06.13.2011 08:28 AM

Useful information for tonight’s game

This morning, I was listening to fans on CBC radio chant “Go Canucks, go!”

It came out as “Coconuts, ho!”

There is probably some deep meaning associated with this, but I’ll be damned if I can figure what that might be.


  1. Bill M. says:

    On May 2nd, the TSX closed at its recent high of 13,944…………Friday it closed at 13,084.

    Gee, what happened on May 2nd?

    • Warren says:

      Oh, I see, now Harper is responsible for international markets, is he? Does this mean we can bash him when the markets drop?

      • Bill M. says:

        When jobs numbers or other economic indicators are up, does the government not take credit for it?

        Tell me, of the 22K jobs created last month, which ones were created by Harper & Co. ?

      • Dave says:

        His party spent a decade blaming the government of the day for the performance of the Canadian dollar. So I don’t see why not.

  2. Jon Powers says:

    It means you subconciously want the Bruins to win. I’m not a psychologist, but I play one on T.V.

  3. allegra fortissima says:

    You must have forgotten to wash your ears (and behind), Boy!

    Bingo Bango Bongo Roberto Luongo – can you figure out what that means? Sheesh, the guy is soooo hot!

  4. Raymond says:

    Mondegreen/Aural malapropism.
    Kinda’ like Hendrix…” ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy”

  5. Paul R Martin says:

    There seems to be a former MP who has not noticed the election results. On Bourque, I noticed an ad for MP Ruby Dhalla. I do not know if this ad shows up if you are not a resident of Brampton; however I have noticed other post election internet ads for Dhalla which seem to indicate that she is still an MP.

  6. RN200 says:

    I think that “Coconuts, ho” chant had something to do with the imminent ruling on Canada’s prostitution laws, not the hockey game.

  7. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Simple….Subliminal message…..Canucks will be holidaying very quickly in various tropical climes to ease the pain of their defeat at the hands of the Bruins…..
    I dont want to see this, but they will choke, they always do…..

  8. Bubba says:

    Well what about Ozzy and Black Sabbath in Paranoid – is ozzy really telling you to “enjoy life” or “end your life”??? eh??? i’m smelling suicide ideation lawsuit here – and seriously Big Pussy with a heroin addiction? I think more like payback by Junior and Vito.

    And so as you hear these words telling you now of my state
    I tell you to ??enjoy life?? I wish I could but it’s too late

  9. Iris Mclean says:

    According to the CBC national news, the winner of the big game tonight will depend which goalie performs the best.
    What the F is going on with CBC radio? Ontario Morning is unbearable with its squawking host and endless sports babble.

  10. Garry Bettman has a secret plan to move the Vancouver Canucks to Hawaii. The team will be known as the Honolulu Coconuts. Don Ho (if he is still around) will become the new owner of the team.

  11. Anne Peterson says:

    Those of us who are not hockey fans know what it is.

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