07.19.2011 10:00 AM

Ottawa Citizen: Hudak “gutless” on abortion

Almeida said: McGuinty “supports a woman’s right to choose. … The McGuinty government has always held this position and will continue to stand up for Ontario women’s right to choose.”

Hudak at a news conference said that on abortion, “We are not reopening this debate.”

In 2009, Hudak said he couldn’t support abortion and had signed petitions against funding abortion.

Yet at a news conference this week despite knowing questions on this topic were bound to be asked, Hudak said he “may” have signed a petition.

Odd that Hudak can address the pressing issue of promoting the sale of buck-a-beer, but not abortion. Oh, it’s about votes you say? Well, that explains it. Election is coming on Oct. 6.

Just who has guts on this issue and who doesn’t?



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    Cath says:

    I’m pro-choice and a conservative but I don’t like what’s happened to rural and small communities under his watch. If the NDP drops their bomb to move to One School System I have a difficult choice to make, as do other PCs and Liberals I’m sure.

    I saw how abortion was misused when a girl I knew in university found it the solution to her lax birth control attempts. She got pregnant twice, twice aborted. I not comfortable with that even though I’m pro-choice.

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      Kevin says:

      I’m sure the “girl” you knew in university is the exception, since most women would consider a decision to have an abortion to be an extremely difficult and traumatic one. In fact, they would take precautions to avoid as much as possible being put in that position, knowing in advance that the decision would be traumatic.

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      Ted says:

      What don’t you like about what’s happened in rural and small communities?

      McGuinty has been the best thing to happen to farmers in Ontario in a long time with crop insurance (something they have been lobbying for for decades and decades), better health facilities in communities (something Hudak opposes), lower wait times (from last to first in 8 years) and extra money in thousands of farmer pockets through his energy policies.

      Although, to be fair to Hudak, he has promised to bring back buck-a-beer.

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        HarryR says:

        If only he’d included popcorn. Now, there’s a platform with some traction!

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      Michael says:

      Regardless of how many abortions she had or for what reasons, it is her body. She gets to decide what to do with it. I for one do not want the state telling me what I can and can not do with my body. I do not want the state telling my daughter she MUST remain pregnant. It is her choice, no one elses.

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    TDotRome says:

    Cath, I’m glad you are pro-choice (as am I). But, do you really think your discomfort (or anyone else’s) really matters to that girl from university. Do you think it should matter? It’s the business of her and her circle alone. Not you nor I nor the state’s. Abortion is indeed, a traumatic and unfortunate. But, you and I both know that we don’t get a say.

    As for buck-a-beer (don’t worry, Ted, I see the sarcasm font), I don’t understand how that has any traction, at all. Because, $1.07 per beer is that difficult to deal with……….is alliteration really that important to some people?

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    Iris Mclean says:

    Bye Bye WK. Gutless you say?

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