06.30.2011 08:26 AM

The Hudak/Dunlop PCs: they care about “pocketbook” issues, alright

…specifically, your pocketbook, and how they can get their sweaty mitts on it:


  1. Ted (not the other one) says:

    Math kills.

  2. Mulletaur says:

    Because that’s what Conservatives are all about : “finding efficiencies” and “reducing waste”.


  3. That’s almost 67 cents per km. Most businesses expense at about 50 cents per km.

    Next, Mr. Dunlop was in his car for 58,870 km. At an average rate of 50 km/h (my computerized car average), that’s 1177.4 hours or about 49 continuous days. If one drives a lengthy eight hours per day (yes, I’ve done it from Toronto to Vancouver), that would be about 147 days of driving (toilet breaks not included).

    Let’s give Mr. Dunlop the benefit of the doubt. He does a fair amount of country driving. I’ll bump up his avarage speed to 60 km/h. He’s be in his car for about 981 hours or about 41 continuous 24 hour-days. Based on an eight hour driving day, Mr. Dunlop would be in his car for about 123 days.

    It’s nice that Mr. Dunlop went around the world almost one-and-a-half times. The circumference of the world is about 40,000 km.

  4. Ted says:

    Your money. Their perqs.

  5. Patrick Hamilton says:


  6. DB Smith says:

    $1.0 billion in E health expenses to many firms friendly or with contections to the Liberal party of Ontario and the best bthe Liberals can come up with is this – no wonder they are at 25% in the polls and falling.

  7. Cath says:

    off-topic – sorry WK but you didn’t make the cut – http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/story/2011/06/30/pol-books-contest.html – maybe your next book will:-)

    Have a Happy Canada Day – heading to start my long weekend…….NOW!!

  8. Africon says:

    At least he is at work driving around his riding – compare that to Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne.

  9. ok says:

    First must identifiy those gay in politic and identify who and how many are gay in Toronto then kic their ass out of politic first of next year gay pride

    gay people are walk in street is just bs to all of us are sooooo stupid to us

    Toronto gay pride is real shamefull sick even in Toronto especially for men

    gay people need to have real life what their life is not real and not better than normal marriage

    is those men now walking love touch or be dream of sleeping with other men or similar wishes
    \ohhh this is sick…

    stop them help them cut their drug use and put them in real family to show them real life

    why should allow those sick men be show up saying they know or are better than other married man and woman

    why we must encourage their number grow in among young and allow those old gay to melstad younger innocent generation and encourage them to join to thier parties

    gay people are sick people

    need some one to cure them not to clap for them

    being gay is normal while Canada law try to proof they are normal but they are not normal people
    they need to help them not bost them up in street

    so what who care what is your private life is all about

    or allow prostitue walk a day
    to proud of thier legalized job
    and sleep around with all men in street

    what is point to allow thier pride
    is married couple walk naked to show thier

    sex life of people walk and proud to be pride for Canada flag

    This is shame for Toronto Mayoer he even left city to not face this shamefull sick even

    anybody who love Toronto pride gay are must be sick or loose his mind or pretend for political reason

    nobody believe that bs life of gay
    is something that real man and woman married couple to interfer and inforce thier private life in street to children to other people and encourge all men to live like them

    As long as those old friks gay and lesbian are in politic in Canada we have no otehr choice to see those


  10. MattMcD says:

    So he spends most of his off days driving around aimlessly?

    At least he isn’t taking pictures of his junk and tweeting them. Because you know, THAT would be bad.

  11. James Bow says:

    Now, see? This is not small potatoes.

  12. But what are you going to do when Alberta has a no texting law?

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