07.04.2011 10:57 AM

Jews and gays

By Bernie and Glen. Worth a read.


  1. Africon says:

    A sensible article.

    Queers against Israel comes to mind.
    The absurdity of Feminists like Alice Walker against Israel or in support of their Muslim enemies ( regard females as 2nd class citizens ) is equally beyond comprehension.

    And just top this off the much loved ( by the left ) UN now has North Korea as the Chair of their disarmament Committee.

    What is the world coming to ?

    • Jim Hayes says:

      Congrats to Bernie and Glen. Can’t help but laugh though wasn’t it a year or so ago that Mark Steyn, that bastion of all that is “right”, try to paint Bernie as a homophobe? This article shows the stuff that Farber is made of. Its a thoughtful article for sure and one I hope opens many doors for discussion between two communities that should have been brothers and sisters in arms.

    • Kalford says:

      Speaking of Queers against Israel. . . . or whatever their nom de jour . . . 🙂


    • michelle says:

      Wow @Africon, an article about the importance of respecting universal human rights and not sowing division within our communities, and your automatic response is to attack the gay community that supports the Palestinian struggle for rights and statehood. I really don’t understand what you don’t get about a group of international humanitarian activist from around the world, a group which includes people like 86 year old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, going to break the illegal siege of Gaza . Anyone with a heart knows the conditions in Gaza are unacceptable, and you can try to paint the 1.5 million people living in Gaza as a bunch of woman-hating terrorists, but that really just makes you look like a racist. If you went to Gaza you would realize that the majority of the people there are just regular people, who simply want to live their lives and love their families; and furthermore, I’m so sick of this Jews vs. Arab bullshit–that’s not what this is– the problem is that the moderates on both side are silenced (hence the boat to Gaza being stopped by the Greek authorities that are corrupt and have sold off their country). And did you ever stop and think that maybe the UN appointed North Korea as the Chair of their disarmament committee because they want to engage North Korea in order to prevent them from acquiring Nuclear weapons.. duh! Would you prefer tor push North Korea, a potential nuclear power, into further isolation to the point where they could use them, is that what you want? “What is the world coming to?” What is wrong with you?

  2. Wannabeapiper says:

    “…before you could legalize hate, it is necessary to criminalize love.” Ya man. Right on. Good article.

  3. James Curran says:

    Then there is the living breathing oxymoron known as Sue Ann Levy. Jewish and Gay and defender of the Ford Nation.

  4. patrick deberg says:

    David Warren would be a fellow to watch for all his support of the gay community. A fine christian that would put the gays to the torch when he realizes his dream.

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