06.17.2011 01:17 PM

NDP links Israel to “apartheid”

This has been circulating today at the convention in Vancouver. A pity this wasn’t in circulation in Outremont during the federal election – but it’ll now be a question for Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath to answer, I expect. What a huge disappointment she (and they) have been.


  1. The Doctor says:

    This is one thing the federal NDP is going to be forced to address more visibly if they continue to be the official opposition, that’s for sure. They really haven’t faced any tough questions or scrutiny about what exactly their position is on this stuff. If they want to toss the word “apartheid” like that around in party circles, fine, but then Jack should have to take a stand on this, one way or another. And I mean a clear stand, i.e., does he stand with his socialist caucus on this, yes or no?

  2. Harith says:

    Linking to the CFP? Really?

  3. The other George says:

    Based on the ICSPCA definition of Apartheid, I really cannot come up with a good argument to say that the Dippers are wrong in this case.

    Then again, I have lived in Europe for a number of years and the coverage Middle Eastern affairs is nigh-and-day different from what I get here in North America.


    • WildGuesser says:

      Yeah, I am no NDP supporter but I really don’t see how support for a religion based state that would deny democracy to an eventual non-Jewish majority born in Israel can be supported by reason.

      • Jim Hayes says:

        What a quagmire! I never really understood why some are so fixated on the Jewish state, a country with scars to be sure but like any other democracy working within the boudaries of democracy to fix those scars.

        Neighbours like Syria, Yemen, Iran, Suadi Arabia slaughter countless of their citizens, deny basic dignity and rights to women, children, LGBTQ, and other non-Muslim minorities indeed jail, torture and murder many of them and these same anti-israel “heros” are playing golf.

        Let’s recall when Ontario NDPer Cherie de Nova tried to bring up these very points within her own provincial party she was bullied, attacked and defamed. The others who didn’t participate in the shaming of DeNova were playing golf.

  4. Everett says:

    The NDP caucus is not alone in linking Israel to “apartheid” like practices both within Israel, and in their illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. The question is definitely currently under the debate around the world.

    Other notable organizations that have also applied the “apartheid” label to Israel, including some in the UN. A very good source for further information, I would encourage others to read, is Wikipedia’s article:

    “Israel and the apartheid analogy”

    I feel strongly the NDP must stand above other parties and not slide into forced political correctness on all issues. Individual MPs should be allowed to publicly voice their beliefs and values.

    • Jan says:

      Here, here. Or is it hear, hear? I’ve had enough of the knee jerk support of the Israeli government, no matter what they do.

  5. Dan F says:

    Be sure to keep copies to use in Mount Royal, Outremont, Winnipeg, Eglinton-Lawrence and York Centre during the next campaign. Drop one to every door.

  6. MLukas says:

    The NDP’s press release on this issue:


    Seems the leadership of the party is pushing it to the centre. It will be interesting to see how much resistance there to this from the rank-and-file.

  7. Greg says:

    They need to come up with something original. Apartheid and ethnic cleansing have been used.

  8. The NDP isn’t linking Israel to Apartheid. Israel is doing that by continuing to implement Apartheid style policies. Deny it all you want, Warren, but it’s a fact that Arabs do not have the same rights as Jews in Israel.

  9. Rayman says:

    Desperate Mr Kinsella, very desperate. I assume you understand that the Socialist Caucus does not speak for the NDP. There are many voices, there are debates, and even disagreements with the NDP membership. It’s called debate and democracy. I know it’s something foreign to both Liberals and Conservatives but it is possible.

    Layton has been quite clear on the issue and if you cared at all other than groping for anything you think you can smear the NDP with, you’d be able to articulate both the arguments around Israeli “apartheid” and you’d know the NDP policy and perspective on the issue.

    I don’t expect you to publish this comment, you don’t seem to like to publish dissenting opinions, but you’ll read read it and in your heart of hearts know how disingenuous you are being.

  10. bigcitylib says:

    Frankly, I don’t think this will do the Federal NDP much harm in any of the ridings they might be competitive in. I think the liberals should be more worried that a slightly less pro-Israel stance from the NDP will take some of the people they need next time out.

  11. Jan says:

    The Conservatives would never do that, would they?

  12. at least they’re debating if they should the word “Socialist” should be in their preamble! These are the peoples that some of you liberal supporters were thinking and maybe still are thinking about merging with NDP! Peoples the NDP are made up by far left-wing individuals,in other words “SOCIALIST!” No matter how hard they try to camouflage it, a leopard can’t change it’s spot! Still want to merge with them? 😉

  13. I’m re-posting to make a correction;) at least they’re debating if they should eliminate the word “Socialist” from their preamble! These are the peoples that some of you liberal supporters were thinking and maybe still are thinking about merging with! Peoples the NDP are made up by far left-wing individuals,in other words “SOCIALIST!” No matter how hard they try to camouflage it, a leopard can’t change it’s spot! Still want to merge with them? 😉

  14. allegra fortissima says:

    If anyone is interested in the opinion of an Israeli, here is the link:


  15. bza says:

    This event is being hosted by the Socialist Caucus which is the old school democratic socialist minority in the party. They are a very small part of the party. For example, Bev Meslo was the Socialist Caucus candidate in the 2003 NDP leadership election, she got 1.1% of the vote, Jack Layton who on the first ballot with 53.5%. The other main candidates were all fairly moderate as well.

    Not too much has changed in the party since then as the Socialist Caucus remains a mostly fringe element. Jack Layton will continue to push towards positioning the party into being in a position to win the next election. Much like with the Conservatives and Harper, most people in the party are pleased with Layton’s performance and will continue to approve of his direction of modernizing and moderating the party. Part of that is balanced positions on the Middle East and of course removing the word ‘democratic socialism’ from the constitution and putting in ‘social democratic’ instead.

  16. Cath says:

    “On a controversial policy matter closer to home, Horwath has ordered her MPPs not to participate in a forum being held Friday at the Ontario Institute for Studies on Education, where the NDP’s “socialist caucus” will debate whether the province should end public funding of Catholic schools.”

    If they drop THIS bomb it will definitely be a game changer in the provincial election BIG TIME. I know long-time PCs and Liberals who would side with the NDP on this issue. I believe the NDP know that.

    It would also force an election based on religion and guess what will reenter the discussion? Not just fb schools but the whole school choice can of worms will be opened up
    again. I’m happy about that because I support more choice for students and parents.

    The fact that they’ve already decided on actions to not attend OISE meetings tells me there more than serious about this.

  17. Peter Mumford says:

    Why does the NDP even have a Socialist Caucus? The CPC wouldn’t tolerate a “Libertarian Caucus” spouting off extreme Ayn Rand stuff, even with the disclaimer that they’re not speaking on behalf of the party. Maxime Bernier excepted.

  18. Rick T. says:

    Israel does what it has to to survive. They have been fighting since 1949 from being wiped out by the Muslim World. Yea I know it’s old history, but remember they will do whatever they have to do to survive and the crack pot Socialist NDP have not a clue what their talking about. Libby Davies is the guiding Light for fabracating lies about Israel.

    Quebec was really asleep at the wheel on election night.

  19. Africon says:

    What a bunch of hooey !
    There is some 200 countries in the world and in at least 150 of them, apartheid of one sort or another thrives in varying degrees.
    Most African countries ‘cept it’s called tribalism, same in most of the countries of ME and N Africa.
    India has it’s caste/ class system as do Pakistan and Bangladesh and China. Quebec has their own form of Pure Laine apartheid too.

    Oh, but lets focus ALL of our energy on a country that is in the top quarter to a third of the world for human rights, independent judiciary not to mention democracy and we’ll just close our eyes to all of the brutal corrupt and racists/sexist societies on the planet. What a bunch of dimwits – they all need to move to Jeddah or Bulawayo for a dose of reality.

  20. Bruce Marcille says:

    Pathetic. And today I agree with Warren about the NDP having to answer for this, because that’s what happens when a party grows up. Once the Reform trashed the PCs they became serious about their platform and acceptable to more Canadians. We’ll see if the NDP has the same mautrity. I’m betting against it.

    as for the apartheid; Well, the lowest average wage in Israel is earned by the Christian minority, and nobody sheds tears for them. Hamas and the PA run their own governments and turn weapons on school busses. There are Palestinian members of the Kinesset. Israel does not allow Arabs in the military: That’s not racism, its self-preservation.

    • Ted (not the other one) says:

      That last part is incorrect. Arabs can, and do, serve in the IDF. It’s just not compulsory for them.

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