runs for political office, everything they write about politics was BS?

    • Warren says:

      Don’t be obtuse. Denley styled himself as neutral observer, one – unlike me, or Solberg, or whomever – who wasn’t a partisan. I’m a Liberal, for example (I say so in today’s Sun column), and people need to look at what I say through that lens.

      Denley passed himself off as a journalist, when in fact he was a Conservative – and possibly card-carrying one – all along.

      • JenS says:

        All journalists have biases (even if they hide behind the “I’m so unbiased I don’t even vote!” BS mantra.) The question is whether he has been fair. I don’t know enough about this guy to determine that. But going forward, I guess he has the “at least state your bias up front” thing going for him.

      • Jason Hickman says:

        So would the same go for Jim Munson, who was a correspondent (and not, AFAIK, an editorialist or opinion-columnist) before serving as Jean Chretien’s spokesman and getting appointed as a Liberal to the Senate? I wouldn’t say so myself for either Munson or Denley, but that seems to be the logical conclusion of your argument.

        • Warren says:

          Go through Jim’s CTV stuff (I have) and show me where, exactly, he was ever a publicist for Liberals. If anything, the reverse is true. He and others at CTV were so tough on my team, in fact, Liberals would regularly complain about what they felt was CTV’s bias.

          Randy, meanwhile – who was a fine city editor – was a lousy columnist. He was a shrill, repetitive, boring, anti-McGuinty partisan, for year after year. And that’s the only reason he was selected to be a Hudak candidate.

          Good luck to him. he’ll need it.

          • Jason Hickman says:

            Well, hang on a second. If Denley – or any other *opinion* columnist – writes opinions from, say, the right-side point of view, and then runs for a Party that generally holds the same sort of view, that’s arguably different (IMO) than a journalist / editor who isn’t writing editorials, opinion pieces and the like jumping in to the partisan game. I was responding to *your* response to Steve T’s question, vis a vis journalists getting into politics.

            That being said, I agree with your take on Munson’s work, which is why I wasn’t (and am not) particularly bothered by the fact that he “went partisan” to work for JC. It stands to reason that a party leader would want somebody with some experience in journalism on his/her communications team. And more broadly, having someone in caucus who was familiar with media “from the inside” isn’t a bad thing for any leader.

  6. patrick Deberg says:

    Charelli has little to worry about ! Denley has to worry about who on his left and right flank. So who is crying out about this as an affront to democracy? None other than the ottawa taxpayers advocacy group star player Jade Formaldehyde!! Or know as day odillyday or something. Talk about the ghosts of Terry Kilrea!! This race will be some fun to watch!! Denley was a bottom feeder at the best of times and now instead of critiziing will have to actually come up with solutions. And of course tories are great at attack but slow on the uptake on solutions that don’t lead us to ruin. Terry Kilrea where are you when we need you brother?

  7. Michael Bussiere says:

    CBC Ottawa is referring to Denley as a “star candidate”. What the*&^*&! makes him a star!? He writes a newspaper column (no offence WK) and that’s about it! Marc Garneau is a star candidate. Randall Denley, who writes for a lame-oid Ottawa newspaper about municipal affairs, is not. A former mayor (i.e. Chiarelli) is a star candidate. Denley writing about Chiarelli is not a star candidate. Geez!

  8. Mike Watson says:

    “Randy, meanwhile – who was a fine city editor – was a lousy columnist. He was a shrill, repetitive, boring, anti-McGuinty partisan, for year after year.”

    Warren, I have to disagree on one point. Denley was NOT a fine city editor. He was rubbish. Ignorant, shortsighted, totally dull with the personality of week-old rice pudding, lousy news judgment and lazy. The rest of your assessment is bang on: shrill, repetitive, boring and anti-McGuinty partisan, year after year.

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