06.28.2011 01:31 PM

I love it when Tim Hudak talks about “pocketbook” issues

…because it gives me an opportunity to watch this again.


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    Bill From Willowdale says:

    I really haven’t formed an opinion as of yet and don’t know for whom I will vote.

    Politically speaking, the PCs are whipping the Liberal Party’s butt. It is early in the election period but between the Stanley Cup ads, the radio spots and the faux poll, some damage is clearly being done. For McGuinty’s sake let’s hope his team has some strategy and tactics planned.

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      Lord Kitchener says:

      if you think lying to the people of Ontario is whipping the OLP’s butt then I suggest you switch your morning newspaper and be on guard to falling for the Tory hype machine.

      the fact of the matter is that the tories cant balance the budget, increase spending and cut taxes all at once as they promise. Economics doesnt work that way. so what are they going to do? Cut services. Remember hospital closures? fired nurses? power outages? lost school days due to labour disruptions? expect more of that if you vote for He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.
      There is a $14 billion shortfall in their Changebook, where do you think they will make up for that? not to mention how they will pay off the Debt Retirement Charge – that is money owed (from the previous tory govt by the way), and turning a blind eye to it won’t make it go away.

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      Pat says:

      The Stanley Cup ads were awful. I found them irritating and the last thing I wanted to see during a hockey game. I watched the first one then hit pause on the pvr everytime it came up after that so I could hit fast forward. Sorry, I just don’t buy the idea that those ads were effective during the hockey game.

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    just call me Rick says:

    Luuuv it. Why isn’t this running? Isn’t there a political axiom that says “he who frames first, frames best”? So far, the Cons have been winning by default, just by showing up.

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      RN200 says:


      Dalton is too scared to even show up in his own TV ads. No face, no name. We’re supposed to recognize his voice?

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    Bill From Willowdale says:

    I am not saying the PCs are right or wrong. I likely won’t vote PC. All I am saying is that they’ve score political points and this requires a response from the Liberals.

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    Paul McKeever says:

    I’m with “just call me Rick”: It’s not true that the PCs are kicking anyone’s butt. Rather, they are benefitting from a false perception that the Hudak PCs are not the McGuinty Liberals. The evidence: the PCs put out a “ChangeBook” platform that essentially says: “From HST, to health premium, to health and education expenditures, we’ll maintain the status Liberal status quo”, yet a considerable number of people who comment in online newspaper comment sections under under the remarkably erroneous impression that Hudak is promising to cut taxes and spending.

    The Liberals (and NDP) need do only one thing to improve their chances: debunk the PC claim to being tax-fighters/spending-reducers/budget balancers, and demonstrate that voters who want lower taxes, less spending, and a balanced budget should vote for Freedom Party (which actually is in favour of cutting taxes, reducing spending, and balancing the budget). I’m quite serious: there are three parties fighting for the tax, spend, and borrow vote: the Greens, NDP, and Liberals. If the Libs et al continue to *help* Hudak’s PCs maintain the public fiction that he is in favour of the opposite (i.e., lower taxes, less spending, a balanced budget), then the Libs hand Hudak *exclusive* access to the rest of the electorate. The Libs, NDP, and Greens have about 100 days to demonstrate that: those wanting tax-cuts, spending cuts, and a balanced budget had better vote for Freedom Party because the PCs will not cut taxes, will not cut spending, and will continue to run deficits. The red tories will stay with the PCs, the rest won’t, once they realize that the PCs are tax-and-spenders in tax-cutting clothing.

    Paul McKeever
    Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario


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