06.22.2011 06:01 AM

Simpson: Ontario PC platform “dubious,” “false”

He takes a few swings at us, too, which you can read in the link below.

But, boy, does he ever let the Ontario PCs have it.  I wonder if these quotes will show up in an ad, sometime soon?

“Tim Hudak is not the first politician to take voters for chumps, and he certainly won’t be the last. But the Ontario Conservative Leader’s platform, on which he’ll fight the fall election, is based on so many dubious, to say nothing of false, premises that he must be counting on the electorate’s ignorance for victory.”


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    Marc L says:

    Some choice you guys have! Both parties are fiscally irresponsible. Hudak just makes stuff up hoping that people are gullible enough to believe what he’s saying and McGuinty is an out of control tax-and-spend unit (the latest round of “vote-for-me” spending promises is just farcical…”free” eyeglasses for JK students?????). As Jeff Simpson mentions, neither of them have any plan to balance the budget for the foreseeable future. Just pathetic! Well, at least we are not alone…Ontario is going to continue to borrow and tax itself into a deeper and deeper hole, just as Quebec has done.

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    Cath says:

    Off-Topic but check out Brian Lilley’s blog here http://blogs.canoe.ca/lilleyspad/ to nominate your choices for Best Canadian Political Books. I just added my own three choices, one of which is your own Kicking Ass…although it was a hard choice between that and War Room but I think that because Kicking Ass was first I went with that one.
    They didn’t ask for the reasoning behind my choices but if they had I would have added that every political junky who ever lived likes to read about how to manipulate politics from the back rooms. Both your books are well-worn Warren…and should be a must read for every Political Science 101 course.


    I did have a look at some of the other people who have selected choices and notice that there are not too many under 40 types there, so my choices reflect those titles that a younger generation might appreciate.

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    Africon says:

    All three of these leaders need a long vacation in Greece who knows they just might learn something

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