06.12.2011 02:06 PM

Son, backseat, TO-bound from lake



  1. dave says:

    Seat belt?
    (Those of us who have been promoted to grand parent can be kind of grumpy about these things.)

  2. Where’s the helmet and bubble padding? I remember in the good old days as a three or four year old standing on the front passenger seat while my mom or dad drove the “tank”–some 1960’s Buick. Then some idiot brought in a seat belt law in Ontario in the 1970’s.

  3. cause you didn’t stop for Kawartha’s ice cream?

    • JenS says:

      Is “the lake” near Bobcaygeon? Because, if so, the trip isn’t the trip without a stop at Kawartha Dairy (says the girl who is about 10 minutes by boat from Bobcaygeon at my version of “the lake”.)

  4. CQ says:

    Better than being wedged into the back of a station wagon next to the stylofoam cooler. Then again, where’s the comic book to read?

  5. RN200 says:

    It’s astonishing how exactly he looks like a mini-WK from the forehead up…meant complimentarily, of course.

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