06.22.2011 01:32 PM

The truth about the Ontario PC platform (updated)

You should see this.

We Ontario Liberals wanted to not just tell voters that there is a multi-billion-dollar hole at the centre of the PC platform – that it is is “dubious” and “false,” as Jeff Simpson put it this morning – we wanted to show them.

Some of our smartest economic guys and gals (we call them “the mathletes,” for anyone wondering) have spent days meticulously poring through the PC numbers. This morning, they briefed a lot of reporters at Queen’s Park about what they found. No adjectives, no spin, no finger-pointing: just a very factual analysis.

We captured their presentation on a little video, for you to watch and decide for yourself. Hopefully, we will convince you that the PC platform truly is as bad as Simpson says it is.

And, hopefully, it will help us to earn your confidence – and your vote – in October.

PC Platform Costing from Ontario Liberal Party on Vimeo.

UPDATE: More here.


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    Bruce M says:

    It will NOT earn my vote, as time travel has not been invented: You would need to go back and reverse the horrible spending choices Mr. McGuinty made during his tenure. Buying the unions without any concern for the taxpayer and increasing government spending beyond any reasonable level has left Ontario’s government on its knees.

    Or perhaps erasing my memory would be easier.

    Finally, Mr. McGuinty realizes he has no credibility when criticizing another plan so he turns to selected experts. But they cannot improve his credibility by attacking someone else’s.

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    Marc says:

    Ouch. Good message, abysmal presentation. Grab a Ryerson or York theatre student next time to volunteer the voice work.

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    TDotRome says:

    It’s good to have this full version out there. But, if you want people to take heed, you need to make a one or two minute commercial.

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      Warren says:

      We will. I just wanted to give you guys the same full briefing the media got.

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      Mulletaur says:

      Yeah, one minute maximum, preferably thirty seconds, and one memorable phrase that sums it up – something funny and mildly mocking would be best.

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    Herta says:

    Can someone also share with Mr. McGuinty that some of practices being put in place across the province are destroying small family owned businesses, i.e. school bus drivers never mind struggling non-profits who have had to comply with the Public Sector Restraints act while watching police, firement, hospitals and nurses line their pockets regardless of what McGuinty said about restraint. The rankest hypocrisy – In addition, new RFP processes that expect small rural bus lines to respond in a highly sophisticated manner put them at a distinct disadvantage with large corporate (sometimes foreign entitites) who are just waiting to swallow up bus routes – initially cheaper service with much poorer quality, and, as soon as the small community guys are wiped out, more expensive service for poorer quality. Personally, I’m sick of the big business approach to non-profits and community services, but no one at Queen’s park seems to be listening. I know that it’s a huge issue in our riding.

    Frankly, I’m generally a Liberal but I am so fed up with some of the practices and the lack of connection or good sense from all parties that I’m just about ready to throw up my hands and vote for a Rhino party if I can find one.

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    RN200 says:

    How come the Liberals employ their “mathletes” for campaigns but not for governing? Could you not have employed them to do a little of that special addin’ and subtractin’ at eHealth, or OLG, or MPAC, or, or, or… ?

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