06.04.2011 09:13 AM

Persichilli on Hudak

…in which the Toronto Star columnist absolutey destroys the PC frat boy:

“Watching the just-concluded federal campaign and the Ontario provincial contest that is just about to start is rather like being a spectator at a hockey game where the players exchange jerseys in the middle of the second period.

The thrust of the federal Liberal campaign against the federal Conservatives was about making accusations of contempt of Parliament and corruption, tarnishing Harper’s image, and attacking his government’s economic performance, competence and the huge deficit.

The provincial Conservatives are using the same approach against the provincial Liberals — accusing them of economic mismanagement and of incompetence and launching personal attacks against McGuinty.

Another characteristic of the federal Liberal campaign was trying to push hot buttons that divided Canadians, such as abortion. Hudak is doing the same. Last week the Toronto Sun wrote that Hudak decided not to get involved in education issues because “there is little to be gained by messing around with something that is not a hot-button issue.”


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    MJH says:

    The Star’s anti Con bias did not help during the Federal election and it will not be helpful in Ontario.

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    Tiger says:

    The Tories have a pretty big lead.

    But McGuinty has the summer to campaign in.

    This one’s going to be fun to watch.

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      Michael says:

      HAD a pretty big lead. It’s gone now. The last poll I saw the two parties were within the margin of error.

      And witness the last federal election. The poll numbers changed quickly in the last few days.

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    Anonymous says:

    MJH is partially correct, except for two things: McGuinty knows how to run and win campaigns. And two, Hudak hasn’t been able to run 10 million dollars worth of negative ads against him for a year.

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    Phil in London says:

    They still publish the Toronto Star?

    I think the name Hudak appears in this diary more then any other.

    Seems odd Liberals don’t have a better message then the good ole secret agenda after 8 years of their own in power.

    Also don’t see how the scribe destroyed Hudak. Have to read it again with my rose coloured glasses in place.

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    Christian Giles says:

    Actually, I think Cohn does a better demo job on the Cons.


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